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How to Make Easy Fast Money, Pay Less for Things You Need, and Get Tons of Free Stuff.

Do you need money to pay off your bills and debts, more money for all your family’s needs, or maybe you want to finally enjoy a stress-free life?

Even if you’re underprivileged, have a low income, and are drowning in credit card debts, student loan or other debilitating debts you can get all the money you need by following our guide and taking action right now.

On this page, you’ll discover:

  • Many easy ways to make fast money online! Various ways how to get FREE money.
    Discover how to make an EXTRA WAGE while you sleep and ways to make $100’s in your spare time by answering celebrity quizzes, playing trivia games, downloading apps, surfing the web, copy-pasting text, watching funny videos, and more!
  • How to get TONS of expensive, NEW products for FREE. Where to get free product samples. How to legally get FREE movies, music, TV shows, and games.
  • How to buy more for LESS money. Get everyday items (including products from top brands) for DIRT CHEAP!  Millions of products at wholesale prices – up to 95% OFF retail price! Where to get the best, HUGE savings, discounts, deals, and coupons.
  • How to get an extra $300 or more by cutting costs (without spending less, or pinching pennies).
  • How to pay much less for your insurance and utility bills.
  • Best places to get easy, secure personal loans and car loans. Get up to $35,000 within 48h even with bad credit or no credit!

Save this page as a PDF for future reference  (right-click and select ‘print’ and save it to your desktop).

Get Fast Cash with Secure Online Loans

Best Easy Fast Loans Online

If you urgently need fast cash, the easiest way to get money within 48h is to ask for a loan.

The economy is booming. Interest rates are at an all time low.
It’s now easier than ever to get fast, secure loans from $100 up to $35,000!
(And you can apply to multiple lenders if you need more money.)

For most loans, you can get approved even if you have a BAD Credit Score and only earn $1,000/mo.
(Some lenders don’t even do employment checks!)

Further down you’ll find the list of the top, trusted lenders including ones which accept any credit score.

TIP: Because every lender has different terms and fees, apply to ALL the top lenders so you can compare Terms and get the BEST deal!
You will be in the empowered position to pick and choose and haggle when many accept you.
Additionally, it may cost you less to get a few smaller loans than one large one.

What the savvy ones do is they compare loans to save lots of $$$ before choosing the best one.

How to get a loan online?

  1. Submit a fast, secure online application (it only takes a few minutes).
    Approvals are often real-time – sometimes within 1 minute!
    If you’re not approved by one lender, keep applying to all others anyway.
  2. Compare loans offers and terms. Once you find a loan you’re happy with, accept the terms.
  3. You’ll get your money deposited into your bank account within 1 business day! 😊

Know Your Credit Score

free credit score check
What’s your credit score?

Although some lenders accept all credit types (including bad credit), most will want to know your credit score. If you don’t know your credit score, go here to get a FREE Instant Credit Score.

Go here if you want to drastically improve your credit score (usually takes 60 days).

Here’s Where to Get Easy Secure Loans Online:

