Discover the SECRET How an Unknown Indian Scribe Became a Multi-Billionaire

Many years ago, an unknown Indian man called Maharishi Mahesh worked as a simple scribe in India.

He could have gone unnoticed and died without leaving a single mark, like billions of other people before him.

But this man was different.

He had one secret weapon… a weapon that turned his life into an AMAZING success story.

Photo by Vernon Barnes

This man was born with Good Karma.

Because of his Good Karma energy, he received divine inspiration and invented Transcendental Meditation.

He became a Yogi.

His Good Karma caused him, out of all the billions of people in the world, to meet the famous Beatles Band and become their mentor! The Universe made their paths cross in a wonderful way.


Yogi Mahesh and The Beatles – Photo by Ben Merk


Without effort, Yogi Mahesh accumulated tens of millions of followers.
Training centers were opened worldwide to teach his meditation method.

Thanks to his Good Karma, he amassed a vast fortune of BILLIONS of dollars – so much money in fact that he donated most of it and founded charities worth $8 Billion!

Yogi Mahesh firmly believes that we are born with certain karma.

“What we have done, the result of that comes to us whenever it comes, either today, tomorrow, hundred years later, hundred lives laterit’s our own karma” the wise Yogi told the world, trying to enlighten people and help them discover the key to a happy life.


Holly Valance, who came from a humble family, ended up marrying a billionaire. “Karma is everything” Holly said.

Taylor Swift said that discovering that Karma is real was the most important lesson in her life.

Famous hit singer Kesha also admitted she believes in Karma.

Argentinian-American billionaire Jorge M. Perez believes it may be only because of Good Karma that he got lucky and became a billionaire. He admitted many others are more talented but didn’t get ahead like he did.

“I believe in Karma” said Diane von Furstenberg. She was the daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors and started her life working in a textile factory. She admits to having been “a plain little girl”.
At the age of 18, she miraculously met a German prince and married him, becoming a princess!
What force other than Karma could have created such a wonderful fairy tale life for her?

“Things don’t just happen in this world… Things happen according to certain laws, such as the law of karma
said Sharon Salzberg, who became a NY Times bestselling author, world renown Buddhist meditation teacher, and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society.

Famous India Bollywood star Himesh Reshammiya, said that withotu good karma, talent alone can’t do anything.

Karma is the single most decisive element behind all your successes and failures.
Karma is why certain things happen to you and why nothing seems to change, no matter what you do.” said Dr. Pillai, a world-famous spiritual teacher and Guru.

Famous rappers, DJs, guitarists, musicians, singers, directors, actors, and even doctors all believe in the power of Karmic energy.

It is therefore clear that one needs Good Karma in order to become rich and famous.


What is Karma?

Karma is an energy. The most powerful energy in the Universe.

Karma is behind every success and failure.

Karma is what makes some people rich and keeps others poor.

Karma is what attracts your soulmate or pushes him/her away.

If you have Good Karma, your life is a wonderful dream life. Everything is easy. You succeed easily. You attract money without effort. You never need to work hard to get money! Money comes to you. Success seeks you out.

Loving people are attracted to you.

Whatever you want, the Universe happily gifts you.

You easily manifest ALL your dreams without spending months meditating, reading books, saying affirmations…


Unfortunately, 99% of people are born with Bad Karma.

That’s why 99% are poor and miserable, while only 1% are rich and happy.

If you are not getting what you want in life, it’s because you have Bad Karma holding you down in chains.

Bad Karma is the only thing that blocks people from manifesting money, success, fame, love, and health.

But don’t be discouraged.
The good news is: You can CHANGE your karma at any time!

Now that you KNOW what the issues is, you can solve it.

You can get rid of your bad karma and finally have the good life you want and deserve!

World-famous Mystic Valeria discovered the simple Karmic ritual to clear bad karma in only 10 minutes a day.
She’s helped thousands of people get rid of their Bad Karma and live happy, wealthy, loved lives!

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“A clean karmic slate sets your soul free to fulfill your many purposes on earth, and to give and receive the love you deserve.” – Huffington Post

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