How to get rid of past life karma
How to get rid of past life karma

How to Easily Manifest Money by Clearing Bad Karma

Do you know the 1 reason why 99% of people can never manifest money?
No matter how hard they try, money just refuses to come to them in large quantities. Sometimes they manage to manifest a tiny bit of money. Just enough to pay the bills or buy a little something. But never wealth.

While a few, manage to manifest great wealth with such ease that the rest of us almost die of jealousy looking at them.

The truth is, there is ONE thing that separates the wealthy from the poor.

No, it’s not hard work. You can work as hard as you want, work 16h a day, and you still won’t manifest wealth.

No, it’s not luck. You can be born into a rich family or a poor one and end up either a loser, a poor drug addict, or a rich successful influencer or company owner.

No, it’s not brains either. The dumbest people become rich and smart people become rich. Unskilled people who don’t know Grammar and can’t spell well manifest massive wealth and smart, skilled people become rich.

So what is it? What is that ONE SECRET ingredient that causes some people to become rich with ease, without hard work, with fun and play, and have plenty of time for their hobbies and families? What is that ONE thing that keeps people in poverty and no matter how hard they work and what they try, they can NEVER get any more money?

It’s Karma.

Law of Karma - how to clear bad karma


People who were born with Bad Karma fail, struggle, suffer, and can never get ahead. They can’t manifest wealth and they can’t manifest their dream home or car or spouse.

People who were born with Good Karma succeed easily and happily.
They have a “golden touch”. Everything they try works beautifully, easily, and succeeds fast.

They are wealthy. They are loved. They are famous.

They are the ones who win the lottery and find lost money. They might do the dumbest business and make millions. They get promotions, raises, easy fun jobs that pay them great wages. They are chosen, wanted, invited to parties, hired, chased by headhunters and offered great jobs.

Whatever you did in your past lives, affects the Karma you’re born with. If you did bad deeds, you were born with Bad Karma. If in your past lives you did good deeds, then you were born with Good Karma.

The GOOD NEWS is that in THIS life you can change your karma! You don’t have to keep on suffering and being stuck with the bad karma you were born with. you can change it, erase the bad karma, and accumulate great amounts of good karma.

Discover how to clear bad karma and get a lot of good karma so you can manifest great wealth easy and fast.

how to manifest money

The moment you clear your Bad karma, it’s like a massive black wall collapsed and the abundance you were asking the Universe for can finally pour in like a wonderful wave of dollar bills.

If you asked the Universe for money but never got it, that’s a sign that you have bad karma blocking you from receiving git.

Bad Karma is like a closed door, keeping all the gifts of the Universe out.

Many people are surprised the moment their bad karma is gone they suddenly get the exact amounts of money they were asking for months or even years ago.

The Universe is always listening to you and is happy to give you everything you desire!

The only thing keeping money from rushing to you now is your Karma.
Bad Karma forms an energetic block. The moment that block is gone, money can easily pour into your life without needing to work hard, struggle, or do complex and lengthy manifestation exercises.

Discover how to Clear Bad Karma to manifest an abundance of money.

What is Karma?

Karma is an energy. Everything in the Universe is energy – you, the planets, your thoughts, physical objects, money, food, everything is energy.

There are two types of Karma: good Karma energy and bad Karma energy.

Bad Karma energy is a dark heavy substance.

Good Karma is a bright light happy white energy.

Get rid of Bad Karma
Bad Karma causes bad things to happen to you

Psychics who can see Karma describe Bad Karma as a tower of black rocks hanging over a person’s head. Each rock was formed when the person did something bad (in this life and/or in past lives). The larger the bad deed is, the larger the black Karmic rock is. The more bad deeds someone did, the more bad Karma (black rocks) hangs over their head.

This is also known as Karmic Debt.

Karmic Debt always has to be paid back.

Now and then, some of those Bad Karma rocks break off and come crashing down on the person’s head. When that happens, bad things happen to that person.

Bad Karma


What will Bad Karma do to me?

When you have Bad Karma, you have a bad life.

Here are some of the many symptoms of Bad Karma:

  • Bad things happen to you. You keep suffering disasters, accidents, and bad luck.
  • You are rejected, unwanted, unloved.
  • You have very few friends or none at all.
  • People don’t care about you. Hardly anyone remembers your birthday. No one cares when you’re sick or depressed.
  • Your relationships fail. People who seemed to love you suddenly lose interest in you, dislike you, betray you, abandon you, reject you, hurt you, abuse you, cheat you and leave you.
  • You struggle financially. It’s hard for you to make money. You earn very little. No one appreciates your work. You don’t get promotions or raises. You work hard but can’t get ahead.
  • Debts and bills suck up your money.
  • There’s never enough money for you.
  • You feel depressed and sad.
  • You have phobias, fears, anxiety attacks, panic attacks.
  • You suffer from insomnia or can’t sleep well.
  • You feel like there’s something holding you back from your dream life. An invisible “Force” working against you. God/Universe seems to be against you.
  • No matter how you pray or ask the Universe, it never gives you what you want.
  • You can’t manifest your dreams.
  • Nothing you do works. Whatever you try fails miserably.
  • Whatever money you have is quickly lost or eaten up by bills. Nothing left for you.
  • Your boss or coworkers are nasty and miser your life.


