All About Guardian Angels with Mystic Wanda
All About Guardian Angels with Mystic Wanda

All About Guardian Angels – Interview with Angel Channeler Mystic Wanda

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In this fascinating interview with Mystic Wanda, you’ll discover the truth about Guardian Angels, what they do, why they haven’t been helping you so far, and how you can get your Guardian Angel to solve all your problems and help you have a wonderful, blessed, safe life.

Mystic Wanda is a very special Angel Channeler and LIghtworker.
After carefully watching her for many years, a High Angel saw how pure and good her heart and soul are. The High Angel chose her to be his Divine Messenger, bringing vital messages and warnings to help humanity through these dark and scary times.

Thanks to her special Celestial connection, Mystic Wanda is able to help Guardian Angels deliver vital message and guidance to their human charges.

Using her Divine gifts, Mystic Wanda has helped thousands of people live happier lives through her books, teachings, and personal 1-on-1 channeled angel guidance.

And today you’ll finally discover the TRUE REASON your Guardian Angel hasn’t been helping you so far – and what you can do about it!


Q: “What are Guardian Angels?”


God created Angels to be his Messengers and Servants.
Guardian Angels were created to guide, lead, and protect humans.


Q: “How can Guardian Angels help us?”

Wanda: In so many ways!

Your Guardian Angel has a bird’s eye view of everything and everyone in your life.

He can see into their hearts. He can hear what they say and think about you behind your back. He knows what they’re planning, what they’re doing, and where they’re going.

Additionally, he can see everything else that’s going on in the world, even in far off countries.
He knows everything that’s going on – even behind closed doors – in the business world.

He can see in which direction the winds are blowing.

He knows when danger is coming your way and what you must do to avoid it.

Your Guardian Angel can see opportunities that are near you or coming your way. He knows what is needed for the fulfillment of all your desires and dreams.


Therefore, your Guardian Angel can give you invaluable life guidance and advice for every area of your life. He can help you with creative inspiration, business ideas, career guidance, and finding the right job. He can help you make a successful business or rise and advance in your career. He can guide you to making the right financial investments that will prosper you.

He can help you make more money.

Your Guardian Angel can help you attract a loving partner; your Soulmate, other Half, Twin Flame, whatever you prefer to call it.

He can guide you and help you pick the right partner.

He can help you improve existing relationships, strengthen bonds, and fix unhappy relationships.

He can fill your life with love. Your Angel can even help you overcome childhood pains and traumas, heal emotional wounds, increase your self-confidence, boost your self-esteem, and become a happier, more creative, successful, courageous individual.

Your Guardian Angel can channel Divine inspiration, ideas, wisdom, and creativity into you.

And of course, he can keep you safe by warning you about dangers coming your way.


In short, if anything isn’t working out in your life, your Guardian Angel can help you fix it!

If you follow your wise and loving Angel’s advice, you can transform your life into a blessed one filled with love, joy, true meaning and purpose, fulfillment, good health, friendships, peace and inner calmness, safety, and abundance.


Q: “So why don’t Guardian Angels help everyone be happy?
Why are millions miserable, poor, lonely, sick, and lost?”

Wanda: Good question!

Guardian Angels really want to help us but they have a big problem.

You see, when a baby is born, it’s filled with Divine energy, the pure good Divine essence from which all things are made.

The newborn baby is completely innocent, its energy is pure and clean.
Therefore, it has a natural connection to the Divine Source.

Babies can see and hear Angels.

We’ve often heard children say they saw an Angel or were speaking to an “imaginary” friend. Usually, their parents tell them to “stop making up stories”.

Now as this child grows, with each passing year, it begins to experience all sorts of unpleasant (or even awful) things in this world. Bullies, insults, abuse, trauma, fear, and emotional wounds from its caretakers or other humans. All sorts of experiences generate feelings of anger, hate, jealousy, fear, vengeance, sadness, hurt, and so forth.

All of these negative emotions and experiences create a dark energy that begins to accumulate, blocking the pure white connection to the Divine.

This block prevents pure white light from flowing freely in and out of the person, thus blocking them from hearing and seeing the Angels.

Angels are the purest celestial beings. Their energy is Divine.

They are made by God. They are pure through and through and exist at a high vibrational plane.

Therefore, if you aren’t synced up with them, you won’t be able to hear them and receive their guidance.

By the time the child is a young adult, most likely it has lost the connection to the Divine Source and with it the ability to be guided by its Guardian Angel.

Every time you said a nasty word that hurt someone, every time you thought a nasty thought about someone, every time you did a wrong action like lying, deceiving someone, betraying a loved one, manipulating someone etc., you accumulated more dark energy that further blocked your connection to your Angel.