  • 24/7 Dollar Loan – Get up to $1,000 within minutes.
  • Go Bad Credit! – Get up to $15,000 easily even with bad credit.
    (NOT for residents of AR, CT, NY, VT, and WV.)
  • CashRequest PayDay Loans – Get $100 to $1,000 short-term loan. (Must be 18+, receive regular income, and have a bank account.)
  • FundsInYourBank Installment Loans – Get $100 to $5,000 short-term loan. 
  • No Problem Cash – Get up a personal loan up to $5,000.
  • VivaLoan – Get up to $15,000. All credit types accepted!
  • Next Payday Advance – Get a short-term Payday loan from $100 to $1,000.
  • RubrikLoan – Get up a cash loan up to $5,000. (NOT for residents of NY, AR, VT, WV.)
  • ExtraLend – Get up to $3,000. Most credit types accepted. Submit 1 quick online form and get matched with the best lender.
  • LoanSolo – Get $1,000 to $2,500 as a personal loan or Payday loan.
  • Check Into Cash – Request $1,000 up to $25,000 (in some states). Approval in 60 seconds!
    Check Into Cash is an industry-leading lender serving millions since 1993. They have a big variety of loans.
    (ONLY for residents of these states: AL, CA, DE, FL, IL, ID, IN, KS, LA, MS, MO, NV, OH, OK, OR, TN, TX, UT, WA, WI, and WY.)
  • LoanExchange – Get an unsecured (no collateral) personal loan from $2,600 up to $100,000
    Low monthly payments (as low as $80). 180 months term. APR as low as 13.33%. Best for OK to good credit scores.
  • Summer Day Loans – Get a fast loan up to $2,500. (NOT for residents of NY.)
  • Horizon Gold Card – Get a credit card with $500 credit line. ALL credit types accepted! 
    Approval almost guaranteed! NO credit & employment check.
    Easy terms. Fast online application.
  • Get Funds Quickly – Get up to $2,500 as a personal loan. Approval within minutes.
  • Fast $$ LoansGet $100 to $35,000. All credit types accepted (even BAD credit!). Get your money within 1 day.
  • 2500 Cash Lenders – Get a cash loan up to $2,500.
  • Every Cash – Get up to $1,000 cash loan within minutes! All credit types accepted.
  • 911 Cash Lenders – Get a short-term loan up to $2,500 in as fast as 90 seconds.
  • NorthStar LoansGet $2,500 to $15,000.
  • ZoomAdvances – Get up to $5,000. (NOT for residents of NY.)

Need a Car Loan or Auto Financing?

Car Loans Auto Financing
Best Car Loans

Here are the 3 best places to find great car loans with low APRs:

1. Web2Carz.
Get a car from $0 to $499 Down! Easy, Secure Loans for New & Used Cars.
ANY credit type accepted! (Even bad credit/previous bankruptcy).
Choose from 2.5 million vehicles.
Get approved FAST. 99% of people who apply get accepted in minutes.

2. CrediReady Auto Finance.
Easy, fast auto financing for all credit types.
New car rates as low as 4.99% APR.

Submit a quick, 2-minute application online and get matched with the best lender.
Get approved in seconds – 99% acceptance rates!

3. Standard Auto Financing.
Great car loans for all makes & models.
All credit types accepted (even bad credit)!
APRs as LOW as 2.99%. Fast approvals. You could drive your new car today.

How to Make Fast Money

Your Kid Can Make $100-$750/Day

Online Casting Babies and Kids Acting Jobs
Online Casting for Babies and Kids

Did you know your kids could be helping you pay bills and have a better life – while having fun?

Top brands and production companies nationwide are seeking all kinds of babies, kids, and teens for commercials, product demo videos, music videos, top TV shows, major films, fashion shoots, and more!

Your kid could get paid $100-$750 per DAY just to play with toys for a toy commercial or pose in clothes for a fashion catalog. 


Maybe your kid will even land a part in a TV series and become a famous child actor!
In fact, that’s what Selena Gomez’s mother did to propel Selena to fame and riches.

There are 1,000’s of new, fun jobs for kids EVERY DAY nationwide. (Even ugly kids make money!)

See Current Opportunities!

Discover the Secret Trick Richard used to Win the Lottery 7 Times

How to Win the Lottery

Richard Lustig has made a career out of winning the lottery.
He’s won a whopping 7 Lottery Game Grand Prizes, and numerous more prizes worth over a million dollars!

Richard was interviewed by USA Today, Good Morning America, Rachel Ray, Robin Roberts, MSNBC, FOX and CNN.

And he keeps winning more all the time – because he knows how to legally game the lotto system.

The best part is, he’s willing to share his secret to help 50 moms who are in need! Hurry, claim your spot before you miss out for life.

Discover How to Win the Lottery!

Discover how Ewen Chia made $3,052 in ONE weekend…

Ewen Chia family… just by copying and pasting some text… So easy it’s crazy!
Anyone can do this. Even if you dropped out of school.

