The ONE DARK SECRET Billionaires & Celebrities Used to Become Rich and Famous

What do famous singers, actors, Hollywood directors, producers, and Billionaires all have in common?

How did some people rise from a miserable life born into hopeless poverty, slums, without education to being famous celebrities adored by tens of millions?

They all used ONE secret method.

One dark secret that’s been kept from the common people.

Until now.


If you ask all the rich and famous, they will all tell you the same one thing:

“I believe in Karma”

What does that mean and what’s it have to do with their success?


Well, as Einstein (and many others) said, everything is Energy.

Karma is an energy. It’s The most powerful energy in the world.

Karma is the secret invisible force working in everyone’s life.
Karma is the almighty puppeteer, pulling the strings, controlling every single thing that happens in your life.

Karma controls your future.

Karma makes someone rich and others poor.
Karma brings good luck to one person and bad luck to another.
Karma tears two soulmates apart and hurls them into a miserable life of loneliness and misery, while it unites other people with their soulmates and gives them a happy life filled with joy.

Karma is to blame for everything – good or bad – that happens in your life.

You can’t escape karma!

You can’t fight karma.

All you can do is work with Karma in the right way, to get what you want.

Taylor Swift by Glenn Francis

“Karma is real” Taylor Swift said, admitting it’s the most important lesson she’s learned in her life.
Because Taylor knows the Laws of Karma, she loves Karma so much she likens it to a beloved boyfriend.

Taylor Swift amassed a fortune near $1 Billion dollars. Most other stars fade and burn out after a few years, losing popularity and being replaced by new faces. For over 16 years, Taylor is constantly on the top charts, selling millions of records, loved by tens of millions, and still going strong. Must be Karma.


“I believe in Karma” famous singer Kesha said. By seemingly “lucky coincidences” Kesha was propelled from poverty (living with her mother on food stamps) to instant success, hitting the top Billboard charts, and becoming rich and loved.

Sandra Bullock, the world’s highest-paid actress of all times, who won multiple awards, and is ranked as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, states that she too is a true believer in Karma.

“I believe in Karma very much” said Amy Winehouse after she skyrocketed to fame at age 16, and became one of the most popular and beloved singers of the decade.


Now you know their secret to wealth and fame.

Karma is the real reason why some singers rocket to fame and sell tens of millions of albums,
while millions of other beautiful, talented singers remain unknown and hardly even get 10 plays on Soundcloud.

Why do some women get famous when smarter, prettier, or more talented others remain unknown and die in poverty?
Why do some men become extremely rich while smarter, more talented men remain poor?
Why does a certain mother of 3 win the lottery while millions of others don’t? WHY did the universe choose her? 

Because of Karma.


The reason 99% are poor and miserable is because they don’t know about Karma.
And they don’t know how to change their karma.
They have no idea how to use the Great Law of Karma to get what they want in life.

Because no one ever taught them.
The elites who know about Karma, keep this secret to themselves.
They use Karma to easily accumulate great riches and keep all the rest of us down.

Activating the Karmic Law is actually very easy and you can do it in just 10 minutes before bed.

In this article, I’ll reveal exactly how the Elites secretly use Karma to get money and fame.

Keep reading to discover how YOU too can use the Law of Karma to have your dream life!

Once you discover the truth about Karma and how to use it, you’ll be able to EASILY manifest ANYTHING you desire!
Wealth, luck, money, fame, love, your dream career, success in a business, a raise, a luxury car, a beautiful new home… you name it.
Simply invoke the Law of Karma, ask for it, and it will be yours!


Those few insiders who KNOW how to use the Karmic Law, hold the reigns of power in their hands.
They can practically “force” the universe to give them whatever they want, whenever they ask for it.

The Law of Karma is eternal and unfailing. It works every time, for every person, and for anything you want.

The ancient Tibetan monks who discovered the Great Law of Karma inscribed it into their prayer wheels so it would never be forgotten. However, the secret remained in their temples… until it was discovered and used by the “insiders” to gain great fortune and fame.

And now, finally, you too will be able to generate good karma energy to manifest everything you desire!


You don’t have to be a good person to have good karma.
All you need is to know what special Karmic deeds earn you good karma. And then do them, for a few minutes each day, to get a huge amount of good karmic points.

When you have good karma, you have good credit with the universe.

It’s like you got a Cosmic card, loaded with money to spend.

Once you have good karma, you can convert it into any physical thing you want – money, love, etc. The Universe will happily reward you and give it to you.

This is how even some bad people become extremely rich and famous.
Just like they can use loopholes in the human judicial laws, they also know how to use loopholes in the Karmic Law to earn good karma.

