Mom of 3 Discovers a Crazy ‘Hack’ How to Win Sweepstakes & Cash

“It works every time!” Cassidy said with a laugh, displaying a stack of money and a whole hoard of prizes she won.
TV, iPhone, iPad, 2 cars, money, toys, shoes, handbags, makeup kits, and cash… wow!

Read this amazing story to discover how Cassidy went from being the unluckiest person to an insanely lucky woman who magically wins one sweepstake after another.

“I don’t need to work anymore. Whenever I need some more money, I just use my secret hack and win another sweepstake” she said with a smile, dangling her feet of her white hammock that swayed in the warm breeze on the balcony of her $1.2 million dollar Miami condo.

Cassidy is a single mom of 3.

Up until 2 months ago, she worked for years as a virtual assistant, typing till her fingers ached and cramped, pounding the keyboard for hours a day, answering chat support messages and calls until her voice ran out.

She worked 10 hours a day and still she was barely scraping by, living a miserable, stressed existence.

She worked from home but it was even more grueling than working at an office.
Her boss was a psychopath who wanted her to work work work FASTER FASTER! till she almost died of exhaustion.
Every day, she worried he might fire her if she didn’t type fast enough and didn’t manage to answer ALL that HUGE pile of support requests.

She drove an ugly old car and didn’t have enough money to fix it or move out of the dingy little apartment she had.

Her landlord was mean and stingy. After her shower broke, he refused to fix it! The stove was old and didn’t work properly. That too he refused to fix.

Her neighbors kept waking her up at night. The ones upstairs had sex at the craziest times of night. The ones downstairs were loud, fighting, and screaming for hours. The husband often beat the wife and she could hear her screaming and crying at night.

Life sucked.

She felt stuck. Like she could never get out of her miserable existence.
Nothing ever changed no matter how hard she tried.


Now… she lives in a beachfront apartment in Miami.

Instead of working by the computer, she spends her days as she wants. She goes to the gym, Yoga, takes walks with her dogs, plays with her kids, sits in cafes, meets friends, gets a massage, or goes shoe shopping.
She no longer drives her ugly old Kia, now she drives a white Porsche. Instead of her cheap Forever21 clothes, she now wears Gucci and carries a Gucci handbag.

Cassidy’s life is now no longer a miserable drudgery filled with stress, now she has a happy life filled with fun and shopping!

How did her life change so drastically in just 2 months?!

By using a secret hack she discovered to win sweepstakes.


Each time she needs money, she spends 10 minutes doing a special secret ritual that gives her a ‘lucky touch’, and then she enters a bunch of sweepstakes – and WINS them!

“Sweepstakes are a blessing from the Universe” she said “It’s a way for “those” special ones to get rewarded, to get free money without having to work. It’s the channel for the Universe to send you as much money as you need. There are thousands of sweepstakes every month! And let’s not even start with the lottery… I’ve won that multiple times.”

While others slave all day at the office, Cassidy lounges on the beach, gets a massage, and eats in a nice restaurant.

“After using my secret hack, I enter 5 or 6 free sweepstakes online and then I watch TV or go to the gym.
Later when I check my phone, I’ll see a notification like “CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just won $1,000!”.
When I enter 6 sweepstakes, I usually win 1 or 2 of them.” Cassidy said.

She’s won 2 flat-screen TVs, a stereo, a red Audi sports car, a yellow Ferrari, a vacation to the Caribbean, a cruise, an apartment in Ibiza, Taylor Swift concert tickets, handbags, makeup, iPhone, iPad, toys for her kids, and stacks of cash.


Here’s the amazing story of how Cassidy discovered the sweepstake hack and how you too can use the same hack to manifest money and gifts!


Cassidy’s Story

Three months ago…

One night, Cassidy was tired and depressed. She felt that she was stuck in her miserable hard life and would never get out of it.
She had tried affirmations, meditation, manifestation, law of attraction… but NOTHING worked.

She was listlessly browsing her Instagram feed, when she stopped dead and STARED.

Her high school friend Michelle… had just moved into a VILLA?!


She had to ask her.

Although they had always been very close and shared every secret, Michelle didn’t seem eager to tell her how she’d suddenly come into a great fortune.

“Oh… I got lucky…” she said vaguely.

Cassidy leaped in her car and drove over to Michelle’s house.

A moving truck was outside and 2 strong men were piling Michelle’s belongings into the truck.

Cassidy ran up to her friend. “HOW did you get money?! Tell me everything!” she demanded, mentally prepared to strangle her if needed.

Michelle looked uneasy. “I… discovered a certain hack”

“Hack? to what? a bank?”

“No silly. A hack how to… win money”

Cassidy stared at her. “TELL ME!” she cried.

Michelle tried to wriggle out of telling her more. “I’m moving house, I don’t have time” she said evasively.

Cassidy waited a few days, then the moment Michelle had ‘settled in’ to her new villa, Cassidy rushed over to her.

