How Judy Manifested Tremendous Wealth after Discovering a Shocking Dark Secret and Almost Being Killed

On this page, I’ll reveal how you can use this carefully guarded Dark Secret to manifest money, a job, your dream house, car, and relationship!

Insiders used it to win the lottery, become famous influencers, and get money and gifts.
Famous celebs used this same secret to go from poverty to being rich and famous! Even politicians use it…

And once you discover this secret, you’ll be able to have the dream life you want.

But first, let me tell you how it all began…

The Night Her Fiance Almost Killed Her

Finally, after years of bad relationships and financial struggles, Judy’s life was working out.
Her beloved boyfriend had proposed to her. She’d gotten a great job. Her cryptos had gone up. Life was good.

Then suddenly, DISASTER STRUCK.

For no apparent reason, EVERYTHING fell apart.
After “it” happened, she would be forever changed…

It was as if she had suddenly been cursed.

From one day to another, her happy life flipped upside down…

It was a warm summer night. Judy and her beloved fiance Jake had spent a wonderful evening at a friends’ party.

Jake was driving them home. He was usually a careful driver but tonight he driving way too fast along th quiet dark highway.
Suddenly a truck roared around the curve straight towards them!

Judy screamed. There was a terrible CRAAASH! Glass shattered and flew in all directions.

Their little car was brutally hurled off the road and tumbled over and over till it came to a stop upside down on the roadside.



Judy was knocked unconscious.


In the quiet darkness, she saw a strange dark tunnel with a bright white light at the end.
A kind, ancient male voice said “I need to show you something very important that will save your life. Do not fear what you’ll see.”

But before he could show her anything…


Judy awoke in hospital with numerous injuries, broken bones, dislocated shoulder, a twisted leg, a concussion, cuts and bruises.
The nurse told her her fiance was alive, thank god, but also in hospital with serious injuries.


Suddenly, Judy began “seeing things”.

Very disturbing dark things. Things she couldn’t understand.

“Do not fear what you see” the ancient voice echoed in her ears – but she did fear it!

Judy saw strange dark rocks floating over people’s heads.
Everyone had some sort of black “rock” floating over their head! Some had huge towers of black rocks, some had many big rocks, and some had very small ones.

The nurse had a whole cluster of black rocks hanging over her head.

When Judy looked at her own reflection, she was alarmed to see a strange tower of black rocks hanging over her head. These rocks came with her when she moved, like they were attached to her. No one else could see it. She was sure she was going mad.

The next morning, her forehead felt burning hot – and her visions got worse.

When she gazed out the window, she saw a woman with long black cords strangling her.
The woman was bent over, with a bitter face and deep lines from years of misery and hardship.
She walked as if she were struggling forwards, requiring great effort to move.

Judy wondered what on earth those strings and visions could mean.


Because she feared she’d suffered some brain damage and was going crazy, she kept her strange visions a secret.
(The visions are very important! They hold the key to a Secret I’m about to reveal to you. The Secret to literally ‘force’ the universe to send you money! More on that soon…)

“Do not fear what you’ll see” the ancient voice reminded her.
“What are these visions?! What do they mean?” Judy asked but no answer came.

Then it got worse.


At night, she began having deeply disturbing, vivid dreams that felt so real.
So familiar, almost like distant, forgotten memories

One night, Judy dreamed of a town that she had never visited. She saw the names of certain British-sounding streets and felt as if she knew this place, as if she’d been there before. In her dream, she came to a large pretty house that she immediately recognized. Seeing it, she felt both happy and dreadfully afraid for some reason. As she gazed up at it, her heart raced and she felt a sickening terror grip her…

It was a quiet dark night, and the street was lonely. Gazing in the window, she saw two beautiful women in fancy, Victorian style dresses.

To her horror, she saw one of the women come up behind the other and stab her to death!


In the morning, Judy Googled the name of the town from her dream and found that it really did exist and that all those streets existed as well!
She even located the house in her dream. It was built in 1742 and had belonged to a wealthy British family.
It was said to be haunted because several people had mysteriously died or been murdered.

Judy felt a shudder run down her spine. She felt very uneasy. What did the dream mean? How was she able to see all these things that had happened in the past?