Ewen wasn’t born rich. He spent years working very hard, trying to figure out a way to get out of the rat race and give his family a good life – without working hard like his father. 
“Eventually, I cracked the code to making as much money as I wanted from the internet.”
(Ewan is now a famous trainer, featured by all major news & media outlets.)

If you never want to worry about making money again, learn from Ewen how to make money online.

Copy Ewen & Make Money!

Use Your Rent Money to Own a Home (and Save $100,000’s)

Rent to Own
Rent to Own Your Dream Home

Did you know you could put your rent money towards owning your own dream home?

A rent-to-own deal can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and a huge headache!

It’s the safest way to get your own home, WITHOUT a costly and risky bank-backed home loan and down payments!

It’s also great if you have poor or an un-established credit rating score or can’t afford a down payment.

Learn More

How to Get FREE Money?

Here are several cool ways to get several extra hundred dollars for FREE today! 😀

Get Expensive Products FREE + $200 to Shop!

Free SmartWatch Free Dyson Vacuum

Did you know there are 100’s of mystery shopping jobs nationwide?
You’ll get paid $200 to shop at a brand store near you and give feedback on your experience.

You can also get expensive NEW products for FREE from brands in return for writing a review or making a video review (and then sell the products online to make easy $$$).

Here’s an example review:

Choose one of these current mystery shopper jobs:

Get Your Free Smartphone
from the Government!

Low Income? Get a FREE smartphone + FREE wifi + 850 FREE minutes from the Federal Government’s Lifeline benefit program!

No monthly bills, no contract, and no credit check!
(Only for residents of FL, NY, TX, IL, NC, GA, and TN.)

Free Smartphone

Turn Your Car into a 2nd Wage

Make Money from Your Car

Did you know your car can make money for you – without you needing to work as a driver?
Simply rent out your car whenever you’re not using it (even at night).
Earn a 2nd wage without work! 😀   Make money even while you’re asleep.

Pay up to 30% LESS for Your Utility Bills = Save $100’s!

Did you know there’s a cool, free app called Trim which helps you lower your bills, improve your credit, and track your spends?
Members saved over $1,000,000 last month alone!

(Trim was recommended by ABC, NBC, New York Times, VentureBeat, Fortune, TechCrunch and many more.)

Simply install Trim, securely connect your bank account, and let Trim do its work.

  • Trim negotiates your cable, internet, and phone bill rates (with any provider) – this can SAVE you up to 30% every month!
  • Easily find and cancel unwanted recurring subscriptions.😀 Stop losing your hard earned money on forgotten costs!
  • Budget better. Easily track all your spends and set spending limits and reminders.

Get Trim!

Pay up to 30% less for Your Health Insurance

Save on Health Insurance
Save on Health Insurance

If you have a job or recently had a job with a health insurance plan provided by your employer, COBRA can help you save up to 30% on your health insurance!

(Not for residents of NY, NJ, MA, MN, MD, VT, WA.)

Go here to get a free quote from top providers in your area:

Get a Free Quote!

Get PAID by Stores When a Price Drops or a Delivery is Late!

Paribus CashBack App
Paribus CashBack App

Isn’t it annoying if after purchasing a product you discover it costs less a while later?

Perhaps a day or a month later a product might cost $10 less than what you paid, meaning you LOST $10 of your hard-earned money for no good reason.

Most people are losing $100’s per year (without even realizing).

The GOOD news is…

There’s an amazing free app which will AUTOMATICALLY get back for you the money you (often unknowingly) lost from the 25 biggest online retailers!

How does it work? Simply install the Paribus app and you’ll get refunded whenever the price of a product you purchased drops (even if it drops a while later)!

Plus if you shop at Amazon or Walmart, you’ll get $$ if your delivery is late.

So far, this app refunded its users over $24 MILLION dollars! 😮 😮 


Get $$ When You Shop Online or Offline!

Top Cashback Sites AppsDo you want to get REAL $$ money back each time you shop online or offline? 
How about free shipping, free gift cards, and cash when your delivery is late or a product’s price drops (even a while later)?

