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How to Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers Online in 2019

Do you enjoy watching movie trailers and need extra money? It’s easy to make some extra hundreds per month in 2019 just by watching videos and trailers online.

Film production companies spend a lot of money on advertising their new movie trailers. If people don’t like the movie trailer no one will come to see the movie. They will lose hundreds of millions of dollars and go out of business.

Because movie trailers are extremely important for the box office success of any film, it’s understandable that the studios first want to get feedback on their trailers from real users and are willing to pay for it.

get paid to watch movies paypal
Make money in [year] watching movie trailers and videos!

Ways to Make Money Watching Videos, Movies, and Trailers Online:

  • Make money watching movie previews and new trailers online.
  • Get paid to watch movies in theaters (great way to get free movie tickets!).
  • Want to be the first to see movies before they come out? Get paid to review movies and movie trailers. As a beta viewer, you can share your honest opinion and impact the final movie. Producers sometimes even cut out scenes that the beta viewers didn’t like.
  • You can earn money watching video ads online.
  • Get paid to watch commercials online.
  • Earn money by watching Youtube videos. The more views, the more important a video looks. Youtube channel owners know that views are super important so therefore they pay people to watch their videos.
  • Make money watching TV shows and reality shows.
  • Get paid to watch movies on Netflix. Yes, you heard right! You can get a free Netflix membership and get paid to watch Netflix movies and TV shows. If many people watch a certain TV show or movie, Netflix lists it as a ‘popular’ movie and then more people discover it and watch it. No wonder production companies are willing to pay people to watch their Netflix films.

Who Can Make Money Watching Movie Trailers?

Free kung fu panda 3 movie DVD
Emily is a paid movie reviewer

Anyone over 13 YO who speaks English can get paid to watch movie trailers and movie previews online.
On this page, you’ll find a list of the top 2019, legit sites where you can earn extra money from home watching videos and trailers. Most of these sites pay members by Paypal, bank transfer, or with gift cards.

Most of these sites only accept Americans, however, some sites accept signups from anyone worldwide.

Depending on how many videos and trailers you watch, you could earn an extra $200 to $500 per month!

How much can I make watching movie trailers & videos online?

Depending on which site you join, you could earn $3 to $70 for watching and reviewing a video on Youtube, a TV show, or a new movie.

Here are some example paid surveys:

how to become a movie critic paid
How to become a movie critic paid?

Top Sites to Make Money Watching Movie Trailers Online

Join ALL of these sites to make the most money and have the biggest variety of trailers and movies to choose from.

There are different offers on each site all the time depending on which film companies advertise their movies on which sites. 
By joining all of these sites, you can pick and choose the best paying movie trailer surveys and make the most money!

It’s easy and fast to join these sites. The signup usually takes only 3 minutes.

GoldOpinions – Best Paid Movie Reviews & Free Movies

GoldOpinions is the best place to earn the most money watching and reviewing movies, trailers, and commercials.
This site accepts signups from people worldwide. However, you must be at least 13 YO to join.

Erika Smith Paid Surveys Review
Erika Smith Review

On this site, you’ll earn up to $50 per survey you answer!
They have thousands of paid surveys you can answer about a variety of topics.

You can make money answering short surveys about new movie trailers, commercials, products from big brands, politics, fashion, food and restaurants, as well as fun polls about famous celebs, TV shows, and movies you watched.

Many members make $500 per month by watching free movies every day!
GoldOpinions has paid out over $8,000,000 to their members in the past years.

Steven Taylor Surveys for Money
Steven Taylor Review

Steven Taylor from Toronto, Canada earns $1,500/mo answering easy surveys for 3 hours per day.
He says: “Without a doubt the best paid surveys site online! I have made money from other survey sites but made double or triple with GoldOpinions for the same time and effort. The variety and number of daily paid surveys I get from them is unmatched. A must for anyone looking for extra cash or a full time income.”

At GoldOpinions you can watch movies online or get FREE movie tickets to watch movies in theaters. Sometimes you can even get 2 movie tickets to take a friend or loved one alone with you. How cool is that? 

How to watch movies for free onlineYou can also get a FREE Netflix subscription by participating in movie-related surveys!

The site also has many other fun opportunities to make money including reviewing restaurants (you get free meals at restaurants of your choice in return for an honest written review) and testing free products from over 100 top brands.

As a product tester, you get to keep the new products they send you for FREE and you also get paid to write an honest review about the product.

Join GoldOpinions!