The next night, she dreamed of the beautiful rich woman again.
She was sitting in a lavish living room with her husband who was a fat, aging man.
The beautiful woman smiled wickedly and handed her husband a poisoned cup of wine. He choked and died in his armchair. The woman laughed… and Judy awoke in bed.


Judy realized she was seeing into the past! Someone’s past…
This excited her since she’d never imagined she had any psychic abilities…


BUT the next day, something dreadful happened!

Something that rocked Judy to her core, shook her, broke her, tore her apart… and led her on the strange path to discover the Dark Secret that enabled her (and other insiders) to manifest great wealth without effort.


Remember, Judy had been in the hospital all this while. Suffering, going through many painful surgeries.

Now that Judy had recovered after her long and painful operations, she badly wanted to see how her fiancé Jake was doing.
She loved him and was worried about him.
But to her utter SHOCK, he told her he did NOT want to speak to her ever again! Ever!


For no apparent reason, he suddenly hated her.
When she called him, Jake screamed, raged, and called her names.

Judy couldn’t understand what had come over him.

He was the one who had caused the accident, not her. And yet he blamed her! “It was YOUR fault! You were talking so much, driving me nuts with your stupid chatter! I hate you!” he yelled. “Look what you’ve done! You nearly killed me! And you ruined my car!”

“I hate you! You’re an ugly stupid bitch! I don’t know why I ever loved you! Don’t ever speak to me again!” he raged and blocked her.


They had been in such a happy relationship, they were engaged, everything was going well…
when suddenly everything ended in one painful heartbreaking CRASH!

Jake even asked her to return the ring.

Her heart broke into a million painful pieces and a deep misery filled her chest, like a black hole eating into her.


Judy cried bitterly all night long. Feeling completely unloved, unwanted, rejected, and alone.


Worse still, when she came out of hospital, Judy found she’d lost her job.
She didn’t have a health insurance.

Her savings were eaten up by hospital bills.
She had to take out a loan with terrible rates to pay the rest of the hospital bills.

She was flat broke, out of all money.
Even the pennies she’d hidden under the couch were now gone. Her fridge was quickly emptying itself into a white gaping hole.

No matter how many jobs she applied to, none wanted to hire her. Time flew by at a terrifying pace.

She missed a payment on her car. And she was about to be evicted from her apartment in 2 weeks unless she could come up with money.

But no one wanted to hire her.


Judy became frantic. How was she going to pay the bills? How would she avoid being evicted and ending up on the street?
She got anxiety attacks. She was so stressed she couldn’t sleep. And the tension gave her migraines.


Out of desperation, Judy begged her parents to help her.
Judy’s father was stingy and mean. He refused to help her out financially and just called her a “stupid bitch and a loser”.
“I’m so ashamed of you!” he said “What a loser you are! There are you, 32, and can’t make money! what kind of a useless idiot are you?”

Judy fought back tears. Her father’s words cut into her and made her feel even worse, even more depressed, hopeless, ashamed, and miserable.
But her mother was kind and loving, and secretly sent her some money.


Judy felt like she’d hit rock bottom… but that day, something very strange happened that forever changed her life!
Yes, that something I promised to tell you about, that something that is the key to manifesting tremendous wealth without an end.

Driving to the bank, Judy started receiving strange signs from the Universe.

A large advertisement told her “Trust in yourself. Don’t try to hide from what you see”,
while another poster said “Fear not what you see before you”.

When she looked at the phone, the time happened to be 11:11.
A moment later, a friend messaged her a motivating quote:
“The door of opportunity is opening. Don’t miss your one chance.”

Judy laughed scornfully. Door of opportunity! Really. Where exactly?
The only door she could see was the one she’d be thrown out of in a week if she didn’t get the $2,000 together for her rent.

After drawing out the few hundred bucks her mom sent her so she could eat, Judy sat down in a cafe to have breakfast and think what to do next.

Across the street, she saw a handsome young man with a black gob hanging over his head. The gob crumbled and broke covering him in black dust. Obliviously, the man crossed the road and a car SMASHED into him! Judy cried out. The man was alive but hurt. An ambulance soon came for him.

