EXPOSED: The Shocking True Reason Why Prince William Married Kate Middleton

We all know the amazing, fairy tale story of how Prince William met Kate Middleton, fell in love, and married her!

But do you know WHY he married her?

Why did she, out of billions of women in the world, attract a prince into her life? (And such a nice one too!)

Nothing is coincidental. Nothing just “happens” by chance in this world.

I’ll reveal to you in a moment the SECRET reason why William (and other royals and billionaires) marry certain women.
Some even married very average, plain, ugly, simple women from humble backgrounds.

Why? There’s ONE secret reason.
When you discover this powerful weapon, you’ll have the power to make anyone love you and attract the high-level man of your dreams.

You’ll discover the secret weapon 85 women have used to attract amazing, kind, loving, wealthy husbands.
It doesn’t matter where in the world you are. How poor you are. What you look like. How old you are.


Have you ever wondered, why does the Universe cause certain people’s paths to cross?

How did Elon Musk notice a little tweet by Grimes (Claire Boucher) out of all the MILLIONS of people tweeting at him every day? (And she didn’t even tag him or tweet at him!)

What made Elon Musk fall in love with Grimes and have kids with her?

Why did the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, choose to date a 53-year-old woman when he could have a 20-year-old supermodel instead?

Why was Natalia discovered by a modeling agent? Why did a Viscount propose to her? There are many other beautiful girls who are never discovered, never famous, never marry rich. Why did she get “lucky” so to say? (Hint: it’s not luck)

Why did Prince Harry marry Meghan?

You’ll discover all this in a moment.


But first, let me tell you a strange story…

Far away, in the cold mountains of Bulgaria, there lives an old woman known as The Blind Psychic.

Valeria was born with a heavy load of bad karma that caused her to go blind as a child.

After her human vision was taken from her, her Third Eye was opened.
She was gifted the ability to see Energies such as Karma, view the Akashic Records, and see far back into past lives.


Using her rare gifts, Psychic Valeria studied the Karmic energy of the rich and famous.
She discovered that ALL women who attract loving, wealthy husbands have Good Karma.


Karma is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It is the force behind every success and failure.
Karma creates every problem or solution. Karma attracts certain people and pushes others apart.
Karma causes some people to get “lucky” and become rich, stumble into lucky opportunities, or meet the man of their dreams.


When you have Bad Karma, you push away money and people with money.
People unconsciously feel your energy and don’t like you.
It’s like if a rich person knew you were in debt, they’d stay far away from you.

Bad Karma energy


When you have Good Karma, you attract money and people with money.
Wealthy people feel attracted to you, like you, and want to be around you.


Every woman who’s married a high-class, rich, loving husband has Good Karma!
Every person who’s become rich and famous has Good Karma.

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Amazing Examples of How Good Karma Affected Their Lives

Modern Cinderella Story

Diane was born in Belgium to Jewish Holocaust survivors. She was a poor girl who worked in a textile factory.
She had neither connections nor money. And she was Jewish.

Guess what? Diane had such a high amount of Good Karma that the Universe sent her a wonderful blessing.
It sent her a prince! Yes, a real crown prince. And not just any prince, a German prince too!

At age 18, Diane married the royal crown Prince von Furstenberg and became Her Serene Highness.

Isn’t that amazing? A German prince married a Jewish girl.
It would never have happened without Good Karma bringing them together.

“I believe in karma. I think you make your own karma.” Diane stated.

Diane von Furstenberg, Photo by David Shankbone


Get Good Karma!

Rich & Famous

Australian girl Holly Valance came from a humble family.
As a teen, she was discovered and became an actress and model. Later on, she married a billionaire.
“Karma is everything” Holly admitted.

Photo of Holly by Karina Averlon-Thomas

Out of Poverty, into a Mansion

Natalia Vodianova was born in a poor district filled with car factories.
Her mother gave up one of her sisters for adoption as a baby.
One of her sisters has severe autism.

For some reason, Natalia became lucky.

Natalia started modelling at age 15 and quickly became the 3rd highest-paid model in the world. She married a Viscount and then a billionaire heir.

Psychic Valeria says that most people are born with Karma from their past lives.

“I believe in reincarnation of the soul” Natalia said.

According to the world-famous psychic, Natalia was born with a lot of good karma, which is why she became wealthy and famous.
(Luckily, anyone can get good karma at any time to change their lives!)

“I believe in fate… everything being preordained thanks to your karma credit from previous lives” said Kyle MacLachlan, who rose from nowhere to becoming a famous actor starring on Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother etc. He’s an Emmy nominated and a Golden Globe winning actor.

“I’m a true believer in Karma” said Sandra Bullock, who is the highest-paid actress in the world!

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Famous, Rich, and Loved by Tens of Millions

Taylor Swift by Glenn Francis

“What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?”
“That Karma’s real” Taylor Swift said.

Taylor Swift amassed a fortune near a billion dollars. She owns a castle, a mansion, and an apartment building.

What’s the real reason Taylor Swift became so rich and famous?

Karma is the single most decisive element behind all your successes
explained Dr. Pillai, a world-famous spiritual teacher and Guru.

Millions of beautiful, talented girls upload music each day hoping to become famous.
Most are never heard. Most die unknown.

Even those few singers who become famous, most of them lose fame quickly.
So many faces came and went over the years. Who remembers their names?

But Taylor Swift? She’s been dominating the carts for 16 years straight!

Why? Good Karma.

Taylor loves Karma so much she likens it to her boyfriend.
“Karma is God” she said.

Taylor Swift isn’t the only celeb who swears by Karma.


Almost all the top singers, actors, directors, DJs believe in the power of Karma!

“I believe in Karma” said Lady Gaga.

“I know there’s a karma” said Missy Elliott, who became the highest charting debut female rapper of all times.

“I believe in Karma” said Chris Pine. He rose to the top of Hollywood, becoming a famous actor, starring on multiple films like StarTrek.
He’s worth over $35,000,000!

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From the Pool to the Throne

Charlene was born in Zimbabwe.
Her mother was a sales manager, her father was a swimming coach.

Charlene became a professional competitive swimmer, representing South Africa in the Olympics.

At a swimming competition in Monaco, the crown prince noticed her and fell in love with her.
11 years later, they got married.

She is now Princess of Monaco.

Charlene has a lot of Good Karma.

When a person has Good Karma, the Universe sends great people their way.
They meet amazing people in the most unexpected situations!
They make friends in high places who help them advance and rise up in the world.

Even chance meetings are the result of karma. There’s no such thing as coincidence.” said Haruki Murakami, an international bestselling award-winning author.

Disover How to Get Good Karma!

So why did William marry Kate?

Kate is smart, beautiful, and a good person.

However, many beautiful and smart women exist in the world and are never noticed by a prince.
Why did she attract him?

Kate has a lot of Good Karma.
She emitted a powerful good energy. This energy is what caused him to notice her and fall in love with her.

Good Karma attracts loving partners.
Good Karma causes relationships to be happy and harmonious.
Good Karma causes people to be loved by millions and become famous.

If you want to meet your soulmate and have a happy life, you must improve your Karmic Score.

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