Vindale Research – up to $75 per movie survey

Vindale Research Review
Kathleen, a Vindale Research member

Vindale is America’s largest and oldest paid survey site. 
They work with 1000’s of brands including Netflix, Disney, AMC, Warner, Starbucks, and more!

You can get paid up to $5-$75 to answer surveys about movies, popcorn, drinks, junk food, and everyday products you use.

You can answer these paid surveys on your phone or on desktop.

Vindale will give $2 just for signing up and completing your profile!

Vindale only accepts US residents age 18+. Go here to join Vindale:

Join from PC!

Product Testing USA – Get Free DVDs and Cinema Tickets!

Free AMC Movie Theater Tickets
Free AMC Movie Theater Tickets

While this site doesn’t pay you to review or watch movies & trailers, it’s a great place to get free DVD movies by mail and movie theater tickets. 

How do you get free movies? Production companies need movie reviews from real viewers to help promote their movies. In return for a free DVD movie or movie ticket you’ll need to write a written review about the movie (at least 500 words). 

Here is an example review from one of their members:

To learn more about ProductTestingUSA read this article.

Go here to join and get free movie tickets, DVDs, and free expensive products:

Join Now!

Swagbucks – Make Money Watching Videos & Movie Trailers

Swagbucks Paid Surveys review
Swagbucks Member Review

Swagbucks is a huge paid survey site with millions of members. 

Swagbucks members earned over $260 Million dollars so far. 
Swagbucks was featured on Huffington Post, ABC, Buzzfeed and more.

Swagbucks pays out 7,000 free gift cards per day!

On Swagbucks, you’ll make money by watching videos of all sorts including celebrity cooking tutorials, funny videos on Youtube, celebrity gossip and lifestyle videos, howto videos, health videos, travel videos, movie trailers, videos from news channels, and free TV show episodes. Some videos are 2 minutes long, some are over an hour long. 

For each video you watch you’ll earn 1 to 3 Swagbucks points (SB).
Swagbucks points can be redeemed as cash or gift cards.

You can earn up to $35 per survey you answer.
When you join you’ll get a free $5 signup bonus

Here are example Swagbucks videos you can get paid to watch. As you see, they have tons of different videos in every category.

Get paid to watch videos on youtube
Swagbucks – Get paid to watch videos on Youtube
Join Swagbucks!

Survey Junkie – Get Paid to Watch Videos

Make money watching movie trailers
Make money watching movie trailers

Survey Junkie is a huge, famous survey panel with millions of members. You’ll get rewards and cash when you share your opinion on videos and products.

They have all sorts of videos ranging from movie trailers to funny cat videos and instructional howto tutorials.

Join Survey Junkie!

Inbox Dollars – Get Paid to Watch Netflix Movies

InboxDollars Online Rewards Paid Surveys
InboxDollars Online Rewards Club

InboxDollars is a famous survey site which works with Netflix and many other top brands. They have millions of members.

You’ll get $5 free when you join!

As a member, you’ll get paid to watch Netflix movies and give your opinion, watch many other types of videos, read emails they send you, review free products, and play games online.

InboxDollars only accepts US residents, age 18+. Their members earned over $57 Million!

Join Now!

PandaResearch – Great Pay!

Earn money watching videos
Earn money watching videos

Get paid cash to review movies, videos, and take part in various types of surveys and offers.

Get paid up to $50 per survey/offer. Join and receive $3 signup bonus!

Join Panda Research!

Make $100 for Your First Survey!

legit paid surveys onlineJoin this free survey site to make up to $100 for the first survey you answer. They have many surveys about different topics. 
You can use the money you earn to buy all the movie DVDs and movie tickets you want.

You’ll get paid with free gift cards or via Paypal.

Join to Earn!

Get Rewarded for Answering a Netflix Survey

Free Netflix Trial VOD Streaming

Answer this short Netflix survey to get an awesome reward!

E-Poll – Paid Surveys about Movies, TV, Music, and Celebs

How to Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers Online in [year]

How to Get Paid to Watch Movie Trailers Online in [year]E-Poll accepts both teens and adults from the USA. If you have kids who love TV shows, celebs, or movies, send them over here to earn their own pocket money.

As an E-Poll member, you’ll not only get paid to share your opinion on movies you’ve already watched, but you’ll also get to see new movies and TV pilots before anyone else does!

You can also get to paid to rate new songs and answer polls about celebrities.

If you’re 13 to 25, go here to join:
Join E-Poll Teen!
If you’re over 25, sign up here:
Join E-Poll Adult!