If any of these symptoms sounds familiar, you need to urgently clear your Bad Karma. 

Bad Karma doesn’t go away on its own – it just gets worse.

The longer you keep your Bad Karma, the worse it manifests in your body and life.

Get rid of bad karma to have a happy life!

Get rid of Bad Karma
Get rid of Bad Karma at

Bad Karma is like a dark cobweb, holding you back from your dream life and keeping you a prisoner forever.

Go to to find out what your Karmic Debt is and how to get rid of it.


What Happens When I Erase my Bad Karma?

Getting rid of your Bad Karma is vital. The moment your Bad Karma is gone, your life will change beyond your wildest dreams.

You will easily manifest as much money as you want and have a happy, calm, easy life.

Without Bad Karma, whenever you ask the universe for something, you will quickly receive what you ask for. Your relationships will be happy and fulfilling. You’ll attract good, loving, caring, honest people who will treat you in a good respectful way and make you happy. You’ll have lots of friends who really care about you.

You’ll easily get ahead, get the job you want, get a raise, and succeed in any business you try.

Bad Karma causes diseases. Almost every disease is caused by old Bad Karma.

Therefore, if you have a lot of old Bad Karma your life could be in danger. Getting rid of bad karma is vital!


How to Get Rid of Bad Karma?

There are 3 important steps you must take to get rid of Bad Karma:

  1. Discover what Bad Karma you have and why you have it. Is it from this life or from past lives? What bad deeds did you do in your past lives that caused the Bad Karma? Without knowing what you did to get Bad Karma you won’t know what to do to get rid of it. The Blind Psychic will tell you exactly what Bad Karma you have and why.
  2. Find out exactly what Karmic actions you must take immediately to get rid of your Bad Karma. The Blind Psychic will give you a crystal clear action plan that tells you exactly how to get rid of your Bad Karma.
  3. Do these Karmic actions each day for 10 minutes, for at least a month to get rid of your Bad Karma. You will immediately start feeling a great difference in your life and energy.


What are Signs of Bad Karma?

Bad Karma feels bad. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others. If you are an energy person, a Clairsentient person, a “sensitive” person who can feel energies, thoughts, spirits etc., then you may feel a heavy dark weight upon your head and shoulders.

Because old Bad Karma is stored in different parts of your body, some people sense Bad Karma as a tightness in their chest, a heavyweight in their stomach, or pressure on their forehead.

Many people experience the following negative effects of Bad Karma:

  • Depressed
  • Exhausted
  • Brain fog
  • Memory issues
  • Moody, lethargic
  • Hopeless
  • Angry
  • Stressed, short-tempered
  • Fearful
  • Tired
  • health issues

If you have any of these symptoms of Bad Karma, you must urgently get rid of your bad Karma!

Go to to get rid of all your bad karma.


What creates Bad Karma? Why do I have Bad Karma?

Bad Karma is a result of bad actions that harm any other human or living creature, this includes lying, cheating, backstabbing, insulting people, hurting people or animals, abuse, hitting someone, manipulating people, betraying, embezzling, getting something for nothing (including cheating merchants by asking for refunds for products you use and like), trolling, bullying, insulting people with hurtful comments, murder, rape and more.


Many people wonder why did I get bad karma when I never did anything bad?

Even if you never did anything bad, or hardly did anything bad, in this life, you may have done countless bad things in your many past lives.


How can I improve my Karma?

First, know exactly why you have Bad Karma. Then, do certain good Karmic deeds to erase your Bad Karma.

Most Karmic deeds only take a few minutes a day and can be done from home. Depending on how much Bad Karma you have, you may need to repeat these Karmic deeds each day for a few weeks, or even a month.

For instance, if you stole money and got Bad financial Karma, then you’ll want to do good financial Karmic deeds to balance your Karma.

Go here to discover how to improve your karma and get good karma.


How do I know if someone has bad karma?

It is best not to get into a relationship with a person who carries a lot of Bad Karma because it will affect their attitude towards you, their finances, their career, and their life. Even if right now they are successful, generous, kind, and loving, when their Bad Karma payoff comes around, they will drastically change. Bad Karma will cause them to become nasty, maybe even abusive or aggressive. When they suddenly lose their money, job, their behavior will change.

Typical signs of bad karma debts beginning to be paid off include mood swings, depression, anxiety, anger attacks, nasty offensive behavior, sudden behavioral changes, financial losses and more.

When you see signs of Bad Karma over someone, the very best thing you can do is to tell them about how they can clear their bad karma. If they don’t want to clear their bad karma, then the second best thing you can do is to get out of the relationship with them so you’re not around when the storm hits.

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