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Clear Bad Karma Debts

How Rosaline Got her Ex Back by Clearing Bad Karma

Discover the strange 10-minute ritual a California woman did to get her ex back within 3 days.
In this article, Rosaline shares her amazing story and the ‘weird 11:11 phone call’ that changed her life.


It was 11 o’clock on a Sunday night.

I was crying hysterically, sitting on the cold bathroom floor hugging my knees.

My life was over.

Justin had left.

Dumped me. From one moment to the next.


We had SUCH a happy relationship. All my friends were envious of us! They called us the “cutest couple ever”.

We’d met at a friend’s birthday party and been together for 3 years. We had just moved in together a month ago.

We were Soulmates and Twin Flames. He was my best friend, an amazing lover, and a wonderful partner. Everything I could ever have wanted.
We had so much fun together. We were inseparable.

He understood me like no one else ever did. I trusted him completely and felt comfortable telling him all my feelings and secrets. He never mocked anything I said. He was completely loving, understanding, sympathetic, and caring. He encouraged me. He supported me. He always had my back. He was the best man ever ever and I felt SO lucky to have met him… and then… and then….

2 weeks ago, I saw him browsing engagement rings on Amazon!
My heart jumped and for the next days I felt all tingly and giddy with excitement. He was going to propose to me!

Then all of a sudden, the strangest and most terrible thing happened.

I went to bed wrapped in his arms and had a dreadful nightmare.

In my dream, I saw a black windblown cliff. The sky was stormy dark grey, with black clouds rolling in like waves over the horizon.

I saw myself approaching the cliff top. Then to my horror, I saw the skies open and a rain of black rocks slowly come falling down towards me.

They hovered over my head and then one of them fell down on my head. I felt a sharp pain like an electric shock, rush through my entire body.

The sky rumbled menacingly. Instantly, a deep darkness spread like an ink stain rushing across the sky until all was black.
I cried out in pain and despair. I could see nothing around me. I was alone, lost and scared. I called out for help.

I stumbled forwards in the dark, not seeing where I was going. Then, my foot felt air beneath it and with a SCREAAAAM I plummeted off the edge of the high cliff and crashed down into a bottomless black.

I awoke back in bed, drenched in sweat. I looked at Justin. He was asleep beside me. The pale light from between the curtains lit his handsome features.
A shadow seemed to cross his face. He murmured in his sleep and suddenly he spoke, in a deep, harsh voice. “That bitch. I hate her.”

I held my breath. Whom was he talking about? Some ex from the past?

I leaned closer.

He murmured some swear words. Then fell silent.

I resolved to ask him about it tomorrow, in a gentle way. We’d never kept secrets from each other so he shouldn’t mind me asking about “that bitch”…

I cuddled up to him and soon fell asleep but my sleep was disturbed by strange dark fleeting dreams.

The next morning I awoke to the bright sunlight streaming in from the windows. It was Sunday, and we usually spent the morning making love, then going for a walk together.

But this morning, something terrible happened.

Justin had changed! Completely changed from one moment to another.

When he looked at me, there was no love in his eyes. There was a strange coldness.

He seemed distracted, gazing out of the window at breakfast and hardly paying me any attention.

What had happened? I didn’t understand.

When I spoke to him he answered in short grunts.

“What’s wrong?” I finally asked him.

He muttered “nothing” but I knew that was a lie.

He said he needed to take a walk on his own and think.

When he returned, he told me he was sorry but he realized he didn’t really love me and it was over.

The pain hit me like a knife in my chest. I stood there dumbfounded, staring at him, too shocked to speak.

What had happened?

He said it wasn’t another woman. He just suddenly didn’t care for me anymore. Yes, he had loved me but now, suddenly, his love was gone.
“I don’t know what happened, but suddenly everything’s changed.” he said with a frown.

He stormed through the apartment, packed his few things, and left.
Just. like. that.


And there I was that night, crying my eyes out in the bathroom, with my mascara and snot dripping down my face.

It was just my luck. Whenever I got close with someone, “something” happened and they suddenly turned stone cold. Turned on me. Were hateful, aggressive, or just uninterested – and left. Each of my relationships ALWAYS ended in heartache.

I felt as if some greater Power was against me, pushing the people I loved away from me. Even my dog had run off even though I’d only ever treated her kindly, hugged her, bought her expensive gourmet dog food and toys and a plush bed.

It was as if I were doomed to be alone and miserable.

“WHY?” I cried out angrily. “Why do they keep leaving me? It’s so UNFAIR!”

I felt furious at God, the Universe, or whatever spirit was out there doing this to me.

Just then my phone rang. It was an unidentified caller number. I hesitated, then I picked up.

And what I heard changed my life… 

It was the weirdest call ever!

A gentle old woman’s voice spoke to me with a strange heavy accent. It sounded something Hungarian or Bulgarian.

“My dear Rosaline” she began.

“Who are you and how do you know my name?” I asked suspiciously.

“I know everything” she said, “I’m so sorry Justin left you.”