After a lot of research, I discovered the best ways to get HUGE cash back and savings!

How does cashback work? 
Simply join these cashback sites for free, download an app or install a browser button. 
Shop at your fav stores as usual (online or offline) and get real $$ back automatically! 😀

POWER TIP: Because each site has exclusive savings and cashback offers from different brands, join ALL of them to SAVE the most money and get the BEST cash back wherever you shop! 😀

  • SavingStar – SAVE BIG on groceries and fresh produce at 100 top chains and 70,000+ stores. BIG coupons (many worth $5 or more) and automatic cash back.
    Recommended by TIME magazine, Mashable, Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Parents, the Boston Globe and more.
  • Pro Shopper – Get 10% cashback on online purchases you make at 1,000 stores & brands they work with, as well as FREE shipping, shipping rebates, and 10% off gift cards!
  • TopCashback guarantees the highest rate of cash back for online stores they work with! Earn money when you shop online at 1,000s of brands including eBay and Amazon.
  • eBates – SAVE lots of money and time by getting Automatic Coupons, Price Comparison, and Best CashBack whenever you visit 2,500 top online stores.

SAVE $1,000’s on Your Car Warranty – Same Protection for HALF Price!

Save money with cheaper car insuranceGo here to get your car warranty for HALF price and save $1,000’s! (FREE 15-second quote).
By going direct instead of through a reseller, you can get the SAME protection for much LESS money.

Get a FREE Quote!

Car repairs are super expensive. Some people end up in nasty debts just because the car broke down.

Save Thousands and Never pay for another car repair. If you’re smart about it.
If you can’t afford future car repairs, get an Extended Auto Warranty (and even Save up to 60% on it! ).

Get the Best Extended Auto Warranty

Can’t afford paying for an Extended Auto Warranty?

Example of costly car repair costs
Example car repair costs

OK, so let’s hope nothing ever breaks down.
Alas, most people’s cars do break down at some point and something expensive will need repairing and you’ll need to pay full price on that.

Often, way more than what really needs to be fixed will be billed to you.
80% of car mechanics scam people because they know most people aren’t savvy and haven’t a clue about car repair.

Good news! You can easily protect yourself and your wallet.
You can Save $1,000’s simply by AVOIDING being scammed by auto mechanics and LOSING $1,000’s on unnecessary car repairs. 
How? Ah, there’s an app for that 🙂 

There’s this new and amazing device & phone app (sold over 5 million in a year and has top reviews and ratings!) that will instantly tell you (in short and easy to understand lingo) what’s really wrong with your car,  what needs a fix now or soon, and how much it’s gonna cost.

Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

Avoid Getting Scammed on Car Repairs

Easily Overcome Debts & SAVE $1,000’s per Year!

Save Money
Save Money

Tally is an awesome FREE IOS app that helps you easily overcome credit card debts, avoid late fees, and save money. The app even helps people improve their credit score.

With Tally, you’ll NEVER pay late fees again! 😀
Tally consolidates your credit cards and manages your cards, debts, and payments for you.

On average, users SAVE around $5,300!!! 😮

(Currently ONLY for residents of CA, FL, TX, NY, IL, OH, MI, NJ, WA, WI, CO, MN, UT, AR.)

Get Tally!

How to Easily Earn an Extra $800/Week from Home?

Want to make extra money in your spare time? 
Get PAID to watch movie trailers and answer easy paid surveys.

Top Paying Surveys
Top Paying Surveys

Many moms make extra money (sometimes hundreds or even an entire monthly wage) just by answering surveys and polls.
Is it legit? Yes, it is. Because almost every brand wants feedback on their products from real users, they pay people to spend their time answering surveys!

You can earn easy, fun money by playing new games and apps, watching movies and trailers (before they’re released!), rating movies, testing and reviewing new products, surfing the web, reading emails, watching commercials, answering trivia quizzes about celebrities and music and more!

Jason, a formerly broke single dad, now earns $3,500 per month just answering surveys. 

