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What Does Your Lucky Purple Color Mean? And What Must You DO When You See It?

Angels, spirit guides, loving ancestors who have passed… have different ways to communicate with us.

Auspicious signs such as repeating numbers like 111, 222… repeating color patterns… and special hidden words… are typical ways that they send us important messages.

Because Divine Beings live in another much higher Dimension above us, they have a bird’s eye view over human affairs. They can often see into the future and predict events that will happen to you. They can see great opportunities opening up before you as well as terrible dangers coming your way.

Loving spirit guides may send you a message to nudge you in the right direction toward a lucky opportunity, or they might send an urgent warning message to get you to watch out and avoid a dreadful calamity about to befall you.

Either way, it is vital to decipher these special messages in order to be safe, happy, and have the best life possible.

When you let a spirit guide take you by the hand and lead you through life, you will have a wonderful blessed life that very few humans manage to make for themselves.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to interpret these special Divine messages and they completely miss out on all the great opportunities and warnings that are being sent to them.

Today, mystic Dalitha will reveal to you what the color Purple means.
Discover how to interpret its secret message, and the 1 thing you MUST DO the moment you see this special message.

The Meaning of Lucky Purple

While purple sometimes means success, in June 2024 purple is a sign of joyous love and sadness.
When combined, blue and pink colors turn purple.

Today, when you go out into the world, the first purple items you see will determine the meaning of your special angel message.

Significance of DARK Purple

Seeing dark purple means you’re being shown that you have a lot more heavy dark energy (sadness, loneliness, depression, regrets, heartache) inside of you right now. The only way to move forward into a happy bright loving future with joyous love is to release the old sadness and only look ahead with hopeful, loving eyes.


Significance of LIGHT Purple

Light purple means there is a lot more happiness, brightness, and pure love energy inside you waiting to burst out.


The Message behind a Purple Top

If you see a person wearing a purple top (sweater, shirt, jacket, shawl), that means that love will come out on top and win. Temporary sadness and loneliness will soon pass and give way to a new bright, exciting love affair – when you take the right steps right now.


The Message Behind a Purple Poster

If you see purple in any poster, advertisement, or banner this is what it means:

It’s a very strong sign that love is coming your way! You’ve been blind to these signs before and your angel is now basically screaming it out for the whole world to see – hoping you’ll finally notice and pay attention.

Will you finally take the hint and do what’s right in order to accept love when it comes?


The Meaning of a Purple Car

If the car is driving towards you, that means a new partner is approaching.
If the car is driving away, you are repelling your true love. To get your true love back, you must do something QUICKLY to shift your energy and draw your Soulmate back towards you (see instructions below).


The Message Behind a Purple Bottom

If the first purple item you see today is a person wearing a purple skirt, purple pants, stockings, boots, or shoes, this is what it means:

A sudden big change is going to overturn your love life. Depending on the choices you make TODAY you will either end up on the bottom choking like a dying fish – or RISE up from the bottom like an eagle soaring over the clouds into the light.


The Special Message Behind Purple + Grey

There are gray clouds on the horizon that might fog your sight and hide your true love from you.
Be careful not to lose sight of what is truly important to you. Stay in tune with your heart.

The reason you’re receiving this vital message today is because you CAN have a wonderful life ahead filled with love – IF you take the right action TODAY.


What you MUST Do TODAY to WIN the Game of LOVE in June 2024:

The reason you’re being shown purple is to signify that you are still carrying some blue (sad) energy inside you.

In order to accept bright joyous love into your life, meet a new loving partner and no longer be lonely, you MUST release old negative energy that is keeping you from shining with your purest pink love energy color. Release old sadness from past bad love affairs and disappointments. Let go of old dark energy that is holding you down.

Let your inner self shine brightly and finally accept love into your life.

How to do it:

  • Repeat this positive love affirmation 5 times: “I release old sadness. I accept love and joy.”
  • Listen to a subliminal love affirmation recording very low in the background all night long.
  • Meditate tonight for 15 minutes and think strongly of love.
  • Listen to a pure love 639 Hz Solfeggio frequency for 10 minutes to cleanse your energy.
  • Get a powerful cleansing spell to instantly release old negative energy.





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