My mouth fell open. How on earth did she know about that? Had he told someone? Was this some old relation of his?

“Remember the dream you had last night?” she asked me. How did she know about my dreams?

“That black rock that you saw was your karma. a bit of old bad karma collapsed down on you last night.” she explained.

I was speechless. “Go on” I said.

“The moment it fell on you, your energy changed and pushed Justin away. He immediately felt a deep dislike for you, distrust, and reentmetn towards you though he himself doesn’t know why he feels that way. He thinks he simply ‘fell out of love’ with you. The same happened with all your past boyfriends. Each time they left you was not becuase of you it was because of karma.”

“Who are you?” I asked again.

“I am Psychic Valeria.” She said.

Then she explained to me that karma was an energy. There was good karma and bad karma. If you had good karma your relationships go well, people love you, men are attracted to you, people want to be with you, live with you, marry you, and commit to you. Your friends are loyal and honest. People like you, invite you to parties, want to be your friends. Your relationships are happy and stable. Your partners dont betray you.

On the other hand, if you had bad karma, your relationships end in heartache. People betray you, cheat on you, hurt you, abuse you, disrespect you. A partner who seems to love you turns against you and leaves you for no reason. Love is an endless painful battle. People with a lot of bad karma end up lonely, unloved, unwanted, rejected, ignored, and heartbroken and die alone.

Valeria told me I had a lot of bad karma.

“But I”m not a bad person!” I objected angrily.

“Yes, you’re not a bad person.” She agreed, “It’s not your fault. You were born with heavy load of bad karma from past lives”

Then she asked me if I wanted to clear the bad karma.

“Hell yeah!!” I cried “please tell me what to do! I’ll do anything to get Justin back!”

She told me a simple ritual I had to do each night for a week. I listened carefully and followed her instructions.

It was easy and only took 10 minutes. That night, when I did the ritual, I felt a great weight lift off my chest. The pain I’d felt after Justin had dumped me subsided a bit. It was easier to breathe deeply and my muscles and neck relaxed. I slept well and had pleasant dreams.

I repeated the Karmic ritual each night – and on the third night, something wonderful happened…

I had a dream again of standing atop the high cliff, above the black abyss. I looked up at the brooding, grumbling sky and saw a dozen black rocks hanging over my head.
“Karma” I thought. Then as I watched, I saw 3 of the rocks crumble and dissolve into ashes. The ashes blew away on the wind. I watched them and felt a strange joy and great relief wash over me.

I awoke at 2 AM. My phone was vibrating. I fumbled about in the dark and checked it. It was a message from Justin!!!

“I’m sorry baby I really dont know what came over me. I love you truly truly and I want you back. I’ll do anything to make it up”

YES!!! My heart was filled with joy.

I told Psychic Valeria and she smiled and said it was because some of my bad karma was gone.

“The bad karma was like a black wall, keeping love out, keeping Justin away. Now that the wall of bad karma has collapsed, he once more feels loving towards you.”

Then she told me I still had more bad karma left and had to continue doing the Karmic rituals before bed for 3 weeks to ensure ALL my bad karma was gone.

I obeyed her.

The next day, I met with Justin and he apologized, we kissed, and made up. And we were back together again! I forgave him since I knew it wasn’t his fault, it was my karma that had affected him and caused him to behave that way.

After my last rock of bad karma had been released, an hour later, Justin PROPOSED!!!!

We are now happily married for a year and a half and our relationship is stronger than ever.

I’ve also made new friends. After I got rid of all my bad karma, several of my exes wrote and apologized and told me they loved me and wanted me back.

My estranged sister reconnected with me and we are now on good terms.

I sleep better than I have in years.

My headaches are a thing of the bad past.

And my anxiety attacks are completely GONE!


What’s more, without my bad karma pushing my good away, I now finally have plenty of money and am financially secure.
I’m earning more money at a new better paying job.
I have a great boss and an easy fun job without stress.

Clearing my bad karma changed my life!

When I asked Psychic Valeria what I could do to repay her for her kindness, she said simply “share it with the world, help more people clear their bad karma”.

So that’s what I’m doing.

If you are having relationship issues, if your lover left you, dumped you for a younger woman, if your Soulmate rejected you, your marriage is failing, or you’re all alone without any love in your life, it could be because of bad karma.

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About the Author

Rosaline lives in California with her husband and 3 pugs. She currently works as a social media manager for a startup.
Rosaline loves hiking, riding, and river rafting.

About Psychic Valeria

Psychic Valeria, also known as “The Blind Psychic”, is a world-famous Psychic who can see Karma and visions from past lives. She’s helped thousands of people release past life karma, clear bad karma, earn good karma, and have happy healthy lives.

Bad Karma blocks love. It keeps loving people away from you. it pushes away your loved ones.
It forms a blocked wall between you and your Soulmate.

Good Karma attracts love. It draws kind, loving, caring people to you. It makes your loved ones devoted to you and never want to leave or betray you.

Go here to get Psychic Valeria to help you clear your bad karma so you can have a happy relationship with a person who truly loves you.


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