Judy wondered what the strange dark vision meant. Why had the dark gob crumbled just before his accident?
Could it have been some sort of bad sign of a disaster about to strike?
She felt sorry for him, but then got overcome by her own worries and problems.

An elegant, nicely dressed woman passed her talking on the phone. She carried a Gucci bag and wore a designer jacket.
Her hair was permed and styled. And for some reason, the woman didn’t have any black gobs over her head.
She smiled as she spoke on the phone. She looked so pretty, happy, carefree, so confident.

Judy felt jealous. Why couldn’t she be that woman?
Why did HER life have to suck and just get WORSE?

Everyone seemed to have a purpose in life. They rushed by, going somewhere, doing something.
Needed by someone. Loved. Wanted. Important. With a future to look forward to.
Only Judy sat there gazing into space, feeling lost and alone.
Without a purpose, without a job, without money, and without even a boyfriend who loved her.
She had NOTHING. And soon, she was going to be homeless too.

A sign across the street said in huge letters “ASK FOR HELP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE” promoting some mental health app.

Ask for help from whom? Judy thought. She was all alone in the world. Without anyone who loved her or could help her.

Judy didn’t believe in God.
But now, she needed something to save her…

Judy closed her eyes and prayed quietly “Please, if there’s a God or a Universe or some Spirit… please help me.”

Just then, Judy smelled a strange fragrance. A musty mixture of lavender, mothballs, and old perfume.

With a heavy sigh, a very old woman sat down in the empty chair in front of Judy.

Her eyes were closed; she was blind. And yet, she seemed to see Judy since she smiled straight at her!

“My dear Judy” the old woman said. “You need help.”
Judy was too shocked to speak. How did she know her name? She’d never seen the old woman before in her life!

The other strange thing was that Judy saw over the old woman’s head a very tall lumpy tower of white rocks. Almost everyone else Judy looked at had black rocks. Why was this woman different?

Just then the waitress passed. Judy saw she had 7 large black rocks floating over her head. One of the small rocks crumbled and black powder covered the waitress. The waitress tripped and fell down, dropping all her plates, and cutting herself. She began to sob, clutching her pained ankle, while her left hand bled. The manager came running and instead of comforting her he began screaming at her and scolding her, calling her names. He helped the hobbling woman away.

Judy gazed after her.

“That woman just paid off a Karmic debt” the old woman across from Judy said calmly.
Judy’s attention snapped back to her.

“A what?” She asked.

“Those black rocks you see? That’s Karma. Bad Karma” the old woman explained.

Judy jumped. “How… how do you know what I see?” she cried out in shock.

“My name is Valeria. I am a psychic” the old woman explained and then lowering her tone she added… “like you”.

“Like me?”

“After your accident, your spirit guide opened your Third Eye” the old psychic told her
“that’s why you can see Karma. Very few people on earth can see Karma”

“I thought I was going crazy…” Judy said and instantly an immense feeling of relief wash over her. A heavy weight lifted off her chest.
She wasn’t crazy after all!

Judy knew what karma was. She’d heard about it in Yoga class. It was an energy.

“Most people have bad karma. That’s the real reason why bad things happen to them.” Psychic Valeria explained

“Those with bad karma have a terrible life. They get diseases or are injured in accidents.

They are lonely and unloved. Their lovers betray them, cheat, lie, and hurt them. People use them, abuse them, and steal from them. Their friends are fake and don’t really care for them.

They feel frustrated and held back by an invisible power. Their boss never appreciates them and won’t give them a raise.
They never get paid enough.

Money doesn’t come to them. No matter how hard they try, they just keep getting poorer.
Their investments fail. They lose money. Nothing they try works out. They are unlucky. Only bad things happen to them.
As their karma ages, their lives keep getting worse.

Each time bad karma matures, something bad happens to them.

On the other hand, those who have good karma have a wonderful life!

They succeed easily in everything they do. Money comes to them quickly and in great quantities. Employers run after them and offer to pay them much more than they need to get them to work for their company.

They get raises, bonuses, promotions.

The universe happily sends them good things.

They meet their soulmates and have happy, long-lasting relationships and marriages.

Those with good karma are the ones who win the lottery, win sweepstakes, and find money.
The Universe rewards them with gifts, wealth, health, love, and happiness.

