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The Blind Psychic
The Blind Psychic

The Blind Psychic is a famous Clairvoyant who has helped thousands of people clear their bad karma and live happy, healthy, wealthy lives.

Valeria, grew up in a very small house in Eastern Europe. Her parents were very poor and her childhood was hard and filled with suffering. She lost her vision in her youth, as a result of Bad Karma from her past life. Valeria often had strange fits as a child during which she’d shake, her eyes would roll up, and she’d collapse into a faint. During these faints, she saw visions from past lives.

In her early teens, she began getting strange visions of a woman in another country and time. Eventually, during one dream, her spirit guide informed her that this woman was Valeria in her past life. She had done many bad things in her past life and was carrying a heavy load of Bad Karma. Her spirit guide told her if she didn’t pay off her Bad Karma in this life, she’d keep on suffering into all her next incarnations.

After losing her vision, she became known as “The Blind Psychic”.

Valeria began practicing the Karmic rituals her spirit guide prescribed to her and within half a year she had completely cleared all her bad past life karma.

Although she lives in complete darkness, she can see into past lives with crystal clarity using her Third Eye.

The Blind Psychic has a rare ability to access the Akashic Records (the Universal database of everything that has ever happened to anyone, at any time, and in any life) as well as see people’s Karmic score.

Many people who are suffering financially, had unhappy marriages, broken relationships, or simply kept suffering from bad luck and diseases, came to The Blind Psychic to get help. And she’s changed their lives!

How to Clear Bad Karma with The Blind Psychic’s help?

First, The Blind Psychic looks into your past lives to see what bad deeds you’ve done. Then she knows exactly how much Bad Karma you have and what you need to do to clear it.

Then, she’ll tell you the exact next steps you must take at once to get rid of your bad karma to have a happy life.


By following her advice, thousands of people have become freed of crippling debts, obtained new great jobs, their businesses have prospered and succeeded, their relationships improved, they’ve met their soulmates, and healed from diseases and pains.

At, you can receive a personalized psychic Karmic reading from The Blind Psychic and discover what you must do to erase your bad karma.

The Blind Psychic is very old and many people are worried she might die soon. If you are struggling, don’t have enough money, are lonely and unloved, you absolutely must get The Blind Psychic’s help before it’s too late!

Bad Karma

How long does it take to clear bad karma?

You can get started today and you only need 10-20 minutes a day!

The special Karmic rituals are very easy and can be done from anywhere in the world, even your bedroom.

Reviews of and The Blind Psychic has an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Some people said hearing they have bad karma scared them and therefore they are unhappy.
Eva said “I was really scared when I heard I had bad karma.”


Most people say they were very relieved to finally have a way to free themselves of their bad karma and report good changes in their lives after clearing their bad karma.

Nellie said “Knowing there IS a way out gives me SUCH power and new hope! I was giving up on living but now I have renewed hope and power.”

Susan said “I’ve just started and already cleared quite a bit of bad karma. I feel amazing! My brain fog has lifted, I feel energetic, and I see better close up. I can read without my glasses!”

Helena said “After clearing a large bit of bad karma, my ex wrote to me and we met and had a great evening together. I feel we’re going to have a future together after all and I couldn’t be happier!”


Who is it for:

  • Anyone who is unhappy in their lives and is ready for a change.
  • People who are not afraid to confront the sins of their past.
  • People who aren’t scared to hear of their past life bad karma.
  • Those who are ready and willing to invest time and effort to clear their bad karma. Although it can be done in as little as 15 minutes a day, it takes most people 2 months to clear all their bad karma. if you’re not willing to invest this amount of time to have a happy future, then this is not for you.


Who is it not for:

  • People who are satisfied with their lives the way they are.
  • People who don’t want to spend a few minutes every day clearing bad karma and accumulating good karma.

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