TIP: How to Make $500/mo Watching Movie Trailers

Jason White, a formerly broke dad from Minnesota, discovered an amazing trick how to earn up to $500 per movie surveys he answered!

How to Make Money from Surveys
Checks Jason Receives from Paid Surveys

Go here to discover his secret:

Discover the Secret!

How to Make Money Watching Videos Online and Movie Trailers:

best paid movie surveysStill wondering how paid movie surveys work? Here’s how to make money as a movie reviewer:

  1. Signup at ALL of our recommended movie survey sites for the most money making opportunities. Some sites pay more than others for certain movie trailers. By joining all of them, you’ll also have the most movie trailers to choose from. If you don’t like one genre of movie trailers, you can watch trailers in a different genre on a different site.
  2. Watch movie trailers, ads, videos, and full-length free movies.
  3. Choose your desired payout method (Paypal or gift card). Get paid!

How Can I Earn Money by Watching Videos?

Signup to all of the above mentioned paid survey sites and start watching paid videos and movie trailers on those sites.

Before watching a movie trailer, you’ll see mentioned how much that trailer will pay you. After you watch it, the credit or points are applied to your account. You can redeem your points as cash to your Paypal account or as gift cards whenever you want.

Some movie trailers pay more than others because they are eager to get as many views as possible.
The more paid videos and trailers you watch, the more you’ll earn online.

What kind of movie trailers can I get paid to watch?

make money watching movies onlineAll sorts! Movie trailers in every genre. You can watch the movie trailers to make money from home alone or with your family. All you need is an internet connection. If you have kids and want to make the most money possible, you can login to your accounts on different devices and tell them to watch movie trailers of children’s movies to make money. 

You can make money watching the following trailers:

  • Superhero movie trailers.
  • Action/adventure movie trailers.
  • Movie trailers from top film companies.
  • Family/children’s movie trailers.
  • Horror movie trailers.
  • Westerns film trailers.
  • Drama movie previews.
  • War movie trailers.
  • Trailers of Christian movies and religious movies.
  • Trailers of drama TV shows.
  • Comedy movie trailers.

How to answer movie surveys about movies you didn’t watch?

TIP: Some survey sites don’t give you free movies, they just have paid surveys about current popular movies and TV shows.

If you want to answer these paid surveys but haven’t watched the movies or TV shows, go here to find out how to watch all the movies and TV shows you want for FREE.

How do you become a PAID movie critic?

How to become a paid movie critic
Paid movie critic jobs

Anyone can become a paid movie critic nowadays! You don’t need to have a degree, film school education, or have amazing English skills and know to write fancy reviews. Production companies want real feedback from real users on their movie trailers. All you need to do is join our list of top sites where you’ll get paid to watch and review movies, TV shows, and commercials.

However, if you want a career as a movie critic at a top magazine, you’ll need to speak really good English, have a fancy degree, and demonstrate that you can write really great, fancy movie reviews. Asides from that, you’ll need to spend time applying to movie critic jobs at magazines. Most of the time, those people who get these great paying movie critic jobs either have a following of people who like their style of movie reviews or friends at the magazine who help them get the job.

If you want to be a famous movie critic, the best way to get into this business is by starting a blog, a Youtube channel, a Facebook page etc. and sharing your movie reviews online to build up a following.

If you build up a big following and become an influencer, production companies will approach you to review their new movies and TV shows and might pay you something or give you free tickets. Some studios might even try to bribe you to write a good review by giving you gifts and money. Having your own blog and writing movie reviews is not a guaranteed way to make money from watching movies or trailers, however, it might get you recognition and an invite to work at a big magazine one day.

If your blog or channel becomes popular, you can monetize it with ads. If your movie review videos get millions of views, you could earn some extra thousands of dollars from Youtube ads.

How can I make money watching TV?

You can get paid to watch TV shows, TV trailers, and TV commercials by joining the sites we mentioned above. 

Can I get paid to watch ads online?

Sure you can! Anyone over 13 can get paid to watch ads and commercials online. Some sites only want US residents, while some sites like GoldOpinions accept people from any country.

How much can I make watching movie trailers online?

That depends on how much free time you have to watch trailers. The more you watch, the more you’ll make. On average, you’ll earn $4 per trailer you watch and more $$ for sharing what you liked or disliked about the trailer.

Most people who spend an hour a day watching trailers and reviewing them earn an extra $200 per month.


We hope this article helps you! If you know more places to make money watching videos, please share it in the comments.

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