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We’re excited to have found a way to get a HUGE discount on “Be More Chill” Broadway tickets! But first, what is this show about?

"Be More Chill" Broadway Tickets Discount
Save on “Be More Chill” on Broadway Tickets

“Be More Chill” is one of the most popular musicals in America according to the NY Times.

The show “Be More Chill” is an energetic, sci-fi musical which takes place in a high school, adapted from the young-adult novel written by Ned Vizzini.

Tickets for the current Off Broadway production sold out before the very first performance.

After becoming a viral sensation and one of the most beloved musicals of all times, the producers announced that the show will open on Broadway in March 2019, at the 900-seat Lyceum Theater.

The Wall Street Journal says, “It’s going to hit big — and deservedly so!”
Forbes calls “Be More Chill” a viral obsession. 

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Save on "Be More Chill" Tickets Discount
“Be More Chill” Tickets Discount

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What are the “Be More Chill” show dates?
“Be More Chill” show is going to play on Broadway until August 29th, 2019. You can buy our tickets now and go to watch the show whenever you want next year while it’s playing.

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 “Be More Chill” on Broadway Lyceum Theatre Address

Wondering where the Lyceum theatre is located? Here’s the Broadway Lyceum theatre address:
Lyceum Theatre
149 West 45th St
New York, NY, 10036, US

What is the “Be More Chill” Show About?

"Be More Chill" Broadway ticket discounts
“Be More Chill” Broadway ticket discounts

“Be More Chill” is a wildly engaging, hilarious, sci-fi story about Jeremy Heere, an outcast high school student who swallows an amazing mysterious pill to become popular. The pill is a mini computer chip that turns into a tiny voice in his head telling him what to wear and do and say to become popular. However, the pill comes with big, unexpected consequences…

Blending contemporary elements with retro sci-fi, this honest, heartfelt, wacky, and hilarious new musical ultimately proves there’s nothing better than to be yourself.

The show’s central characters are teens who are outcasts, geeks, feel like losers, don’t fit in, and dream of being more popular.

“Even though the story is pretty nuts and there is this crazy sci-fi element, it really is a celebration of misfits and geeks and people who feel like they don’t quite belong, and actual young people relate to the characters,” said Joe Iconis, the show’s songwriter.

The Broadway show “Be More Chill” is directed by Stephen Brackett, based on the book by Ned Vizzini.

Hundreds of thousands of “Be More Chill” images have been shared by fans.
On Instagram alone, over 300,000 images, memes, and fan artworks were posted with the #BeMoreChill hashtag.

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What Ages is “Be More Chill” for?

Anyone over 12 can enjoy this fun and humorous Broadway theatre show.

How Long is the “Be More Chill” Show?

The Broadway theatre show is 2hr and 30min long (incl. intermission).
The show “Be More Chill” has been running Off-Broadway since July 2018 and will run until August 29th, 2019.

“Be More Chill” Music, Songs & Cast Album

Joe Iconis, who has since been named “one of Broadway’s next great songwriters” by Billboard magazine, wrote the lyrics and pop-rock music score for the “Be More Chill” show.

The “Be More Chill” cast album become one of the most-streamed theatrical cast albums after being discovered and shared online by fans. The cast album has been streamed over 170 million times worldwide.

“Michael in the Bathroom” was the show’s breakout song which gained tens of thousands of shares online. The song is about a shy boy who shuts himself away in a bathroom during a party because he feels so misplaced.

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“Be More Chill” Fan art and images

You can find many interesting “Be More Chill” images and fan art images on Instagram. Here are some of our favorites.

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“Be More Chill” Updates

Follow “Be More Chill” on Twitter for updates and see official updates about the show.

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