All the celebrities, millionaires, and billionaires have good karma.
No, they aren’t all good people, but they know the Law of Karma and how to get good karma.

Many even admitted it! Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Sandra Bullock, Kesha, Supernova, Dr. Dre, Chris Pine, famous footballers, award-winning authors, world-champion wrestlers, actors, directors, Bollywood stars, and even a prime minister and politicians – they all believe in the power of Karma.

Anyone who has good karma naturally becomes rich and famous. They don’t even have to try hard!
It’s how the Universe works.


“Unfortunately, 99% of people are born with Bad Karma. You are one of them.” The psychic told her.

Judy felt a deep, bitter envy in her. Why hadn’t she been born with good karma? It was so unfair!

Then the old woman grew very grave and said “My dear Judy, I was sent by your Spirit Guide to save your life.”

“Save me from what?”

You were born with a huge amount of BAD KARMA. It is ripening now, about to crumble and collapse onto you at any moment.
That day of the accident a chunk of bad karma matured and crashed onto you. That’s why the truck rammed into you. That’s why all those bad things happened. That’s why your fiance turned against you and stopped loving you. That’s why you can’t get a job and are almost starving and homeless…” Valeria paused.

Judy felt a cold chill run down her spine.

So THAT’s why she had such a miserable life! Each time her life was almost working out, something bad happened… now she felt a great relief knowing it was not her fault. She was not a loser. It was Karma’s fault!

Then she felt angry. It was so unfair!

“But why do I have bad karma? I’m not a bad person!” Judy said angrily. “I hardly ever did anything bad to anyone in my life!”

“I know my dear. You were born with bad karma from your many past lives.” the old woman explained.
“Remember those strange dreams? Those weren’t dreams, those were visions from your past lives! YOU were the brunette woman who killed her sister to get the inheritance and who poisoned her husband to get all his wealth!”

Judy gaped at her in shock.

“I… did all those bad things?”

“Yes, you did. Karma comes with you into every incarnation. That’s why you’re suffering now.”

“Karma’s on your scent like a Bounty Hunter
Karma’s gonna track you down
Step by step, from town to town
sweet like justice” Taylor Swift sang on the radio just then.
Judy told her to shut up.

“If you don’t get rid of your bad karma, it will have to be ‘paid off’ in terribly painful, disastrous ways.” Psychic Valeria continued,
“You will get cancer and heart disease. Your vision will fade. Insomnia will torment you each night for hours. You’ll age quickly and dry up like an old prune. You’ll look 20 years older than you should.
You will have 2 more terrible accidents that will leave you crippled. Worse still, you will lose all your money.
You’ll end up homeless on the street. People will spit on you as they pass. Men will rape you at night.”

“How AWFUL!” Judy cried near tears, “Stop! Stop! Please stop, I can’t bare to hear it!”
She felt so depressed she wanted to suicide right away.

“All this WILL happen to you IF you don’t clear your bad karma.” the old psychic said.

“One can clear bad karma?”

“Well how?!” Judy asked feeling very scared.

The old psychic revealed to her a secret bedtime KARMIC RITUAL to get rid of Bad Karma.

She handed her a little book. “Do one of these Karmic deeds every day.” she said “and within a few weeks you’ll have erased your bad karma. Without your bad karma, everything will get better.
If you don’t clear your karma, nothing will save you. This is your last chance before it’s too late!”


Judy thanked her and did exactly what the psychic told her.
For the next 4 days, she spent a few minutes each morning doing the Karmic ritual.
It was easy. It only took a few minutes and it made her feel happy and energetic.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was a Recuirter! From a huge Fortune 500 company!
Judy excitedly went on the Zoom meeting and was hired after a 30-minute interview!
It was a great exciting job with a fantastic dream pay.

Judy was thrilled, overcome with gratitude and relief. Clearing bad karma had saved her!

She was SAVED! She wasn’t going to lose her car, be evicted, or starve to death.

She was going to earn a fantastic wage, working for a great company, doing an easy fun job of talking with influencers to promote their products.

Judy felt a HUGE heavy weight lifting off her chest. She was able to breathe again. Only then did she realize how tense she had been, how all her body had been cramped up in terror and stress, how tense her jaw was, the heavy tightness in her belly… well now that was all gone!

