Motivational Songs for Success Overcoming Hardships
Motivational Songs for Success Overcoming Hardships

Best Motivational Songs for Success, Achieving Goals, and Overcoming Hardships & Depression

Need some positive encouragement to overcome hard times or to boost your confidence and achieve your goals?

Here are the 7 best motivational songs with really positive, meaningful lyrics.
Listen whenever you need a positive boost. Listen daily to develop a strong, brave, resilient winner’s mindset.


1. You Can Overcome It All

The title says it all. This positive motivational song is for you if you’re struggling with problems, financial issues, insurmountable challenges, and feel hopeless, lost, depressed, or afraid of the future.

It’s super encouraging and will help you feel more positive, happier, and empowered to fight on toward a better future.


2. Motivational Song to Achieve Your Goals

If you sometimes doubt yourself, feel your dreams are too far out of reach, or want to turn back and give up – stop and listen to this song! It will encourage you and give you the power you need to achieve your goals.


3. Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In

“When you wander through endless night, with no end in sight…”
Yep, this is THE most positive, uplifting song ever made for depression and hard times. Listening is so uplifting, it always brings a smile to my face:


4. You Were Born to Win, So Don’t Give Up, Push On and Reach the Top!

Listen to this empowering song to remember the power within you, push on through hard dark times, and reach your goals. You’ve got this and you can do it!


5. Rising Like a Sun

So the doubters doubt you? They tell you your dreams are impossible, you can’t do it, you shouldn’t try, you’ll never make it…? Ignore them and listen to this song instead!


6. The Way is Always Open

Feel like you can’t reach your goal? Nothing you do ever works? This motivational song is for you.
Listen daily for encouragement and to develop a winner’s mindset.


7. The Great Man Inside

This song is for every man who sometimes doubts his strength and ability to accomplish his goals.
Sung by a beautiful, warm, loving female voice, with powerful positive encouraging lyrics, this song is as powerful as steroids.


For even more positive, motivational music that’s actually positive and empowering, check out Motiv8’s Soundcloud channel:

What are your favorite motivational songs? Comment below!

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