Therefore, only very few adults are able to connect with their Guardian Angel and receive his guidance. Some, whose connection isn’t too blocked, have what’s called ‘intuition’ or a Sixth Sense. They ‘feel’ when something’s wrong or someone’s being dishonest. They get a gut feeling about what’s right or wrong to do.

Some even get sick when they really don’t want to do something or go somewhere.

Our Angels try really hard to help us.

They send us signs and messages but most of us either miss or misunderstand them.


Q: “Guardian Angels are supposed to protect us. So why do millions of people die in car accidents or other disasters? Why didn’t their Guardian Angel Protect them?”


That’s a good question.

Your Guardian Angel wants to protect you. He wants to keep you alive and well.
He wants to warn you about dangers and save your life, but if you can’t hear him he can’t help you. And as I explained, most people can’t hear their Angel’s voice so they can’t receive vital life-saving warnings.

Your Guardian Angel can’t interfere in your life.

He is forbidden from interfering.

He can’t make you not drive down a certain street where there will be an accident.
Nor can he force your car or any car to stop.


All he can do is give you guidance and warnings.

If you could hear his voice, you would know where to go and what places to avoid and you’d be safe.

But unfortunately, most people can’t hear their Guardian Angel’s voice.

So, even if he yells “DON’T DRIVE THERE!” as loud as he can, they don’t hear.

Then, when there’s an accident, the Guardian Angel stands watching in great agony and despair, weeping helplessly.


Q: “How can a person re-establish their connection to the Divine? How can one reconnect with one’s Guardian Angel?”



Start by doing a lot of good deeds. Think good thoughts.

Avoid doing wrong actions that hurt others and generate bad energy for you.

The more good things you do and say, the more good energy you’ll get.

Often pray to God and to your Angel.

Meditate on God’s Divine Good; that is, frequently think thoughts of love, kindness, generosity, peace, forgiveness, sympathy, and so on.

Raise your energetic vibration.

Align yourself with the Divine.

Bless beautiful and good things you see, receive, or experience.


It is not an overnight process. For some it may take a lifetime to cleanse their energy and completely purify their thoughts and spirit. For others, it is a fast shift.


Q: “Is there any other way to receive guidance from one’s Guardian Angel?”


Another way is to find someone who has a connection to the angels and can speak to your Guardian Angel. Like a translator, they’ll act as a channel for your Guardian Angel’s guidance, messages, and urgent warnings.

They are called Angel Channelers and Lightworkers.

There are a few of them all over the world.


Q: “You’re one of the most famous Angel Channelers. Tell us what it’s like to be an Angel Channeler. How does it work?”


After I know your full name, birthdate, and location, I connect with the Celestial realm and find your Guardian Angel.

But more often it works in the reverse – your Guardian Angel comes to me, begging me to help him connect with you to deliver you an important message.

I sometimes have to turn down as many as 50 Guardian Angels a day, just because I don’t have time to channel all their messages.


Q: “Oh wow! That’s amazing! When did you first discover your unique gifts?”


On the night of my 22nd birthday, a High Angel came to me in a dream and extended his hand to me. The moment I took his hand, I felt a strong energy jolt through me.

He asked me if I wanted to dedicate myself to helping humanity and I accepted my true calling.

From that moment on, I was able to hear and see Angels in my sleep and also during my waking hours.

Angels visit me every day. Usually I spend my days talking with Guardian Angels.

Sometimes the High Angels come to me with important messages for humanity.

I’ve been talking to Angels for over 15 years now.


Q: “So if I wanted you to channel messages from my Guardian Angel, how could I get your help? Can I hire you?”


No, it doesn’t work like that.

I only accept very special, worthy Chosen Ones whom the Angels refer to me.

Even though I wish I could help everyone, I only have limited time each day.

You’d have to first apply on my website and if you’re on my list, and I have an extra half an hour spare per day, I will accept you.

The fact that you’re reading this article might mean that you’re one of the Chosen Ones, led here by your Guardian Angel.


Q: “And if I wasn’t invited or referred by an Angel?”


Sadly, I’ll likely have to turn you down. I am forced to turn down hundreds of people a day.

Q: “Even if I offered you $500 an hour you wouldn’t channel for me?”

Wanda (smiles): 

No. I have many wealthy people from all over the world offering me a lot of money but they aren’t on my invite list so I don’t accept them. I swore an oath to help those worthy ones who are really in need.

There are many psychics who charge that much, but I would never charge that to help the Chosen Ones who really need my help.

Q: “How do I know if I’m a Chosen One? Where can I apply for your help?”


Go to my site and fill out the application form. 

Enter your correct name so I can see if you’re one of the Chosen Ones on my list.

Q: “If I am a Chosen One, will you help me?”

Wanda: If I can fit you into my schedule.