The best part was, the Karmic actions brought immediate good results. Each time Judy did a karmic action, strangers sent her thank you messages, blessings, good wishes, loving greeting cards, gifts, and stormed her Instagram account, covering it in likes and positive comments. It actually felt really good!

After clearing a large bit of bad karma, now Judy was able to sleep deeply all night long.
Her anxiety was gone. Her depression gone too. She felt a warm happiness inside. Her back pain vanished and her migraines were gone.


To her surprise, Judy won sweepstakes and received unexpected gifts!

She found $100 in the parking lot.

She won $1,000 in a free online sweepstake.
After entering 3 giveaways, she won a designer handbag!

Next, she won a blender and a set of expensive designer kitchen knives.

And yes, she also began to get more love.

After her makeup tutorial went viral, her followers exploded on social media. Her Instagram account swelled with followers and her notifications were so long she could never reach the end of them. Thousands of likes per day on her photos!

Every morning, when she looked in the mirror, she was delighted to see the black tower of bad karma above my head getting smaller. The Karmic cleansing ritual really was working!


Each time some bad karma was cleared, something good happened to her.

One morning, an influencer reposted a photo of the new kitten she had and instantly she got another 20,000 followers!

Another day, a pet blog featured one of her cat photos – and wow!!! – the next morning she woke up to 511,000 new followers!

The next time a big gob of bad karma was erased, she found on the street a wallet filled with money.
It was an elegant designer wallet, made of black leather. Bulging with cash.

When Judy returned the wallet to its owner, she got a $500 reward (and a bunch of good karma points). She made friends with the woman and many good opportunities and blessings later came from that friendship.

The next day, after she cleared another gob of bad karma, Judy got a raise.
And then she got a call with an even better job offer with a higher wage!

Best of all, a strange powerful magnetic attraction energy now emanated out of Judy.
Everywhere she went, people noticed her. Heads turned. Men gazed at her admiringly. Guys who were way above her league smiled at her and tried to chat her up. People smiled at her in a warm friendly way.


An old high school flame Tommy reconnected with her. He had just moved to LA and wanted to meet.

The moment they met there was an instant connection. Fireworks seemed to go off around them.
He was handsome and smart. An aspiring actor. But so far, a dreadful failure. Poor and struggling.

Judy focused and saw he had a tall tower of dark bad karma hanging over his head.

She asked the old psychic how she could help him. The psychic told her he had 15,000 bad points from his past lives and told her to give him the same book she’d given her. so she did.
He was skeptical but laughed and said he’d give it a try, why not.

And… yes!!! It worked for him too!

After 2 months, he’d erased all his bad karma debts, repaired his karmic score, and was building up good karma at an astonishingly fast rate.

He called Judy up a week later to tell her he got a job as an extra on a top TV series. It was his foot in at the door.

Once Judy had erased all her bad karma and gathered good karma, she took a crazy risk.

She went to Vegas.

Yes, that Vegas. The gambling place where most people lose their livelihoods and end up poor and homeless. That Vegas.

At the casino, Judy watched all the gamblers. Each of them had a bad karma score – and each of them lost and lost and lost!

Then one guy entered, who didn’t have a bad karma score. And he won, a little amount of money.

Judy took in a deep breath. She knew her own good karma score was moderately high by now.
So she took a chance.

Judy played the slot machine – and won! She played them again and won a second time!

When she won it for a third time in a row, heads began to turn and people to whisper.

Then Judy went for the BIG jackpot. The roulette.


She staked $40,000. Placed her bet, the wheel spun, everyone watched the ball, she held her breath… and a GASP rose up from the onlookers!

Judy had WON the jackpot! $259,000 dollars!

Judy spent the next days going from one casino to the next, winning and winning and winning… filling her bag with money,
till she had quite a lot of suspicious and hateful casino owners as her enemies.

She would have stayed there and kept on wiping out the casinos, but when a casino owner sent his thugs to threaten her not to return to his casino again, she decided it was time to go home.


Judy quit her job and bought 2 little cooking websites. After she bought them, she spent 20 minutes a day doing the Karmic ritual. Those 2 websites began bringing in tons of money from ads without her doing anything. Google ranked the websites higher. More people visited them. The income doubled and tripled!