BTW, you can make $30 bucks in 20 minutes by joining our list of paid survey sites. If you’re a new user, you’ll get a signup bonus from each (usually $5)! 😀

Here are the Top Paid Survey Sites:

Join ALL of these survey sites because then you can pick and choose the BEST paying surveys and make the MOST money. (Plus you’ll get multiple signup bonuses! 😀 )

  1. Vindale Research. Earn up to $75/survey! Take surveys on your phone or desktop. Get a $2 Signup bonus.
    Vindale is America’s #1 biggest paid survey panel. They work with 1,000’s of companies and top brands (including Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Samsung, NIKE, Starbucks etc.)
    NOTE: Signup on this page if you’re currently on mobile, or signup here if you’re on desktop.
  2. GoldOpinions. Top paying surveys from 1,00o’s of brands! Earn up to $50/survey.
    Watch new movies for free. Get free products from top brands. FREE meals at restaurants in return for your opinion!
    Their happy members have earned over $8,000,000 dollars!
  3. Swagbucks – Earn up to $35/survey! Get a $5 signup bonus.
    You’ll get paid to answer surveys, surf the web, play fun games and trivia games, shop online, find deals, try products for free, watch funny videos, rate movie trailers, and watch cooking shows (including Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay, Emeril, Gui Fieri and more!). Swagbucks gives out 7,000 free gift cards PER DAY to their members! Members have earned $297,148,994 to date.
  4. MyPoints. Take surveys on your PC or mobile phone. Earn up to $50 per survey! Plus get a bonus $5 when you take 5 surveys. Their members have been paid over $230,000,000 dollars!
    You’ll also get paid to read emails and visit websites, play games, and watch videos.
  5. CashCrate – Get paid cash to answer surveys, complete free & easy offers, search online, and play fun games.
    They also run contests with cash and exciting prizes. If you refer your friends you’ll earn money too!
  6. Survey Junkie. Join to earn cash and rewards for sharing your opinion. Their happy members all agree they give the best rewards. You’ll even get a small payment if you don’t qualify for a survey!
  7. Survey Voices has some of the highest-paying surveys. Some moms earn $350 to $800 per WEEK!
  8. PandaResearch. Get paid CASH to review products and services, read emails, and take surveys and offers. Earn up to $50 per survey/offer. Get a $3 signup bonus!
  9. E-Poll – Fun, Paid Surveys for Teens and Adults! At E-Poll you’ll get paid to answer fun surveys about TV shows, celebrities, music, athletes, and entertainment. Plus there’s a monthly sweep for members with a prize of $1,000 and 50 winners! If you have a teen kid (age 13+) they can also join to make money answering celeb quizzes.
    Join on this page if you’re age 13-25. Go here to join if you’re over 25.
  10. InboxDollarsGet a $5 signup bonus! InboxDollars is a survey/rewards site which works with many top brands. You’ll get paid to read emails, take surveys online, play online games, watch videos, and go shopping. A survey only pays around $0.50, yet still members have earned over $57 Million in rewards.
  11. PointClub – Many great paying surveys from brands. They were even seen on TV! Get a $5 signup bonus! 😀
  12. SurveyMonster – Paid surveys for moms.
  13. CashBack Research – Get paid up to $75/survey! Earn free, bonus cash reading paid emails. Get paid up to $150/hr participating in clinical studies.
  14. PineCone Research – Earn $3 per quick survey and get to evaluate products before they hit the shelves!
  15. American Consumer Opinion – One of America’s largest survey panels, since 1986. They have 100s of great paying surveys from top brands. ACO paid out over $30,000,000 dollars to their members!
  16. iSurvey World – Get paid up to $70 per survey! You’ll also get paid to review products. Get a $5 signup bonus.
  17. Your Surveys – Get matched with the best surveys. Anyone over 13 can join! (Send your teens here to earn their own pocket money.)
  18. Go2Crowd – Take various paid surveys on your phone or computer.
  19. PanelPlace tells you about new paid survey opportunities from many different 0nline survey companies.

How to Make BIG Bucks from Surveys?