Law of Karma - how to clear bad karma

Discover How to Get Good Karma!


All Rich & Famous People Have a Good Karmic Score

And so can you! The best news is: It only takes 10 minutes a day to generate good Karma and have a good karmic score.

Karma is the single most decisive element behind all your successes and failures.
Karma is why certain things happen to you and why nothing seems to change, no matter what you do.” said Dr. Pillai, a world-famous spiritual teacher and Guru.

“Someday people will ask me what is the key to my success… and I will simply say, ‘Good Karma’.” Crumley once said, and true enough, he is now a famous American crime author!

Karma controls your success or failure. Chris Pine stated he too believes in Karma. And guess what, he’s now a famous rich actor!

Chris Pine, Photo by Gage Skidmore
Jorge M. Perez

Jorge M. Perez, used to be an average Argentine-American guy.
Then, amazingly, he suddenly became a billionaire worth $2.6B!
He admitted that he honestly doesn’t know why he became rich and powerful. It just happened. It almost seems unfair.
“I’ve really been extremely lucky.” he said, “Some people work just as hard, are just as intelligent, and they don’t get their breaks. I’ve just gotten the breaks. Maybe it’s good karma.”

The truth is there is no such thing as “luck” or “lucky breaks”. When you have good karma energy, opportunities come your way. People want to do business with you. People want to hire you and give you a lot of money. Money finds its way into your pockets, even if you’re not doing anything special. you no longer need to run after money – money runs after YOU!

Jorge is a typical example of the Karmic Law in action.
You don’t need talent to become rich and famous. You just need Good Karma!

“See, talent is important, and so is hard work. But if you don’t have destiny and good karma on your side, talent cannot do the magic by itself.” said India Bollywood star Himesh Reshammiya, who gathered 7.5M followers and 2.4 Billion views. He rose to great fame and fortune, becoming an actor, renown TV producer, and launching his own music label.

Would Himesh have ever become famous without good karma helping him? Probably not.

Karma gives strength and courage. It helps some men rise to greatness and win championships while others fall beneath them like stick men.

Bill Goldberg, a world-champion WWE wrestler with multiple awards under his belt, and 2.6M followers said “I’m a believer in Karma.”

Bill Goldberg, Photo by Adam Rickert


“Things don’t just happen in this world… Things happen according to certain laws, such as the law of karma
said Sharon Salzberg, who became a NY Times bestselling author, world renown Buddhist meditation teacher, and co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society.

Get Good Karma!


Good Karma = Happy Relationships

Karma affects relationships and brings soulmates together.

Good Karma creates an amazing future beyond your wildest dreams.
Just listen to this amazing true story I’m about to tell you!

Towards the end of WWII, a girl called Diane was born in Belgium to Jewish Holocaust survivors.
18 months before Diane was born, her mother was a poor, abused, starving prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Diane studied fashion design and began her career working as an assistant in a textile factory is Paris.
She described herself as having been “a plain little girl”.

Then, at 18, she magically met a PRINCE and married him! Yes, a real fairy tale story.

Diane married Prince Egon von Fürstenberg, a member of the old German royal family.

Of course, his family was not very pleased that he married a woman with Jewish blood.
Imagine! Right after WWII, when most Germans still hated Jews, a German PRINCE married her! Isn’t that amazing?!

No, it’s not luck. It’s Karma.

A German prince should have been worried of getting disowned for marrying a Jewish woman. He should have worried about what his friends thought and said. But for some mysterious reason, he didn’t.

On her marriage, Diane became Her Serene Highness Princess Diane of Fürstenberg.

How did it all happen? How did a plain little girl who worked in a textile factory, without noble blood or connections, end up becoming a princess?

“I believe in karma. I think you make your own karma.” Diane simply said.

Diane von Furstenberg, Photo by David Shankbone

Diane’s good Karma brought her luck and success all her life long.
She launched her own fashion company DvF, which is available in over 70 countries and 45 free-standing shops worldwide. Forbes named her the 68th most powerful woman in the world.

The Furstenbergs have many castles. This is just one of them. Imagine living in such a huge beautiful palace!

One of the Furstenberg’s Castles – Photo by Flominator


Psychic Valeria explained that all lucky women like Diane, and others who’ve married high above their birth rank and social status, only became so lucky because of their good karma.

Luckily, anyone can accumulate good karma and also attract the love of your life!


For example, Australian girl Holly Valance, who came from a humble family, ended up marrying a billionaire.
She too acknowledged that Karma has the power to change one’s life.
“Karma is everything” Holly said.