She now has a fantastic income of $15,000 per month without doing any work.

Judy got the beauty procedures she’d always dreamt of and felt like a Hollywood queen.

Life was good.

Judy lent the psychic’s book on how to clear bad karma to all her poor, struggling, lonely friends.

To her delight, it worked for ALL of them!

Lauren cleared all her bad karma in 2 weeks.
Then she bought some shitcoin cryptos. She had no idea what she was doing and just bought whatever coins looked cute.
“I bought some doggy coins, a coin with a sheep, one with a Santa face, and a kitten” she said.

A few weeks later, she called Judy in great excitement.
“one of the coins I bought shot up and made 400x profit!” she squealed.

A week later, another coin she’d bought hit the moon and her $800 investment made her back $26,000!


David cleared his bad karma and a month later his grandfather died leaving him $85,000.
He had been on bad terms with his grandad and had not expected to get anything from him. When he asked the attorney, he said for some strange reason the old man had changed his mind just before his death and written a new will leaving his money to David instead of to a dog shelter! (David knows it’s because of him clearing his bad karma).

David invested his inheritance in all sorts of stocks and bonds. Because of his good karma, his investments succeed and bring him great returns. He always ‘senses’ when he needs to sell the stocks and never loses money!

David does the Karmic ritual every night and the Universe sends him $4,000 each month!
He too quit his job for good.


Kristie’s husband had left her for a younger woman.
But after she cleansed her bad karma, he returned, apologized, and is now more loyal and loving than ever.

Judy’s old friend Anna had been a poor, struggling waitress.
After Anna cleared her bad karma, she won a luxury cruise.
On that cruise, she met a handsome, sweet, and wealthy guy whom she married!

Now she lives a happy, relaxed, fun life without any stress. She never has to work hard again.
She lives in a beautiful villa. She goes on cruises and yachts. She wears beautiful clothes.

“The hardest work I do nowadays is carrying my shopping bags!” Anna laughed.


At Anna’s wedding, Judy bumped into Tommy again.
Tommy thanked Judy for teaching him how to clear bad karma.

He told her he’d realized acting wasn’t his thing after all and he was now retired.
Retired?! Judy asked in amazement. He was only 36.

He smiled and told her after he’d done those little karmic rituals, his life had changed.
He’d started a fitness YouTube channel and within 2 months he was getting hundreds of thousands of views per day. Now he was making $8,000/ month from ads and didn’t have to work anymore. Judy congratulated him heartily.

Tommy was a new person. He radiated confidence and strength. He was happy and stood erect.
He was handsome, sexier, and more attractive than ever.

He kissed Judy that night and they ended up in bed.

He returned with her to Miami and they’ve been living together ever since.
They have a wonderful happy relationship.

And a week ago, Tommy proposed!

After all the good things that had happened to Judy and her friends, Judy felt it was her responsibility to share the secret with the world.
Each time she passed an unhappy couple or a miserable waitress slaving away at her underpaid job, she felt a sense of responsibility and guilt.

Judy asked the old psychic Valeria if she would let her share her book and to her surprise she consented!

What’s more, Psychic Valiera said that she was not going to live much longer.
“I’m old and my time is soon up” she said sadly. “Soon I’ll die. Before I die, I want to help as many people as I can.”

So Judy and Catherine set up a website for The Blind Psychic.

Psychic Valeria has the power to connect with people’s spirits from afar. Distance does not matter in the psychic realm. She can see into anyone’s past lives, and see anyone’s karmic score.

Psychic Valeria will connect with your soul and see your karmic score.
She’ll access the Akashic Records and look into your past lives to see why you have bad karma.
Then she’ll tell you exactly what your past life sins were and what you have to do to erase all your bad karma.

You’ll receive Psychic Valiera’s special little book that saved Judy’s life and helped hundreds of others also live happy lives!

Click here to get Psychic Valiera to help you Clear your Bad Karma!

She can only do a few readings per day because it’s very energetically exhausting for her. She has to sit for many hours looking into all your past actions until she knows exactly what your balance of bad karma points is.

Hurry! Valeria is a very old woman and may pass away at any time.
You wouldn’t want to miss your chance to find out how to clear your bad karma, would you?

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