Jason White, a formerly broke single dad, discovered a TRICK how to make HUGE money from surveys.
He went from making only $3 per survey to a whopping $500 for just ONE survey!!!

How to Make Money from Surveys
Checks Jason Receives from Paid Surveys

He spends the same amount of time answering surveys and now makes 100x more money!

Find BEST Make Money Surveys
How to Find the BEST Paying Surveys Online

Go here to learn his secret:

Discover the Secret!

Broke? Get More Products for FREE!

Free iRobot Roomba Vacuum
Free iRobot Roomba Vacuum

If you have a low income (or are unemployed) you can get lots of stuff for free from top brands and various online communities.

Many companies give away free products because they need real feedback from users and product reviews.
There are also some big survey sites which give free products and free gift cards in exchange for your opinion.

Here is a list of places where you can get FREE samples, and receive FREE brand-new products in return for writing a review, or answering a survey and completing offers.

Low Income? Get a FREE smartphone + FREE wifi + 850 FREE minutes from the Federal Government’s Lifeline benefit program!
No monthly bills, no contract, and no credit check! (Only for residents of FL, NY, TX, IL, NC, GA, and TN.)

Freebies and Free Product Samples:

get freebies free stuff

Free Baby Stuff:

Easy Ways to Quickly Make $1,000 (or more!)

How to Make Fast Money Online

Here are 30 great ways how to get FREE money and how to quickly make easy money (including work from home opportunities).

  • If you’re a woman who loves makeup, become an Avon rep and make easy money by telling your friends and family about new Avon makeup products you like.
  • Want to start your own home-based business?
    Here’s a great easy one: Join BluPrint (free all-access trial!) and learn new valuable skills from video courses by top experts.
    Create products (even simple pillows and shawls) and sell them online on eBay.
    Some moms became millionaires by selling bags, pillows, shawls, and jewelry on eBay!
  • Get paid to play and test video games. Is someone in your family a video game addict? Go here to find 1,000’s of game tester jobs from top companies.
    Get FREE video games AND get paid top money per hour to play them! 😀
  • This app will make money for you in the stock market from your spare change. This awesome app will automatically invest your spare change in a wide portfolio of top stocks. Your few little pennies will grow over time and might reap in surprisingly big rewards one day when stocks go up. (Many people became millionaires from investing a small amount of money in Apple stocks.)
  • Learn from the famous ClickBank Millionaires how regular folk like you can also make thousands upon thousands of dollars online. ClickBank has so far paid out over $100,000,000 to its members.
  • Can you click your mouse 12 times?
    If so, you could make a super easy, recurring income online by doing this stupid-simple “work” for a just a few minutes every day.
    Newbies are making $500/day by  just clicking their mouse! Find out how.
  • Check out this incredibly easy push-button software that makes $519/day, by exploiting a current $12.3 million dollar loophole! You simply can’t afford to miss this.
  • Join (for free) the Mom’s Business Network to get ideas and training on how to start a successful business from home.
  • Read the free Wealth Earning Guide to discover easy ways to make a passive income online.
  • Discover the shockingly simple method a single dad is using to make $250-$500 a DAY from home!

FREE Guide How to Make Money from Everyday Pics

How to Make Money Online
Sally sold this picture for $500!

How to Make Money from Everyday Family Pics?

Moms are making $1,000’s online selling plain, everyday pics of their kids and family for $50 to $500 EACH!

Discover how you too can make easy money online from the pics you snap on your phone.
Enter your email to download our free guide.

WIN Money by Entering FREE Sweepstakes & Cash Giveaways

Win Cash Free SweepstakeHow about winning free money and products? 
Just imagine how wonderful it would be to WIN a HUGE Jackpot and NEVER work again! 😀

Here is a list of the best, legit free-to-enter sweeps and giveaways with great prizes.
Enter all of them for the most chances to win!
(TIP: If you win one of the expensive new products, you can sell them online to make extra cash.)

Want to know the secret trick Richard used to WIN the lottery 7 times? 

Legally Watch Your Favorite TV Shows and Films for FREE!