Photo of Holly by Karina Averlon-Thomas


Supermodel Natalia Vodanova (aka Supernova) was discovered and became rich and famous due to her good karma score.
She too married well – first a Viscount, then a billionaire heir to the Louis Vuitton brand!


By now you must see the enormous benefits of having Good Karma:

  • Wealth will easily come to you.
  • People will love and adore you.
  • If you desire fame, you’ll get it!
  • If you desire a happy marriage, amazing people will come into your life and you’ll marry the best one for you.
Discover How to Get Good Karma!


But I must WARN YOU, Karma works in two ways.

If you have BAD KARMA, you’ll be poor, miserable, lonely, sick, and fail in everything you try.

If you have GOOD KARMA, you’ll be wealthy, happy, loved, popular, healthy, and succeed with ease and joy.

99% of the world was cursed with Bad Karma. Most people are born with a huge amount of Bad Karma, which is why their life sucks and nothing ever improves no matter what they try.

If you aren’t rich, loved, in a happy relationship, and living a fulfilled life that means you have Bad Karma.
Before you can get what you want, you need to clear bad karma.

The moment your Bad Karma is GONE everything you want will easily and quickly come into your life!

Discover the SECRET how to CLEAR BAD KARMA and get a ton of good karma fast!

So you too can easily manifest great wealth, fame, happiness, love, and have a great life!

You deserve it.

The Law of Karma works for anyone, of any age, gender, and ethnicity.


Have you heard how Good Karma brought in $8 BILLION dollars for an unknown Indian man?

Yes, it’s a wild story!

Many years ago, an unknown Indian man called Yogi Maharishi Mahesh worked as a simple scribe.

Photo by Vernon Barnes

This man received divine inspiration and invented Transcendental Meditation.

His Good Karma score caused him, out of all the billions of people in the world, to meet the famous Beatles Band and become their mentor! The Universe made their paths cross in a wonderful way.

Yogi Mahesh and The Beatles – Photo by Ben Merk

Without effort, Mahesh accumulated tens of millions of followers.
Training centers were opened worldwide to teach his meditation method.

He amassed a vast fortune of BILLIONS of dollars – so much money in fact that he donated most of it and founded charities worth $8 Billion!

Yogi Mahesh firmly believes that we are born with certain karma.
(Therefore, unless you do these vital steps to change your karma, you will be miserable and suffer all your life long!)

“What we have done, the result of that comes to us whenever it comes, either today, tomorrow, hundred years later, hundred lives laterit’s our own karma” the wise Yogi told the world, trying to enlighten people and help them discover the key to a happy life.

If you are not getting what you want in life, it’s almost a certain sign that you have bad karma.

Already for thousands of years, many wise ancient Asian religions spoke about past lives.
And, in recent years, American scientists have discovered shocking evidence that past lives really do exist.

Whatever wrongs you have committed in your past lives, may have caused you to be born with a heavy load of Bad Karma.

In fact, 99% of people are born with Bad Karma.
That’s why 99% are poor and miserable, while only 1% are rich and happy.

Go here to clear your bad karma to be one of the lucky 1%



But BEWARE… Bad Karma will RUIN Your Life (and others)


Before becoming a famous actor on the CBS soap opera Dallas, Patrick Duffy had a terribly traumatic childhood and life filled with misfortune and misery. Both his parents were murdered.
Eventually, he was enlightened and realized all his problems were because of his Bad Karma.
Every single unfortunate thing that happens… it’s my karma”, said Patrick Duffy.

Patrick believes because of his bad karma “I am responsible for being the son of two people who got murdered.”


Only when you clear your Bad Karma, will your life change.
Then you too can go from being an abused unlucky orphaned child to a rich and famous actor.

Clear My Bad Karma!


Bad Karma will make you Sick

Karma is a dangerous, sick dark energy that gets lodged in different parts of your body.
This energy manifests into various diseases, chronic pains, inflammation, brain fog, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and deadly diseases like cancer.

Judy got into a terrible accident due to her bad karma.

Researchers at the SIT university, interviewed a Tibetan Bhuddist Tenzi Lama (high monk) who explained that often incurable and chronic diseases are Karmic. Such diseases include leprosy, AIDS and Ebola amongst many others.

“when you commit some wrong deed, then your health also suffers due to that.” – Gurudev SriSri Shankar, 4.1M followers

“If these mental and emotional imbalances persist without being addressed, they finally manifest in the physical body as diseases or aches and pains.”  – Simrin Gregory, VOGUE

Many people who clear their bad karma are SHOCKED at how they suddenly heal from lifelong pains, aches, diseases, and health issues.

Go here to discover how much bad karma you have and what to do to get rid of it.


