Make Money with Lyft driver referral codes
Make Money with Lyft Driver referral codes

How to Make Money Online with Lyft Driver Referral Codes

Lyft is a famous rideshare car app which got $1 BILLION dollars venture capital funding from General Motors, as well as tens of millions from other investment firms. They’re aggressively fighting Uber and other rideshare services.

Because Lyft needs more Lyft drivers, they are offering a VERY generous amount of money to anyone who refers a new driver to them.

You’ll get paid up to $500 (in some areas up to $750) for EACH new driver who signs up to Lyft with your unique referral code!

If you want to earn an easy passive income online or make extra money from home, this is for you.

Lyft referral code bonus
Lyft referral code bonus

How do Lyft Driver Referral Promotions work?

Everyone who joins Lyft gets a unique driver referral code. You can customize it (use your name or numbers).
When someone uses your code to join Lyft, you get a HUGE amount of money!

Some smart people (both women and men) are making easy money from home simply by posting their Lyft driver referral codes online.

Lisa R. from Maine makes around $4,000 each month WITHOUT any driving or work involved just from referral codes she once posted online!

In order to get a Lyft driver referral code, you need to first join Lyft as a Lyft driver. Then you can refer others.

A word of warning: Lyft often changes how big their bonuses are. In the past year, they’ve been lowering their bonuses as more people know of them. If you want to get this incredible deal of up to $500 per driver you refer, you’d better join Lyft now before this promotion expires. 

This special time-limited promotion may END at any time. Join Lyft NOW to lock into this deal.

Lyft driver referral requirements:

  • You’ll need to drive for Lyft at least 2 hours per month in order to remain an activated driver. Only activated drivers can refer other drivers.

How to Promote Your Lyft Driver Referral Codes Online?

You can start by telling your friends, family, and people you know to join Lyft if they need extra money. Both women and men can drive for Lyft.
Some people are happy to work for Lyft part-time or even just pick up a passenger on their way to and from work each day to make some extra $$$.

You can also tell your friends to do the same thing you’re doing – refer others to make money.

Here’s how successful people make money from Lyft new driver referrals:

  • Tell your friends to share your referral code with anyone they know who needs money. You might suddenly get 10 people signing up and make a sweet $500 without much work.
  • Start a YouTube channel. Film yourself with your phone talking about why people should drive for Lyft and upload 3-10 videos. Tell the viewers to use your Lyft promo code during signup.
  • Join discussions about rideshare jobs in forums, Facebook groups, and on Reddit. Share your referral code and ask people to use it.
  • Make a Facebook page and share some info about driving for Lyft and post your referral code on your page.

Are Lyft New Driver Referrals Real or a Scam?

Does $500 for a referral sounds too good to be true?
You might have heard of other ‘referral’ scams over the years run by unknown companies who never paid out.
However, Lyft is different. They’re a real company you can trust.

Lyft is a huge company backed with over a billion dollars of venture capital. They’re funded by General Motors (GM is also their partner).
You can rest assured they’ll pay you for your referrals.

Think of it, for Lyft it’s cheaper to pay someone $500 for a new driver who signs up than run tons of expensive ads which cost them millions of dollars.
After all, you’re doing free marketing for them, and recommending them online which is great for their company.

Who Can Become a Lyft Driver? What are Lyft Driver Requirements?

Whether you want to join Lyft to refer others or to work as a driver, you need to meet the following Lyft driver requirements.

  • No criminal background record. No convictions for serious crimes within the past 7 years.
  • A clean driving record with no more than 3 incidents within the past 5 years.
  • A USA driver’s license for at least one year.
  • Be age 21+.

Both women and men can join Lyft. 

Lyft rideshare drivers can drive their own car (if it meets Lyft’s car requirements) or they can rent a car from Lyft. If they drive full-time they can get the car for FREE!

Lyft vehicle requirements:

  • 4 doors.
  • 5 seats and seat belts.
  • No major damages that make the car dangerous to drive in or which make it look too off-putting for passengers to want to drive in.
  • Pass a vehicle inspection.
  • You’ll need to have your name on the insurance policy.
  • Your car can’t be older than 10 years old.

How to Become a Lyft Driver?

