how to make money online as a woman

Legit Ways How to Make Money from Home as a Woman in July 2024

The inflation is hurting everyone. Prices are sky-rocketing. Companies are firing. Everyone needs more money!

Here are 10 legit ways to make money as a woman. These methods are easy, require no skills, and no investment.


Make Money on Your Phone – How to Get $500 Every Week

Earn money by snapping simple everyday photos on your phone.

make money from your phone photos

Earn from snapping images like:

  • Images of your food
  • Images of your neighborhood
  • Images of your friends
  • Iamges of your pets
  • Images of McDonalds
  • Images of stores, chains, supermarkets like Walmart etc.



How it works:

  • Signup here.
  • Each week, you’ll get an easy, fun photo mission. Snap the simple photos as you’re instructed.
  • Upload them and earn!


NO skills needed! Even grandparents are making money doing this.

Millions of websites, companies, and brands are paying great money for images they need for their websites, articles, and social media posts.

Every week you’ll get a new fun photo mission. Simply take the pictures they tell you, upload them, and make money!

You can take pictures of your family, pets, friends, and of yourself.

The photo missions are really easy. Take a look at the results of past photo missions:

Grady got $300 from Reader’s Digest for texting!

Don’t we all text every day? If you can text, you can also snap pictures and make money.

Popsugar bought this image for $300!


OK! Magazine bought this photo of nails for $125!

online side jobs for extra income

Turn your Instagram photos into an income stream!

Even old photos could be making you money.

make money on my phone real earning app
make money on my phone real earning app








Go here to join and make money from your photos.



Make Money from what You Eat

Simple pasta, salad, pizza, veggies, burgers… all of these foods could be making you money!

how to make money at home for women

Millions of websites write about diets, health, healthy living, they share recipes, they advise readers what to eat and so on.

Guess what? They buy images of food for their articles!

ALL sorts of food pictures are making money and being bought each day. Take a look:

You can even make money from stuff you DON’T eat and DON’T even buy!

For instance, you can earn money just by walking around a shop and snapping images of shelves.

Buzzfeed paid $125 for this picture:

real ways to make money from home on the internet


Mirror magazine paid $125 for THIS photo!

See this simple photo of pasta? It’s selling for $125 to $500!

how to make money online for beginners

And look, the French magazine “Marianne” bought it for $500!

hwo to make money from phone no skills



Wow, think of all the money you could have been making from your food by now!

If you can take simple pictures like that of your food you can also sell them and earn easy quick money!

Go here to join and make money from your photos.



Turn Your Selfies into Cash

make money from phone photos teens women moms

Earn an extra $1,000 to $2,000 per month passive income!

Tens of thousands of women’s’ magazines and websites write articles each day about beauty, health, skincare products, lifestyle, dating.

They need images for their articles!

You’ll get paid $150 on average for each photo a website buys from you.

It’s easy. You don’t have to contact the websites to sell to them!

All you need to do is:


And no, it’s NOTHING to do with “adult” content. These are simple, clean photos! No nudity, no flirting, no nonsense.


Get Paid for Pictures of Your Pets – Make $1,000 Easily

You can sell many pictures to make hundreds of dollars per month!

It all adds up quickly.

Popsugar paid $300 for this cat photo!

make money from photos of your pets at home


How to Make Money as Mom?

Take pictures of your family! It’s the easiest side hustle for stay-at-home moms or busy working moms.

ScaryMommy website paid $500 for this ordinary family photo!

legit earn money app

Beth Chang is a mom who uploaded a few baby pictures and is consistently making hundreds per month from them!

“It is truly is a great source of passive income… Each month I make hundreds of dollars… a great little side hustle…
If you can carve out a few hours or days throughout the year to start uploading… you can just let them sit and start earning for you.” – Beth

You can earn an extra income as a mom by selling your baby photos, toddler photos, and family photos.


Get an Easy Online Side Job for Extra income

Do you have some basic computer skills? Can you type, post on social media, read, speak English, answer emails politely?

If so, you can work online as a freelancer or remote worker.

Here are easy home-based jobs for women that don’t require special skills:

  • Email support. Answer emails for a business/company.
  • Chat support. Answer messages from customers. You’ll usually get certain pre-made text from the company and just need to copy-paste it as a reply in most cases.
  • Phone support. Answer phone calls from customers and help them resolve their issues. (Warning , it’s unpleasant if  customers are angry and scream at you!)
  • Social media manager. Manage a company’s social media accounts. Delete bad comments. Answer angry customers. Post corporate updates and pictures.
  • Write articles for websites and blogs.
  • Got great English skills and a degree? You can work as a proofreader or editor and fix articles, books, reports. Fix spelling issues.

Where to find jobs:

  • if you want to offer simple gigs like “I’ll post twice a day to your Instagram for $300/mo”.

Easy Online Side Hustle Ideas for Moms

Sell crafts you make.

Bake and sell cakes locally.

Knit and sell clothes on Etsy.

Write children’s books and sell them (as a self-published author) on Amazon.

If you don’t know what a side hustle is, check this dictionary definition.


Start a Blog & Make Money Blogging

You can blog about any topic under the sun – from family life to finances, weddings, insurance, cats, travel and more.

Pros: Some bloggers make tens of thousands per month! There are mommy bloggers making a great income from home just by sharing tips on how to save money and where to get free diapers etc.

Cons: It’s not easy and fast to start earning. if you need money now, this month, or even this year, this is not for you.

Every blog takes a while to grow. You should only expect to see income in a year or 2 from when you start it.

Cons: You’ll need to pay someone to set up a blog for you. Every month, you have to pay hosting fees. Server fees. Domain name fees.
If there’s a bug, plugin update, or malware attack, your server and site could go down and you’ll need to hire an expensive IT person to fix it.

Cons: It takes a lot of time and effort to write every blog post! There will be many blog posts that won’t bring in a penny. Some will bring in a lot of money. But you’ll need to write a LOT to earn a decent, reliable income.


Write Paid Book Reviews

Don’t have high moral standards? You could get $5 to write a raving book review for an author who is launching a new book.

Cons: If Amazon finds out you’re writing fake reviews for money, you’ll lose your Amazon account. Ouch!


Be an Influencer and Get Paid to Endorse Brands

Do you have followers? You could get paid to promote brands on your social media.

The exciting fact: Influencers earn $100 – $10,000 per post depending on how few or how many followers they have!
Kylie Jenner got paid $1M for a single post on her Instagram promoting a brand!

The disheartening fact: There are over 100 million self-proclaimed influencers worldwide!
Each of them hoping to be hired and fighting over the jobs.
While there are always some big brands with deep pockets, there aren’t that many brands that can pay thousands for each post by an influencer.

Even the huge brands usually just h ire a few hundred influencers a year.

And the general trend is moving towards working with affiliates instead of influencers.

And of course, you’re going to have to RAVE about whatever product the brand pays you to promote.
If it’s a crappy product, it could backfire and your followers could end up hating you for lying and telling them to buy some junk.


Be an affiliate and make money from stuff you actually like and believe in

Grow a following on social media. Place an affiliate link in your bio promoting certain products you like and use. Get paid when people buy those products!

Get paid to text with men

Into doing adult gigs? You can be a chat operator and get paid to flirt and talk dirty with men. It’s not a pleasant job but it can bring in money.

Sell old things that you don’t need

Sell them on Ebay. Gently use clothes and shoes, gadgets, and furniture you don’t need.

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