100 Powerful Money Affirmations to Manifest Wealth & Abundance Easily in 2024

In this article, you’ll get 100 most powerful money affirmations and money mantras that will help you get positive high vibes about money and attract money into your life.

How Money Affirmations Can Help You Change Your Life

Whatever you focus on, visualize, and believe in, you will create in your life.

Many of us heard negative things about money when we were growing up and ended up believing things like:

  • It’s bad to be rich
  • Don’t be greedy and want so much!
  • If I have, others can’t have
  • There’s not enough for all
  • Rich people are evil
  • Money is scary/stressful.
  • Money ruins relationships
  • Money makes people do crazy things
  • Money is such a trouble
  • Money isn’t important
  • It’s hard to make money

If you saw your parents worrying about money, fighting, or experience bad scary experiences as a kid to do with money and paying bills, your child’s mind may also have formed a belief that “money is DANGEROUS”.

As long as you hate money, fear money, or hate rich people… you won’t attract money!

Whatever you hate, you chase away.

Your subconscious is programmed to protect you from danger. If it thinks you’ll be in danger if you have money it will sabotage and prevent you from having money.

By changing your mindset about money, and accepting new positive associations and emotions about money, you’ll begin to attract the riches and lifestyle you desire.


How to use Money Affirmations in the RIGHT Way

If you just say “I am rich” when you’re poor, you’ll feel resistance and your subconscious will say “no, that’s not true, I’m poor”.

If you say “I am rich” and your subconscious thinks money is bad or dangerous, you’ll feel fear and your subconscious will say “no, that’s dangerous.”

So, the best way to rewire your mind in the correct way is to associate new positive desired experiences and emotions with money.

A good thing to do before your affirmations is to imagine a happy scene in which you are rich and happy, safe, calm, healthy, and loved. Then repeat the affirmations while thinking of that happy scene.

If at first, it’s hard for you to imagine yourself as a happy rich person, you can start by stating to yourself your freedom to choose and your new desired choice. This empowers you.
By realizing you HAVE the power to choose what you want to think and do and be, you’ll feel the courage and confidence to create it.

  1. I can think anything I want about money and I choose to think money is good.
  2. Having money is good.
  3. NOT having money is what causes stress, fears, and fights. HAVING money is good and safe.
  4. I can think anything I want about being rich and I CHOOSE to think that being rich is good.
  5. Being rich is safe
  6. Being rich doesn’t change people, it makes them more of what they are
  7. People can be rich and good
  8. I can be anything I choose to be. I choose to be rich.
  9. I can have any amount of money I want to have. I choose to have lot of money.
  10. I can feel any way I want about money. I choose to feel happy about money.
  11. I can be anything I want to be. I choose to be rich and kind, good, lovable.
  12. I can think anything I want about myself. I choose to think I deserve money.
  13. I deserve money.
  14. I deserve any amount of money that I want.
  15. I can be a good person and be rich
  16. I am rich and a good person
  17. I am rich and kind
  18. I am rich and healthy
  19. I am rich and people love me
  20. I am rich and loved
  21. I am rich and people admire me
  22. I am rich and honest
  23. I feel good having money
  24. I feel comfortable with big sums of money
  25. I love holding money. I love counting money. I love having money.
  26. I make a lot of money honestly
  27. I make a lot of money easily
  28. Making money is easy
  29. Making money is fun
  30. Having money is fun
  31. Money enables me to play in the world
  32. Money enables me to have pretty clothes
  33. Money enables me to eat in nice restaurants
  34. Money gives me a happy, safe life
  35. Money enables me to live in a happy, safe, beautiful home
  36. I love having money
  37. It feels good to have money
  38. It feels good to be rich
  39. Money loves me
  40. Money is important
  41. I am important
  42. I matter
  43. I deserve to be paid for my work
  44. My work matters
  45. My work is valuable
  46. I am valuable
  47. I choose to think I deserve to be paid well for what I do
  48. I deserve to be paid
  49. I choose to pay myself generously for all my work
  50. I choose to lovingly and easily pay myself every time
  51. I pay myself happily and easily
  52. I am paid generously for my good work
  53. People are happy to pay me for what I do
  54. Every day, more money comes into my life
  55. I have money and I am happy
  56. I have money and time for fun
  57. I have money and time for my family
  58. I do what I love and it brings me a lot of money
  59. I have a lot of money and I am happy
  60. I have more money than I ever need
  61. I have more money today and I will have more money tomorrow
  62. I will always have more money
  63. There is plenty of money for all
  64. I can have money and others can have money
  65. I can have money and they can have money
  66. All can have all the money that they want. There’s plenty for all.
  67. I can have money without it harming anyone else
  68. I can have money without it taking away from anyone else
  69. I can have money and a happy relationship
  70. Money enables me to have a happy, relaxed life
  71. Money is calm
  72. Money is happy
  73. Money gives me freedom
  74. I have a lot of money and my dream life
  75. I deserve all my good
  76. I am worthy of good
  77. I choose to think I am worthy of good
  78. I choose to give myself good things
  79. I am giving myself good things
  80. I feel happy giving myself good things
  81. I enjoy giving myself good things
  82. The Universe has massive good for me and I am accepting it all now.
  83. I am receiving my good now. I am receiving all my good now.
  84. I accept my good.
  85. I deserve my good.
  86. Every day, I receive all the good the Universe has for me
  87. The Universe has a massive supply of good for me. This supply never runs out.
  88. No matter how much good I accept from the Universe now, there will always be more for me tomorrow.
  89. I can always create as much good as I need.
  90. There is always more available.
  91. I am worthy of good
  92. I am worthy of fun
  93. I am worthy of beauty
  94. I am worthy of a good home always
  95. I am worthy of a good life always
  96. I am worthy and I always will be
  97. Regardless what others say, I am worthy
  98. Regardless what others say, I am worthy and I always was and I always will be.
  99.  What others say does NOT define me.
  100. What others say does NOT define my worth. Only I decide on my worth. I decide now that I AM worthy.