Is Your Life a Mess? Your Karmic Score May Be Unbalanced

You see, everything in the Universe and nature needs to be balanced.

The Ying and Yang. The Good and Bad. Hot and Cold. Plus and Minus.

Your Karmic Score also needs to be balanced.
Many ordinary actions, words, and thoughts can cause your Karma to become unbalanced and dip into the ‘red zone’.

If it’s out of balance, your life becomes a mess. A wild up-and-down ride. Hope and disappointment.
Almost attainting success and then collapsing down into dreadful failure and pain.
Misfoturne, terrible heartaches, abuse, losses, huge debts.
Money that almost comes to you and then is whisked away and given to someone else…

I’m always concerned with how I can balance the karma.” Joseph Walsh wisely said.
Balancing his Karma has brought him 50 years of good fortune, success, love, and wealth.
While most musicians fade after a few years, Joseph is a famous American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter with a successful music career spanning more than 50 years!

Photo of Joe Walsh by Derek Russell

If you ask any billionaire and famous person, they’ll tell you Karma has been working in their lives.

“I know there’s a karma” revealed Missy Elliott, who became the highest charting debut female rapper of all times.

Some others who publically revealed they believe in Karma include DJ Premier, one of the greatest hip hop producers of all times who has millions of followers. Australian model Holly Valance. Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga. Kesha. Megan Fox. Popular singer Beth Ditto. Famous DJ Joel Madden. A Belgian princess. Bestselling authors. Famous directors. Famous Disney voice actor Cheech. Dr. Ken Baker. Deepak Chopra. And tons more!


Most People Comitt 5 of These Terrible Karmic Mistakes Each Day

Did you know that a single wrong Karmic word or comment could cause you to LOSE money?
Yes, certain little common words generate bad karma which pushes away money and good fortune.

Words have great power. The greatest spiritual teachers of all times, including Moses and Jesus, all taught that words have power.

“Your word is your wand” said Florence Scovell Shinn, the most famous female New Thought leader and spiritual teacher.

The biggest reason why people keep being stuck in a toxic Karmic cycle is that they aren’t aware of the mistakes they keep making.

Even tiny mistakes that don’t seem at all important to you can keep generating bad karma that keeps you chained like a prisoner.

Deepak Chopra, was born in New Delhi India. He rose out of nowhere to become one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in alternative medicine. He’s sold over 20M copies of his books and made millions and millions of dollars.
Deepak too believes in the power of Karma and how certain actions generate good or bad Karma.
“No karma is random. Incidental and trivial actions are all karmic. Every action leads to a result, however unpredictable. These results are calculated by a kind of cosmic computer” Deepak explained.

“situations seem to happen to people, but in reality, they unfold from deeper karmic causes. The working out of cause and effect is eternal.” Deepak said.

Discover how to generate good karma


Are you stuck in a TOXIC Karmic Cycle?

If you keep getting entangled in toxic relationships over and over again… if you work and work but can never get ahead or make more money… if you keep finding yourself again and again in the same unhappy situations…
that’s a clear sign that you are trapped in a toxic, dangerous karmic cycle. These cycles only get worse, like a tornado spinning faster and faster, until they shatter you onto the rocks.

Heavy karma can trap us in the same old patterns by pulling us toward the same types of people, jobs, illnesses, events, accidents, and unneeded burdens. A much-needed break in the karmic cycle can occur when we analyze our personal karma and take the necessary steps to resolve it.” MindBodyGreen magazine wrote.

unsettled karma will cause you to experience similar scenarios over and over again, such as meeting the same type of partners and enduring the same heartache, until you become aware and take appropriate action.” – Huffington Post.

Go here to discover if you have unsettled bad karma and how to get rid of it.

How to get out of a bad karmic cycle?

The problem most people who try to get rid of bad karma have, is that they don’t know the cause of their bad karma.
They are stuck in a toxic karmic cycle, repeating the same mistakes, generating more bad karma, and suffering more and more until they die miserably.

“The unconscious life leads to karmic repetition at best and unforeseen catastrophes at worst. Once you understand that karma applies to your life directly, personally, and every day, nothing is more desirable than getting unstuck. Only along this path is freedom bliss, and fulfillment possible” Deepak Chopra said.

The ONLY way to manifest money, wealth, fame, happiness, love, and health is to first find out the cause of your bad karma, then immediately take the right steps to clear it.

Break the Karmic Cycle!

Bad Karma causes bad relationships

Lonely? Unloved? It’s not your fault, it’s Karma.

“If you feel stuck in your love life, unresolved karma may be to blame. Old karma is particularly effective at blocking relationships from progressing.” – Huffington Post, Dr. Carmen Harra, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, counselor, and bestselling author of seven books.

