best free romance audiobooks download
Best Free romance audiobooks Download

How to Get 800+ Bestselling FREE Romance Audio Books

Do you love listening to great romance audio books?
Good romance stories are touching, heart-warming, emotional, and exciting. They give one hope that true love does exist in the world after all.

However, there are many mediocre and badly written romance books and audio books. Buying romance books in audio is expensive, especially if you stop listening to some which you don’t like and buy other ones instead.

Buying romance books in audio at regular online and local shops doesn’t give you the option to return audiobooks you didn’t like. And because books in audio cost $30 to $50 each, it can easily start costing hundreds of dollars just trying out a few different romance books on tape or buying 10 audiobooks in a series you got addicted to.

Luckily, there is a legal way how to get tens of thousands of the best romance audio books for FREE.

How to Listen to Romance Books for Free

Diana Gabaldon Outlander audio book free
Diana Gabaldon Outlander audio books free

Here’s how to legally download famous, bestselling, and award-winning romance books from all your favorite authors free of cost.

Amazon Audible has a subscription plan called the “Romance Package”. They give a free trial for a month.

When you signup for the free trial month, you can download as many romance books on tape as you want for FREE!
They have a huge library of 42,000+ audio books which you can download. 

There are no limits on how many audiobooks you can download during your Audible free trial (or during a paid monthly membership).

You can download the romance books in audio to any device and listen to them online or offline.

Even if you decide to cancel your free Audible trial membership, you can keep all the romance audio books you downloaded forever for free! The trial is free and easy to cancel with a few clicks whenever you want.

That’s a pretty sweet deal which can save you hundreds of dollars. So join and download away!

Go here to get a FREE Audible Romance trial for 30 days and download UNLIMITED free romance audio books to any device!

Important! You’ll ONLY get unlimited free romance audiobooks if you use the above link to join Audible on that special hidden page.
Audible’s public signup page on their website only give you 1 free audio book (or 2 free ones if it’s during a special promotion). 

What Free Romance Audio books does Audible have?

Aint She a Peach Audiobook free
Aint She a Peach Audiobook free

Audible has the world’s biggest library of audio books from top famous authors and all the big publishing houses.
They have over 42,000 romance audio books to choose from!

You can find almost every popular book from all the famous bestselling and award-winning authors on Audible including Classics and Audible Originals.

Audible has tens of thousands of audio books in the following genres:

  • The best, funny and fun rom com books (romantic comedy audio books) and series.
  • Exciting paranormal romance audio books including stories with magic, vampires, and werewolves.
  • Lesbian/gay romance audio books.
  • Contemporary romance books on tape.
  • Historical romance audio books.
  • Steamy, hot, sexy romance books on audio which will make you sweat.
  • Clean, wholesome romance audiobooks.
  • Christian romance books, and other faith-based, and religious romance stories.
  • YA romance audio books (for teens and young adults).
  • Sci-fi and fantasy romance books in audio.

Here are some of the free bestselling romance audio books of 2019:

  • Ain’t She a Peach by Molly Harper audio book.
  • Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks audio book.
  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens book mp3.

Start Your Free Audible Trial!

bestselling free romance audio books 2019
Free Bestselling Romance audio books 2019

About the Audible Romance Package Trial

Is Audible legit? Sure it is! Audible is owned by Amazon.

Because they’re owned by Amazon, they have this cool WhisperSync technology which lets you easily switch between listening to a Kindle book you bought and switch back to reading it without losing the place you were. 

Is Audible Romance Package worth it?

How to Get 800+ Bestselling FREE Romance Audio Books
Save LOTS of money!

It sure is.

If we calculate the HUGE $$$ savings and their huge selection of free audio books, Audible Romance Package is a great money-saving deal.

If instead you’d buy one romance audio book at a time, you’d be paying $30 per book on average (even for digital audio books).

Buying romance audio book CDs or cassette recordings is also a bad deal because if you don’t like it, you can’t return it.
With Audible there’s no risk. Hated that audio book? Stop listening to it and listen to a different one instead for free.

Plus, you can listen to Audible audio books on any device. Listen to the story while on the go, on your way to work, or at home while doing housework.
You can also sync an Audible audio book with the matching Kindle book to go between reading and listening.

Join Audible!

Best Nicholas Sparks audiobooks free
Best Nicholas Sparks books in audio free

What are the Best Romance Audiobooks in 2019?

On Audible, there are many awesome romance audiobooks with thousands of 5-star ratings from readers/listeners as well as raving reviews from critics and magazines. After joining Audible, you can browse the audiobooks in their bestseller categories as well as customer favorites and audiobooks recommended by critics.

Go here for a list of 20 best romance audio books to listen to in 2019.

Free Classic Romance Audio Books

public domain audio books free
Public domain audio books free

Alternatively, if you like old classic books, you can listen for free on LibriVox to classic romance books from 80+ years ago read by volunteers.

They don’t have many free romance books (only 20) and their volunteers are unfortunately mostly pretty bad readers.

Some of the narrators slur, cough, or are hard to understand due to their accents or background noise, while others drone on in boring voices or fall asleep every few minutes while recording the books.

Plus because they are unprofessional readers, they often record the stories with bad recording gear which hisses or squeaks and often have disturbing background noise.

Get a Free Audible Trial!

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