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Missing JoyBuck Points?

If you did offers on one or more of our provider’s offerwalls, and have done so in an honest manner with correct data yet have not received the JoyBucks offer/s should award you within the specified time, consider the following:

Some offers might take only a few minutes to reward you, while others might take days. Normally offers tell you how long it will take to confirm your points. So if you are impatient to enter now the contest, simply do a few more offers meanwhile, where the JoyBucks are awarded faster. If  your JoyBucks still do not arrive after the stated time they told you, you can contact the offerwall providers whos offers you did.

Please remember that offers are provided to us by 3rd party offerwall companies, so we here in cannot resolve missing points issues.

Reasons beyond our control why you may not have received your points:

  • Offer was not properly completed or is pending verification.
    It may seem obvious, but please ensure you have fully completed the offer and met all requirements. Some offers may not be credited until the advertiser ships a DVD or performs a credit check. Other offers may require the user to verify their email address to ensure the information provides was correct and valid.
    You might need to check your inbox/spam folder for the email from offer provider and click a confirmation link or button to be awarded your missing points.
    Make sure to use real valid information.
  • Advertiser was unable to properly track the offer completion.
    Most advertiser track offer completion based upon setting a 3rd party cookie, javascript, and/or web-beacon. Users may have 3rd party security software configured or their web browsers configured to block these tracking mechanisms.
    MAKE SURE YOUR BROWSER ACCEPTS COOKIES. Cookies are a way to verify it is really you completing the offers. Offers can’t be tracked if:

    1. Ad blocking software might be preventing advertisers from placing the cookies required to track the offers.
    2. Your browser security settings might be configured to not accept third-party cookies, causing the report to fail.
    3. Software on your computer might be hijacking the cookies and crediting the offer completion to another company. Run a trojan and virus check.
  • You might not be eligible for the offer.
    Each offer has it’s own set of requirement, established by the Advertiser. Here are some examples which may prevent an offer from being auto-completed:

    1. Some subscription offers may only be available to new customers. Therefore, returning customers may not be eligible for the offer.
    2. Some advertisers have multiple similar offers, but the user is only eligible to receive credit for just one of the advertiser’s offer.
    3. The same offer may only be accepted once using the same billing information. Subsequent offer attempts using the same billing information may be detected as a duplicate offer and therefore not eligible, even if these attempts are done for different accounts.
    4. The same offer may not be accepted across multiple accounts from the same machine. Advertisers may detect multiple attempts of the same offer from the same machine as fraudulent activity, even if these attempts are done for different accounts.

Please be sure to always check the eligibility requirements for the offer prior to completion.

Note: Keep all proofs of completion (PIN numbers, confirmation texts, member registrations, payment receipts, invoices, etc.) for your records. Super Rewards (or the other offerwall providers) will be requesting these to review your case.

How to Contact Offerwall Providers’ Support

Best is to contact offerwall provider support by clicking the appropriate link from within offerwall tabs.

  • Contact SRpoints Support
  • Contact gWallet Support – be sure to copy the text from the confirmation email you received for the offer, as proof that you completed it. To contact gWallet’s Customer Support, please click on the “Missing JoyBucks?” link located at the top right of the offer wall. From there, you can report a problem for the specific offer you are having trouble with.
  • Contacting TapJoy Support - If you have completed an offer and have not received credit for the offer within 60-120 minutes of offer completion, you may wish to contact Tapjoy Support via the “Missing Credits” page and inquire about the status of your offer.
    To access the “Missing Credits” page, return to the Offers page within the game and click the “Missing Credits” button. This will provide you a list of all offers previously initiated and their current status. Locate the offer you wish to inquire about and click the “Contact Tapjoy” link located to the right of the offer name and follow the instructions.
    NOTE: The Tapjoy ID number is located below the offer name. Please provide your Tapjoy ID number when inquiring about a specific offer.
    Alternatively, you may contact Tapjoy Support by sending an email to: [email protected]
  • Contact Paymentwall Support – Click the “Start an Inquiry” button by the offer you’re missing points from, on the paymentwall. Or use [email protected] (Slower way. Make sure to include all details and proof)

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