How to Clear bad karma from past lives
Clear Bad Karma

How to Manifest Love, Health, Wealth by Clearing Bad Karma

Is your life not working out the way you want? Are you continuously struggling, suffering, fighting against an invisible force that seems to just want to knock you about and keep you down?
Do you have financial issues such as never enough money, bad investments, bills piling up, a job that doesn’t pay well?

Do your relationships end in heartache? Are you lonely, single, unloved, rejected, or unwanted?

It’s not your fault! This is a clear sign that you have unresolved bad karma.
As long as you have bad karma, it is blocking your manifestation ability. You can’t manifest your dream life, home, car, spouse etc. as long as bad karma is hanging over you.

The moment your bad karma is gone, everything you want will easily come to you and you will finally have your dream life.

Discover how to clear your bad karma in the fastest way possible.


What is bad karma?

Whenever you do a bad deed, you accumulate a very dark heavy energy (Dark Matter) that’s called Bad Karma.

When you do a good deed, you are rewarded with Good Karma. Good Karma is a very light, white energy (Light Matter).

Your soul is made of pure energy that cannot be destroyed. Karma is also energy that can’t be destroyed – it has to be paid off or erased by balancing your Karmic Score.

Even if you never did anything bad in this lifetime, Karma clings to the undying soul.
When the physical body dies, the soul incarnates into a new body and the Karma comes along with it.

Many people aren’t aware that they are carrying large clumps of dark bad karma from their past lives.


Bad Karma causes:

  • Diseases
  • Insomnia and sleep issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Financial struggles. Loss of money. Poverty. Money problems. Bad investments that fail.
  • Overwhelming debts.
  • Hard work and struggles.
  • Unhappy relationships. Nasty boss, nasty coworkers. Anger, quarrels, strife.
  • Loneliness. Loss of friends and loved ones.
  • Abandonment & rejection.
  • Misery, sadness, suffering, pain.
  • Bad luck, accidents, misfortune.
  • Abuse.
  • Early death.


The Benefits of Good Karma include:

  • Health and beauty. Youthful appearance. Very slow aging.
  • Inner peace and happiness.
  • Good sleep.
  • Courage. Confidence. Strength.
  • Joy.
  • Love. Happy, long-lasting, harmonious relationships. Committed, loyal, devoted, caring partners.
  • People will be kind and caring to you.
  • Many friends.
  • Popularity.
  • Success. Everything you try works out and succeeds easily without hard work.
  • Wealth. Plenty of money for everything you want and need.
  • Longevity.

Do you think you may have bad karma? Find out how to clear your bad karma to have a happy life.

Law of Karma - how to clear bad karma

What is the Law of Karma?

The Karmic Law is basically the great timeless universal law of Cause & Effect.

Karma is an ancient belief that whatever you do, you’ll get back – either in this life or in the next ones.

If you lie to a loved one, one day someone you love will lie to you. If you steal, someone will steal from you.
If you help someone in need, when you are in need, someone will help you.

Because Karma never dies, it comes with you into all your incarnations until it is paid off.

The ancient Vedic texts teach that there are several types of Karma. Some Karma stays stored in your body and makes you either healthy or sick from the inside. Another type of Karma is carried into your next life and only affects your next lives. Even if in this life, someone does a lot of evil and is not punished, you can rest assured that in his next lives, he will suffer greatly.

The Law of Karma was first taught by monks and priests in Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Yoga, and other Indian religions.


Karma & Incarnations

The types of incarnations you’ll have after you die, depends on your Karma.

If you die with a lot of bad karma, you’ll have terrible incarnations and suffer great misery, poverty, disease, and misfortune.
If you gather good karma before you die, you’ll be born into a beautiful body, a kind loving wealthy family, and be healthy, happy, loved, successful, and wealthy.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you get rid of all your bad karma as quickly as possible and accumulate a lot of good karma.

Not only will that make your current life happier and attract good things to you, but it will also ensure that your next lives will be good, blessed, happy ones.

Go here to discover how to clear your bad karma and finally have a happy life!

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