How to Use Wealth & Money Affirmations

Repeat to yourself affirmations every morning and every night. If you take frequent breaks to rest your eyes or stretch yourself, then repeat money affirmations for a few minutes during that break.

When you go to the toilet, repeat money affirmations.

The more often you repeat them, the faster you’ll change your mindset and vibration about money.

It took you years to form your negative money mindset, so if you want fast results, you need to repeat these affirmations as often as you can to positively “brainwash” yourself into this new belief.


Positive Money Affirmations Daily Rituals

Your daily affirmations ritual should include:

  • Positive self-image affirmations
  • Self-love affirmations
  • Affirmations about being Worthy and Deserving
  • Money affirmations
  • Wealth affirmations

The more you love yourself, the more good you’ll want to give yourself.

If you feel undeserving, you won’t give yourself money and happiness. You’ll give yourself hard work, misery, bad experiences, poverty, and bad relationships.

If you feel worthy, you’ll attract people who will treat you as worthy and also think you’re worthy. You’ll attract good job offers, good work relationships, and money.

Money is just a symptom of how you feel about YOURSELF inside.
Most people who are poor feel unworthy, stupid, worthless, useless, hate themselves, think they’re unlovable, and some also had abuse/sexual abuse in their past.

Therefore, you need to work on changing your self-image, love yourself, and also change your outlook on money.


How to Use Money Mantras for Fast Wealth Manifestation

Money mantras are simple, short phrases you repeat to yourself often to from new positive associations.
Mantras don’t include the words “I am” so they create less resistance.

Mantras should include the desired thing (like money) and a desired positive emotion (like fun).


  • Money, fun
  • Money, safe
  • More money all the time
  • Money, easy
  • Money, fast
  • Make money, easily
  • Make money, fun
  • Rich, happy
  • Rich, loved
  • Rich and good

Mantras help you keep the desired positive vision in your mind. They are especially good to repeat all day long, even while working, when you are stressed or facing financial problems.
Why? Because if you keep thinking of your money problems, of being poor, of maybe losing that home, of not being able to affrd XYZ, your enegy is of fear an lack and will attract more of that.
By repeating positive wealth mantras, you move your mind back to the desired GOOD vision of what you want and your energy then attracts that into your life.

What Money Affirmations to Choose?

Choose money affirmations that resonate with you. Everyone has their own specific experiences and beliefs about money. Not every affirmation is for everyone.


How to Create Your Own Personal Positive Money Affirmations that Really Work for You

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the center.

On the right side, write a list of all the negative beliefs you have about money.

On the left side, write the opposite good version of that belief. This will be your affirmations.

For example:

LEFT SIDE: If I have, others have to go without. I feel guilty to have.

RIGHT SIDE: I can have all I want and others can have all they want. It’s okay for me to have. There is plenty for all. All can have what they want.


The Secrets How to Manifest Money Fast

Imagine a scene that implies that you already have the money you want. What would you do IF you had that money NOW? What would you feel like? Would you go rush to pay the rent? Rush to the Gucci store to buy that nice handbag? Go on a vacation? Buy that shiny blue car?

Create a short mental “trailer” movie for yourself of different happy scenes that will be AFTER you’ve accomplished your goal/gotten X money.
Plan it out, write it down if you want.

Then imagine doing all those things. Like an actor rehearsing a role, go into all the little details, see yourself in every scene, and LIVE that part as if it were now and real.
Imagine the scenes, the environment, the people you’re with and the conversations you’ll have.

Imagien holding hte money, counting it. What does the money feel like? What does it sound like to count the bills? What does the money smell like? Where will you put the money? For instance, you might imagine taking it out of the ATM and then storing it in your handbag. Will it fit in your handbag? If it’s a lot of money, you might need to bring your backpack instead.
How will you arrange it in your handbag? Roll up the money, snap a rubbergand around it, and place it in one corner next to your makeup? Stack the bills one over another? Stick some in your jacket pocket?

Imagine how your loved ones will react. For instance, imagine talking to a good friend who would be happy to hear the good news that you made X amount of money in your business, got X job, or got X raise. Imagine what you’d say and what the friend would say. Hear the conversation clearly. Get emotionally worked up and feel that it IS real. Take part IN that scene instead of looking at it from the outside. Turn “then” into “now”.


For more info on how to chagne your mindset, read the Classic self-help books such as Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Bob Proctor, The Secret of the Ages etc.

Here is a great video with 8 hours of posititive, repetative Bob Proctor Money affirmations:


For a defintion of what are affirmations, visit Wikipedia.

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