Legally SWatch TV Movies Free
Legally Watch TV & Movies for Free

Want to legally watch 1,000’s of famous TV shows and movies for FREE?
You can watch all your favorite shows and films for free for several months by taking free trials on various sites online.

Check out this Special Antenna device that captures cable network signals so you can legally watch a ton of programs for FREE without paying monthly subscriptions to those channels. This is a super powerful small and portable antenna device with signals up to 30 miles radius! 

  • Join VideoStripe to legally watch all your favorite movies in HD online! Free 14-day trial. Unlimited streaming.
  • Join this website to legally watch all your favorite TV shows and films for FREE! Unlimited streaming. NO ads! New movies & TV shows added every day.
  • Join Vudu and watch for FREE (with ads) 5,000+ famous blockbusters, award-winning films & TV shows, indies, and classics. Unlimited streaming. No expiry date! 😀
  • Watch all the CBS shows for FREE for 1 week! Here are 2 places to get a free trial; CBS website, CBS trial through Amazon. (Join both to have 2 free trials!)
  • Watch HBO for free! Signup for a free trial and watch as many HBO TV shows as you want for 1 week on any device! 
    With a free trial you’ll have access to 10,000 episodes to stream on demand, Primetime, daytime + late-night hits, Live TV, exclusive original series, best comedy & drama shows.
  • Stream all your favorite Showtime TV shows for FREE! (You’ll need to first take a free Amazon Prime video trial for 1 month.)
  • Free fun stuff for kids! Get over 16,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, videos, educational apps, games. As well as parental controls to help create a unique experience for each child. Start your Amazon Freetime Unlimited trial.
  • Watch Unlimited Hit TV Shows & Movies FREE for 1 Month! (With a free Amazon Prime video trial.) Over 100 top TV channels, 1,000’s of award-winning, popular movies and TV shows.
    Watch on your TV, computer, tablet, or mobile device. Stream online or download for offline watching. With a free Amazon Prime trial, you can also watch STARZ Shows for Free!
  • Stream all your favorite Britbox TV shows FREE wherever and whenever you want! Free 1-week trial.
  • Are you Christian? Join PureFlix to get the best Christian movies and TV shows which your whole family can enjoy! FREE 1-month trial. Unlimited streaming.
    Best wholesome entertainment including movies for all ages, kids’ animated titles, documentaries, how-tos, hobbies, educational videos, and inspirational and devotional titles.
  • Get a free Hulu.com trial and watch a HUGE library of famous TV shows, films, and Hulu Originals. Already had a trial? WIN a FREE Hulu membership for 2 years!
  • Get a free Netflix.com trial for a month and watch their enormous library of TV shows, films, and Originals. Go here to WIN a FREE Netflix membership for 1 year, and go here to win a membership for 2 years!

FREE Books, Audio Books, and Music!

Free Music Stories Audio Books
Free Music, Stories, Audio Books for the entire Family!

Take these free trials to read unlimited kindle books and listen to unlimited music ad-free for an entire month!

  • Like listening to books read out loud? Get 2 FREE audiobooks with an Audible trial! They have great narrators (including famous actors) and 1,000’s of bestselling books in every genre (including educational books). Listen to a wonderful book while doing housework, traveling etc.
  • Binge listen to UNLIMITED bestselling romance audiobooks FREE for an entire month!
  • Read Unlimited Kindle Books for FREE! Start your free 1-month trial. (TIP: To read Kindle books on any device including your computer, mobile phone, tablet etc., download Amazon’s free Kindle cloud reader.)
  • Listen to Unlimited Music for FREE for an entire month without ads! Over 10,000,000 songs including current top hits. 😀
  • If you have kids, join Amazon Freetime (free 30-day trial) to get over 16,000 kids books, audiobooks, stories, and apps.
  • Here’s a place to get many free public domain audiobooks. The cons are, there are only public domain books (i.e. books from 80+ years ago), read by amateur readers, and the recordings often have disturbing background noise or are just bad quality recordings.

How to Cut Costs and Get an Extra $500+

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