Psychic Pet Past Life Paintings
Psychic Pet Past Life Paintings

Instagram’s Hottest Trend: Psychic Past Life Pet Portraits

A new hot trend is taking Instagram by storm! Pet owners are going crazy over Psychic Katie’s past life portrait paintings showcasing who their pets were in their past lives.

All you need to do is send Katie a photo of your pet and she will connect with its Soul and see its past life.
During her trance, Katie sees different visions of their past life including where they lived, what they were called, who their family members were. She sees different parts of their past life, from their childhood to their adult life.

Katie then creates an accurate portrait painting of the person your pet was in his/her past life.
Along with the past life painting, Katie also shares a detailed psychic past life reading describing your pet’s past life.

Many pet owners are shocked when they see who their cat or dog was in their past life.

“Katie says my kitty Snow was a duchess in her last incarnation! And I’m totally sure she’s right!” Catherine Woodley, a cat owner from London says, “Snow has such a royal attitude. She’s snobby, a fussy eater, only sits on the best pillow on the couch, wants everyone to serve her… Everything Katie says about Snow’s past life is 100% like Snow in this life! Even down to loving cheese and piano music! It MUST be true!”

“I showed Lulu her past life painting and she recognized herself at once !” Debra Martin said, “She sniffed the painting and meowed loudly and an hour later when I entered the living room I saw her sitting on the couch gazing up at her portrait . She stayed like that for a long time . It must have triggered some memories of her past life !”

Psychic Pet Past Life Paintings
Psychic Pet Past Life Paintings


Psychic Katie furbabypastlife pet portrait painting


Psychic artist Katie - Furbaby Past Life
Psychic artist Katie – Furbaby Past Life

Psychic Katie has the rare power to connect with cats and dogs, and see who they were in their past lives.

Katie is a talented artist who learned traditional painting skills from her parents who are both artists.
At age 26, Katie unlocked her psychic Clairvoyant abilities after learning spirituality from a Brazilian Shaman.
During one of her trances, she opened her Third Eye and started getting visions of past events and past lives.

Katie uses her psychic abilities and artistic talents to paint accurate portraits of who pets were in their past lives.

Katie has 2 cats and 1 dog. She loves animals and spends her weekends volunteering at pet shelters.

Get a psychic pet past life painting here.

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