Exiting her old beaten-up Kia, Michelle felt a bit out of place in front of the large, stately, white villa with the beautiful lawn, the fountain, and the white stone driveway.

She felt a shot of jealousy fill her. At that moment she hated Michelle. It was so unfair! Why did SHE get rich while Cassidy, who worked SO much harder, and was SO much smarter, could barely pay her bills?

Cassidy found Michelle drunk, lounging in her new pool. Because she was drunk she seemed in a very warm, loving mood.

“Join me for some drinks!” she called out with a happy smile.

Cassidy hopped into the pool with her and then, after getting drunk together, they went back indoors and Cassidy begged her “TELL ME how you suddenly got rich!”

“I discovered how to hack… the universe’s bank account.” Michelle said.

Cassidy stared at her. “HOW?! Tell me bitch!”

“The Universe is all energy. So, when you have the right energy, it sends you money.”

“Be more clear” Cassidy snapped, getting impatient.

“I discovered how to generate good karma energy. Then the Universe pays me back with money. It’s really easy. You do this special Karmic ritual. It only takes a few minutes.” Michelle said with a smug smile. “Every time I need money, I generate good karma and then I get money within a day or two.”

“What’s Karma?” Cassidy asked.

“It’s an energy. It’s a really ancient belief, from like thousands and thousands of years ago. Buddhist monks discovered the law of karma long ago.
Karma is the secret power working in all our lives. Some people have good karma and some have bad karma.
If you have bad karma, money doesn’t come to you. You struggle and have a hard life. If you have good karma, money just comes to you naturally without any work.”

Michelle pointed at a strange dark painting she had on her wall.
“This is a psychic’s painting of what karma energy looks like” she said “Bad Karma is like black rocks hanging over your head.”

“My life wasn’t working out either.” Michelle said “I was broke, hated my job at McDonalds. Then I met this weird psychic. She told me I had a lot of bad karma and showed me how to clear it and how to get good karma.

So I got rid of all my bad karma that was blocking money from coming to me. and then I did what she said to get good karma.

The moment I got even just a little good karma, I won a $1,000 sweepstake!

I spent the next week getting a LOT of good karma and on the weekend, I won the PowerBall!”


Cassidy begged Michelle to reveal how to get good karma. She handed her the psychic’s card.
“She’s very busy. Many people want her help to clear their bad karma. Tell her I referred you and maybe she’ll reply to you” she said.

Cassidy emailed The Psychic, her heart pounding, hoping it was for real and would really work.

The old psychic replied a day later, telling Cassidy exactly how much bad karma she had and why.
She also told her the exact actions she had to do to remove her bad karma.

Cassidy carefully followed her advice.

The moment her bad karma was gone, Cassidy’s life drastically improved!

She met a handsome, loving guy whom she fell in love with.
He bought her lovely gifts and took her and the kids to nice restaurants and on a fun trip to the sea.

Her boss stopped treating her like a slave. He complimented her on her work, encouraged her, even thanked her! And then he offered her a paid holiday and a raise! But that was just the beginning.

The next night, Cassidy spent 10 minutes doing the special ritual to get good karma.

She entered a few free sweepstakes online and went to bed.

The next morning, yawning, she opened her computer…
and was AMAZED to see 2 emails: “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON!”

She thought it was maybe a fake email, but it was legit. They said she’d won $500, and an iPhone.
Cassidy called the companies to verify it, they congratulated her again, and she received the money and gifts!!!

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Excited, Cassidy spent 10 minutes every evening for the next week doing the Karmic ritual.

Then, after gathering a lot of good karma, she excitedly entered a BIG sweepstake with a $100,000 prize.

She didn’t win it.

Cassidy was disappointed. It hadn’t worked! Had she just won those first two by chance?

She went shopping and forgot to do the ritual that night.

The next morning, her inbox was full of emails from complaining customers. The phone rang without an end. It was an awful day at work! All day long she had to speak to furious customers yelling at her and calling her names.

That night, she did the Karmic ritual again and went to bed.

The next morning, Cassidy went to the computer and started working.
There were SO many support emails to answer… and the day had just begun… she groaned.

Her phone vibrated. She ignored it. It vibrated again.

An hour later the doorbell rang. Cassidy got up and opened the door and STARED.

A smiling delivery man stood there, hugging a huge flat-screen TV.

“Are you Ms. Cassidy Brown?” he asked her.

“Yes” she replied.

“Well, congratulations on winning the Samsung Neo TV!” he said and placed the heavy box on the floor.
It was a stunning 85 inch, 8K Samsung TV.

Cassidy was gripped with excitement. She saw the price tag $4,547!!!
She’d won a TV worth FOUR THOUSAND dollars!

She tore open the box and marveled with joy at the beautiful TV.

“Your karmic score is good. Your good karma is growing. Expect to get more gifts and good things from the universe” the psychic texted her right then as if she KNEW that she’d just won a TV!

Cassidy thanked her with a heart full of joy.

