Discover how to easily get rid of all past life karma and current bad karma that is ruining your life, success, relationships, health, and joy.

How to Release Past Life Karma to Have a Happy Loved Healthy Wealthy Life

Do you have bad karma from past lives? In this article, you’ll discover how to clear past life karma so you can finally have a happy life! Without bad karma you’ll easily achieve your goals, be successful, manifest money, attract loving caring people, and be healthy.

These are some of the many signs of bad karma:

Get rid of Bad Karma
Get rid of Bad Karma

Are you unhappy, frustrated, or unfulfilled?
Is your life not working out the way you want it to? Are you unable to reach your goals and have your dreams come true?
Do you have unhappy relationships, a failing marriage, or cheating partners who hurt you?
Do you struggle financially?
Are you suffering from health issues, diseases, pains, aches, sickness, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, loneliness, or other problems?

If so, you may have a lot of past life karma that is secretly poisoning your current life.


What is Past Life Karma?

Whatever actions you did in your past lives, generated certain Karma (good or bad).

If you were a bad person in your past life (or lives), then you generated a lot of Bad Karma back then.

This Bad Karma comes with you into every rebirth, reincarnation, and new life.

Karma never expires or wears off on its own. The only way to get rid of it is to erase it.


How does Past Life Karma affect you now and in the future?

People who have bad karma have a bad life. If you were born with bad past life karma, your life will start off in a bad way.

Karma affects which family you are born into, how they treat you, how people feel about you, what people think and say about you, and more.

Karma determines what the Universe sends your way. Because like energies attract like energies, bad karma (which is a very bad energy) attracts bad situations, bad experiences, bad people, miseries, bad fortune, loss, sickness, disaster, and accidents.

Dangerous Harmful Effects of Past Life Bad Karma

The worst part of past life karma is that it strikes you when you least expect it.

There are 3 types of karma – one that strikes back fast, during your current life. Another that is stored in your body and causes diseases. The third type is carried into your next life and only strikes when it’s ‘matured’.

how to release past life karma
how to release past life karma

This dark energy hangs over your head like a black rock.

Old past life Karma can take many years or even lifetimes to mature.
But once it’s matured, it begins to crack and break and fall down onto your head.
Each time some of your bad mature karma falls onto your head, terrible things happen to you.

When old bad karma falls onto people, they are often get hit by cars, get injured, get into accidents, develop diseases, lose their jobs, are fired, lose their investments and money, a disaster strikes and their homes are destroyed, bad people attack them and rob them, and so on.

If anything bad has started happening to you, that might be a sign of maturing bad karma.
Usually, first, only small pieces begin to break off the Karmic energy rock. Therefore, you should never ignore the dangerous signs of maturing Karma but immediately speak to a psychic and deal with getting rid of your bad karma before it all falls onto you and it’s too late!

How to Release Past Life Karma?

Law of Karma - how to clear bad karmaReleasing past life karma is unfortunately quite complex. You’ll need the help of a qualified psychic who specializes in past-life karmic readings and energy work.

This is because before you can erase past life bad karma, you need to first know why you got the bad karma. What did you do to get the bad Karmic debt?
Only then will you know what you need to do now to erase the bad karma and balance your Karmic score.

Unless you yourself are a psychic who can see into the past, or you are one of those super rare people who can remember everything you did in all your past lives, it’s impossible to know what sins you committed once long ago. Therefore, you need the help of a powerful karmic Clairvoyant psychic.

When seeking a psychic to help you clear your past life karma, pick one who matches the following criteria:

[1] Get a psychic who has full, unrestricted access to the Akashic records (this is a Universal Database, like a YouTube, that stores every action ever done). Only by accessing the full Akashic records, can a psychic see into your past lives and know what bad deeds you did to accumulate your Karmic Debts.

Make sure she can see far back into all past lives, not just the recent one. Many psychics are short-sighted and can only see back one or two lives. Some are not very powerful and can’t control which past lives they see, they might see one from long ago, but miss all the rest, or they might see a completely unimportant one that didn’t even cause the bad karma.

How to get rid of past life karma
How to get rid of past life karma
[2] Find a psychic who can access the Karmic energy Bank. This is vital so the psychic can tell you your Karmic score (good or bad, positive or negative).

[3] Get a psychic who has the ability to see Karma energy. Karma is an energy that is either dark or light and hangs over your head like a tower. It is important that your psychic can see your Karma so she knows how much Karmic debt you are carrying and when you are free of it.

[4] Pick a psychic who has a direct connection with spirit guides/archangels who can guide her to selecting the right custom Karmic ritual for you to clear your specific type of bad karma and fix your Karmic score.

[5] Choose a psychic who has a track record of success and many great reviews.


The Blind Psychic
The Blind Psychic Valeria –

The best psychic we recommend is The Blind Psychic at

She is the most famous and acclaimed karmic psychic in the world. She has full access to the Akashic Records.
Because she is blind, she has an extremely highly developed Third Eye and sees into past lives with crystal clarity. She can see actions and sins committed in past lives even long, long ago, thousands of years ago.

Additionally, she can see Karma energy, calculate your Karmic score with 99.8% accuracy, and assess the weight of your full Karmic debt.

Guided by High Masters, spirit guides, and an ArchAngel, her simple 10-minute Karmic rituals have helped thousands of people quickly and easily clear their bad karma and live happy lives.

The Blind Psychic has been featured in the news, hired and endorsed by celebrities, recommended by influencers and people around the world.


The best part? You only need to go to her ONCE! No need to go on daily calls with her for her to clear your Karma. Just connect with her one time and she’ll give you all the secrets and guidance you need to clear your karma quickly and easily in 10 minutes a day. No need to pay a psychic $5 per minute ($500-$900 per hour) for years to come and spend thousands of dollars to get guidance!

The Blind Psychic wants to help as many people as possible so she condenses all her great ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge into a crystal-clear guide anyone can follow. Her guidance is very powerful and has helped thousands of people clear their bad karma in astonishing record time!

After connecting with your soul, the Blind Psychic will look into your past and see all your past sins.
Then she’ll create a custom psychic reading report for you.
And write an easy-to-follow blueprint instructing you on the exact steps needed to clear your karma.
She’ll give you a special Karmic ritual to do before bed to clear your bad karma.

And, as a bonus, she’ll also give you a guidebook and scorecard with good and bad Karmic actions to do or avoid at all costs.

Go here to ask The Blind Psychic to reveal your Karmic Debt and tell you exactly how to get rid of it. is the site of The Blind Psychic. She is very old by now and may pass away at any time.
“My time on earth is almost over” she said last week!

Because The Blind Psychic is currently the only powerful karmic psychic alive, it is vital to get her help while you can.
So if you want to have a happy life, you must urgently find out how to clear your bad karma before The Blind Psychic dies and it’s too late!



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