REVIEW of – Do Nadia’s Magic Love Potions Work? is the website of a Polish witch called Nadia “The Love Goddess” who sells a recipe for a love potion.

Nadia is a 7th-Generation Shazaam witch who lives in the Tatra mountains of Poland.
She has been featured in the Daily Herald, Fox, SNN TV, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, Celeb WIRED, and more.
Buzzfeed published an article about her potion and the 3 ways to use it to attract love.

In this article we’ll take a look at what Shazaam magic is, see if her magic potion works or not, and what people have to say about her.


Does Nadia’s love potion work?

Amoratti Nadia Love Potion Recipe LuvMagnet.comThere are quite a few witches selling potions in the world nowadays. Some work, some don’t.

Before asking if a certain potion works, one needs to first ask if that type of magic works.
There are several types of magic in the world. Some are weak, some are strong, some work extremely fast, and others hardly ever (if ever) work at all.

These are the main types of magic currently known to us humans:

Wiccan magic, Pagan spells, various ethnic spells and rituals specific to certain nations and places, Voodoo magic, black magic, Satanism, green magic potions made with natural ingredients like plants etc., Cosmic magic (energies that our Cosmos and world are made from), Elemental magic (calling upon the elemental powers such as wind, earth, fire, water), along with various little-known and secret types of magic like Shazaam magic.

Nadia uses white magic, green magic, Cosmic force, and Shazaam magic.
All her spells are Shazaam spells.

What is Shazaam magic?

Nadia Love Goddess 7th Witch Magic Love Potions spells

Shazaam is an ancient, extremely secretive type of magic that dates back over 4,000 years.
Because of the tremendous power of Shazaam spells and potions, the Shazaam witches chose to remain completely secret for thousands of years. They never tried to recruit more members because they weren’t interested in becoming a huge cult.
They remained a highly secretive, tightly-knit coven, hidden underground deep in the darkest mountain caves.

For thousands of years, none of their spells or potions saw the light of day.
The witches knew that if their knowledge fell into the wrong hands, it could be used to create terrible destruction and throw the world into chaos.

Shazaam witches swear a solemn oath to never use their powers to harm or control others.
They pass their knowledge, spell books, and recipes down from mother to daughter.

Nadia is a 7th-Generation Shazaam witch.

At age 13, she survived a deadly initiation ceremony, during which she unlocked her paranormal powers and psychic sight.

As a teen, she inherited the oldest spell book in the world from her ancient grandmother who died at 111 years of age after a long life as a Shazaam witch.

Nadia is an Alchemist (she creates special mixtures and potions) as well as a Clairvoyant, psychic, and witch.

Nadia is the first Shazaam witch in history to come out of hiding and share her gifts with the world!

Although she knows many types of love spells, she only shares the ‘safe’ love spells and potions.
For instance, Nadia’s “Amoratti” love potion can’t force the wrong person to love you. It will ONLY attract your true Soulmate.
By uniting people who are meant for each other, she helps people enjoy a long, happy, joyous relationship with the right person.

Nadia’s love potion and spells have helped thousands of people find their Soulmates.

“It’s SO much more powerful than Wicca magick!” Anna from Croatia said. “I’ve been practicing Wicca for years but the Wiccan spells never worked. Nadia’s spell worked within 8 DAYS!”

Stefanie Evans from the US met her soulmate in 12 days after using Nadia’s love potion.
Here’s what she says: “I’m so LUCKY and blessed to have found him! Thank you Nadia, your potion is amazing! We are married and I know we’ll love each other forever.”

“my love life sucked and then at 42 my husband dumped me for a younger woman.” Sandra Potter from Toronto says, “Nadia’s love potion CHANGED MY LIFE! I now have more dates than I can handle…”


Nadia uses a combination of types of magic to create her potions and spells. She uses Green Magic, Elemental Magic, Cosmic Force, White Magic, and of course ancient Shazaam magic.


Even Buzzfeed recommended Nadia. Take a look:

Nadia Love Goddess LuvMagnet Review

Buzzfeed is America’s #1 content publisher. Their content gets over 2 Billion monthly views.
Out of 1.1 BILLION websites in the world, Buzzfeed is ranked as the #100 website in the world!

It’s really impressive to see Nadia featured on Buzzfeed.
Here’s the link if you want to read the full article.


Nadia Reviews & Ratings

The average rating Nadia has is 4.9 stars out of 5 stars.

Nadia the Love Goddess Witch Magic Love Potions Love Spells -

Most reviewers report becoming magically attractive to the opposite sex and many have found their Soulmates.
Some are happily married and have kids.

However, some people aren’t completely happy with her love potion.
For instance, Bethany complains after 3 days of using the potion she hasn’t met her Soulmate yet but on the bright side more men than ever before are looking at her and even her boss is suddenly nice to her.

And Stacey complained that she used the love potion and did meet her Soulmate. However, 7 months later when he proposed, she got cold feet and turned him down. He left her and she had a change of heart. She tried using the potion again to get him back but it didn’t work the second time.


Go here to learn more about Nadia and get a magic love potion.

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