The next days, Cassidy did her Karmic ritual each morning for 10 minutes and then entered as many sweepstakes as she could.

And… it worked!

The cosmic ‘hack’ really worked!

Her phone rang with “Congratulations! You’ve won” calls.
Emails filled her inbox “Congrats on winning the baby rocker!” “Congrats on winniing $500!” “Congrats on winning the Maybelline makeup kit!” and more.

Cassidy won a dozen prizes big and small. She piled them up in her living room and admired them joyously.

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She’d won in one week: 2 TVs, an iPhone, an iPad, toys for her kids, a pair of beautiful designer heels, a Luis Vuitton handbag, a Gucci handbag, a Samsung Galaxy, Apple earbuds, and Taylor Swift concert tickets!

It was only July but it was like the BEST Christmas EVER!


Cassidy soon perfected it to an art. A simple system that worked every time, reliably, consistently, without fail.

She’d sit for 10 minutes in the morning, doing the easy Karmic ritual, and get a load of good karma on her head.

Then, she’d enter 5-10 sweepstakes and close the computer – DONE with her work for the day! No more working for hours for a nasty boss.

Throughout that day or the next ones, she’d win! Sometimes only 1, sometimes 3 sweepstakes.

When her good karma score increased, she began to win LARGE prizes.
Not just $500 or a handbag, but $1,000, $10,000 and then came the day she won $100,000!

“HURRAY!!!” she danced with her kids around the living room and immediately went apartment hunting. A week later, she moved out of her stinking hovel and into a nice pretty luxurious apartment.

Cassidy did the karmic ritual again and again. It was so easy, so simple, that soon it became a common morning habit. While drinking coffee, she did it.

And then, she simply had to sit back with a pleased smirk and wait for the money and prizes to come pouring in.

One morning, Cassidy exited her apartment to find a beautiful yellow Porsche standing in her driveway covered in balloons and red ribbons.

As she approached it, 2 men in funny costumes popped out from behind the car and cried out “CONGRATULATIONS CASSIDY!”
A camera flashed and a moment later she was handed the keys to the Porsche.

“You are the official winner of our Porsche giveaway!” the surprised Cassidy was informed.

Guess what? Just a week ago, Cassidy had gathered some more good karma and then visited a car dealership to see which kind of car she wanted to have. She hadn’t bought any of the cards, but she’d set her eye on a Porsche… and just like that the UNIVERSE GIFTED IT TO HER! In the form of giveaway prizes.

“The universe works in mysterious ways. It always finds the best channels to send you your good”

Cassidy even ventured into a casino and although she had NO clue what she was doing… she left with her wallet and pockets BULGING with money!
she tossed her hair with a smile as she walked out, while the casino owner stood in a corner GLARING furiously after her, wondering how a “dumb blonde” had managed to win more than anyone had in years!

Now that she was making more money just winning sweepstakes, lotteries, and from occasional casino visits, she no longer had to work!

Cassidy wrote her boss a scorching letter, insulting him, telling him EXACTLY what she thought of him, what an evil ass he was, and telling him she had QUIT!!!

That day she won a beachfront apartment in Miami and left her miserable, hard life behind FOR GOOD!

Now, she never works again. She just has fun!
She has so much money she doesn’t even need to win sweepstakes anymore.

So, to give back, she tells everyone she can about how she made her millions – and how they can do the same too!

“Anyone who has good karma becomes a winner and naturally attracts money and prizes,” Cassidy said. “It’s the law of the Universe. What you put out you get back, if you put out good karma energy, you get back money. It’s a law, like gravity. I taught my best friends how to do it and it’s worked for them every time they do it!”

And guess what?

ALL the famous singers, actors, directors, rappers, DJs, millionaires, billionaires and even politicians have good karma.
Karma is the REAL reason how they became famous and rich!

Karma is the secret to manifest money & success.

“I believe in Karma” said Sandra Bullock, the world’s highest-paid actress.
“Karma’s real” admitted Taylor Swift.
Kesha, who rose from poverty to the top Billboard charts also believes in Karma.
“I believe in Karma” said rich & famous singer Lady Gaga.
Arvind Kejriwal, the 7th Chief Minister of Delhi also admitted he believes in Karma.
“I believe in Karma” said famous actor Chris Pine.
“See, talent is important, and so is hard work. But if you don’t have destiny and good karma on your side, talent cannot do the magic by itself.” said Indian Bollywood star Himesh Reshammiya.

“I’m a believer in Karma” said Bill Goldberg, the world-famous, award-winning WWE wrestler.
“I’m always concerned with how I can balance the karma.” said Joe Walsh, and maybe that’s why he’s been a famous rock musician for over 50 years.

Here’s what you need to do right now to get good karma and manifest money:

  1. Do this Karmic ritual to get Good Karma and open the connection to the Universe.
  2. Repeat it each night for at least a week.
  3. Ask the Universe to transform your good karma into cash! Then enter sweepstakes and let the prizes and money arrive.