“A clean karmic slate sets your soul free to fulfill your many purposes on earth, and to give and receive the love you deserve.” – Huffington Post

Clear My Bad Karma!

Bad Karma is the ‘Dark Secret’ behind your problems

Get rid of Bad Karma

According to world-famous psychic Clairvoyant Valeria, Bad Karma looks like black rocks, hanging over a person’s head.
The more Bad Karma you have, the more black rocks weigh down upon you.

Some people are unwittingly carrying a whole tower of old bad karma over their heads.

There are 2 types of Bad Karma, one that revenges on you quickly and makes you suffer great agonies in this life.
And a second type that bides its time, and revenges on you in future lives. This type of Karma can take many years or even lifetimes to ‘mature’. But when it does mature… oh boy you’re in for some terrible experiences!

The moment some of your bad karma matures, it breaks off and falls onto your head. Instantly, terrible things happen to you in your life. Accidents, abuse, robbery, loss, heartbreaks, cheating partners, diseases, misfortune, and dreadful suffering.

Therefore, just like it is important to go for regular checkups to catch a cancer early while you can still do something about it before it’s too late and you die, it is VITAL to clear your bad karma BEFORE it matures and comes crashing down onto you.

Find out if you have bad karma and how to get rid of it here.


But why do I have bad karma?

It’s unfair, isn’t it? Especially if you never did anything really bad in this life.

Well, Bad Karma comes to you in many ways.

Most people either are born with bad karma, carry bad karma from their past lives, or inherit generational bad karma (like a dark family curse). If you are struggling financially, and so were your parents and their parents… it’s likely you inherited their bad financial karma.

“Karma can also be shared or “passed down” to you through generations.” the Huffington Post states.

Many people are like prisoners, held back by hundreds of black chains that bind them to their ancestor’s bad karma.

World-famous Indian spiritual leader Gurudev SriSri Ravi Shankar (4.1M followers) explains that generational family Karma is embedded in your DNA and inherited at birth.


How do you get  Bad Karma out of your DNA and body?

It’s easier than you may think.

After all, like I said, kids from poor families and slums, were able to shake off their inherited bad karma and rise to great wealth and fortune. and they didn’t spend years doing it either. some became rich and famous in their teens already.

how did they do it?

some people are intuitively guided to doing the right karmic actions that erase their bad karma. but for most us, we need clear guidance. a clear step-by-step blueprint with instructions what we must do to change our karma and destiny!

Clear My Bad Karma!

Past Life & Next Life Karma

Rebirth is a fundamental concept of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.
Your bad karma from past lives, determines yoru current life will be good or bad.
The Karma you generate in this lfietime, will determine what yoru next incarnation will be. Will you be rich or poor, pretty or ugly, lucky or unlucky?

The only way to have a happy life now (and a happy life in your next rebirth) is to clear bad karma.


What Are Past Lives?

We are all energy. When our physical body (the shell housing our soul) dies, our energy self (soul) passes on and finds a new body to inhabit.

“All over the world, scholars studying reincarnation are making findings even skeptics have difficulty explaining.” – VICE Magazine states: “There are many cases of young children who report very specific details of an apparent past life, which are later verified… One striking case of past-life recall is Ryan Hammons, who made 55 very specific statements about a previous life that were verified.”

Dr. Ian Stevenson, an academic psychiatrist, led the study of reincarnation in the United States from 1967 until his death in 2007. Stevenson founded the Division of Personality Studies under the University of Virginia’s department of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences.

Stevenson’s reincarnation studies focused on young children, usually between the ages of 2 and 5, who had inexplicable phobias or detailed memories about a previous life.

Stevenson studied 2,500 cases over the course of 45 years and published famous books and articles that shook the scientific community. In some cases, Stevenson was able to identify the person the child claimed to be and to verify the information by speaking to relatives of the deceased!

How amazing is that?


“Energy never dies. Once energy escapes an expired body it’s only a matter of time until it reenters a new body… taking many shapes and occupying different dwellings.” said Dr. Carmen Harra in an article published in the Huffington Post.
Dr. Carmen Harra PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, counselor, and bestselling author of seven books.

“our consciousness is unchanging or immortal, and travels through many changing bodies in time.” – NIH, Dr. Anil Kumar Mysore Nagaraj

As shocking proof emerges, more and more scientists, psychologists, and medical doctors are believing in Reincarnations.

So, if you’re having a bad life, it’s likely because you are carrying bad karma from your past incarnation.

Go here to clear your past life bad karma and have a happy life!

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