Currently, I only have time to help another 10 Chosen Ones.

The Angels took an entire month to come to a peaceful agreement amongst each other who those 10 should be. There was a lot of arguing as they all wanted their charges to be the ones chosen.

In the end, they gave me a list of 50 Chosen Ones! And I only have time for 10.

Are YOU one of the 10 Chosen Ones? Find out here.


Q: “Okay, I have another question about Guardian Angels. What happens if someone commits evil deeds or sins? Does their Guardian Angel abandon them?”


No, your Guardian Angel loves you and will never abandon you.
He knows your feelings and understands why you commit certain mistakes.

When a person falls off their Divine Life path and does something wrong, their Angel is filled with sadness and regret. Some Angels turn away when they can’t bear to see it, others stand watching sadly. However, they never abandon you because they love you and are always willing to guide you back to the Light.

Like a loving parent, your Guardian Angel wishes for you to have a good life and to do good things that make you and others happy.

At any time that you are ready to change, to leave the dark past behind, to release your past mistakes and sins, your Angel is filled with joy and is ready to guide you with outstretched, open arms.


Q: “Do Guardian Angels hold grudges against people?”


No, your Guardian Angel never holds any grudge against you.
He always loves you, forgives you, and understands you.
Your Angel is ready to help you whenever you want to accept his help.


Q: “Do Guardian Angels punish people?”

No, the Guardian Angels never punish anyone.
They never harm you, scold you, or criticize you.
They only ever give love, guidance, instructions, and assistance.


Q: “My priest only ever told us to pray to God. Is it okay to pray to my Guardian Angel?”

Everyone needs to do what feels right for them.

Generally, Christian religious leaders approve of praying to Guardian Angels.

The Catholic church acknowledges the existence, presence, and importance of our Guardian Angels. Pope Francis encourages us to frequently pray to our Guardian Angel and heed his advice and warnings.

Multiple Catholic Saints and Bishops throughout history have encouraged Believers to pray to their Angels and follow their lead.


Q: “How many Guardian Angels does a person have?”


Usually one, but some special people have several!

It depends. If the Lord sees you are very special and knows that the Evil Forces may try to harm you or kill you to prevent you from doing your Divine Life Purpose, he may assign a few Angels to guide and guard you.


I once worked with a man who was nearly killed 12 times during his life.
Accidents, crazy drivers. Freak natural disasters and accidents.

It wasn’t a coincidence. Nor was it “bad luck”. It was Satan trying to get rid of him, because of his very pure soul and unique powerful gifts that will enable him to fight the Evil.


I helped him get in contact with his 5 Guardian Angels.
After that, he was completely safe and was never harmed again.

Better still, with their guidance he discovered how to use his hidden gifts.

He is now a very popular public figure, one of the very few who is standing up and fighting back against all the Darkness and Evil Forces in this world.


Q: “I have a question from a reader: Steve Warner from Texas wants to know, who is my Guardian Angel, is he one of the Archangels?”


No, he isn’t an Archangel. I’ve never heard of Archangels acting as personal Guardian Angels.
These are two separate types of Angels. Your Guardian Angel is with you 24/7. His job is to be your perusal guide, your spiritual teacher, and your personal helper.

The Archangels are far more powerful and rank higher in the celestial hierarchy.
They have many very important responsibilities. They are too busy to guide you 24/7, but they can be summoned when needed to help, advise, solve problems, and to protect you.


As for Steve, his Guardian Angel is called Nathaniel and he is a very wise, loving Angel with wavy brown hair, dark green eyes, and large white wings.


Q: “Another question just came in: How do I activate my Guardian Angel?”

Wanda (chuckles): Activate? You mean, how to connect with your Guardian Angel?
Angels don’t need to be activated. They aren’t sleeping or ‘turned off’ like a computer.


Q: “And here’s one last interesting question. What’s the best way to pray to my Guardian Angel for help?”


For prayers to work and quickly bring you what you want, you need to clearly state what you want, have a clear vision of what you want, think and speak in the positive form of what you want and not of what you don’t want. You need to pray sincerely. Address your Guardian Angel lovingly, praise him, thank him for his help, and ask for what you want in a clear way.

After praying, affirm your faith by repeatedly thanking your Guardian Angel that he will bring you what you want, help you solve the problems you have, and guide you to the successful outcome you want. Thank him for the outcome you desire, even before you receive any signs of his Divine help and intervention. Thank him in advance and your prayers will be answered.


If you need help connecting with the Angels and praying to them, get Wanda’s amazing prayer books here.


That was an amazingly insightful interview. Thank you for your time, Wanda!

Wanda: You’re most welcome!

Are YOU one of the 10 Chosen Ones? Find out here and Get Help from Your Guardian Angel!


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