Apply on this page online. You’ll need to enter your name and contacts, as well as information about your car (if you’re going to use your own car to drive for Lyft).
You’ll need to consent to a free background check which Lyft will run on you.

After submitting your application, you should hear back from Lyft within 2 weeks.

How Much Can you Make from Lyft New Driver Referrals?

When someone uses your Lyft driver referral code to be a new Lyft driver, you’ll get paid a HUGE bounty up to $750!

Here’s an example of what Lyft driver Leonid S. earns from Lyft.
He drove 10 hours that week and got numerous generous bonuses from Lyft including $250 for completing a ride challenge.
See that $750? That’s money he got for referring a single driver that week to Lyft! Imagine if he would have referred 10 new drivers or 100…

Leonid Lyft driver earnings and bonus
Leonid’s Lyft driver earnings

How to Get a Referral Code for Lyft Drivers?

After you’re an activated Lyft driver, you can log into your Lyft driver app and get your unique referral code.
You can customize the referral code with a certain word or number.

How Much Money do Lyft Drivers Make?

Lyft drivers make on average $18/h to $40/h depending on which cities they drive in, what hours of day or night they drive, how well they drive, and how much they drive.

Because tips are a huge part of a Lyft driver’s income, the drivers who are friendly and polite and drive well get higher tips and earn more money per hour.

Also those Lyft drivers who get good ratings get more jobs and make more money per hour. Some Lyft drivers make up to $56 per hour! 

Plus, Lyft drivers can often get an extra $500 to $800 per week in bonuses and by participating in Lyft ride challenges.
(When you complete a certain amount of rides that week, you’ll get a big cash bonus. The more rides you complete the more bonuses you get.)

Lyft Driver Pay and Bonus
Lyft Driver Pay and Ride Challenge Bonus

You can see more examples of Lyft driver income here.

Because of the lucrative Lyft drivers pay and bonuses, many people want to become a Lyft driver.

Thousands of people search Google every month on how to work for Lyft.

Some Lyft drivers are happy driving for Lyft as a way to make money while others make nice money without driving for Lyft by referring new drivers.

All About Lyft Driver Referral & Sign-On Codes Promos

Asides from a new driver sign-on bonus, Lyft has 12 different categories of bonuses for their activated rideshare drivers.

As a Lyft driver, you can get tens or even hundreds of bonuses. Some are small, worth $2, while others are BIG worth $500 or more!
You can get Lyft driver bonus cash per hour, per day, per week, as well as surprise bonuses.

Go here to read about all the awesome Lyft driver bonuses. Both new drivers and active drivers can get these bonuses on an ongoing basis.

How Do the Lyft Referral Promo Codes Work?

When someone joins Lyft either by using a special invite link like this one or a referral code, they get a special sign-up bonus.

WARNING: Few people realize that when they use a Lyft referral code they find online, if it’s an old inactive code, they won’t get ANY Lyft sign-up bonus!
Many codes posted online are expired and don’t work anymore. After you join Lyft, you can’t apply a different code or ask for a bonus.
When you join Lyft, you won’t be able to know if the code is old or not. It’s a big risk – and you only have one shot.

On the other hand, when you signup on a special invite page like this one where the Lyft sign-on bonus is clearly stated, you are guaranteed to get that bonus.
Therefore, when you join Lyft, it’s best to do so through a special invite page.

Most people don’t know this, so if they find your referral code online, they’ll probably use it and you’ll make money.

Should I Use a Lyft Driver Referral Code or a Referral Link to Join Lyft?

Think of it this way – would you prefer to drive blindfolded down a highway at night or drive with your eyes open?

Signing up to Lyft with a referral code is risky because you don’t know if the code is real or fake. If it’s fake, you won’t get a bonus later after your application was accepted.

Because the Lyft new driver bonuses are so big, many Lyft drivers will shamelessly lie to people and scam them into using their referral code by promising HUGE sign-on bonuses which don’t exist.

Joining Lyft as a driver through a referral link is safer because you’ll see on the invite page what the current Lyft bonus you’ll get is.

Are there different Lyft Referral Codes or Invite Links?

Everyone gets their own referral code or invite link, however, they are all worth the same.

When Lyft runs a special promotion, every Lyft referral code and invite link will give a new driver the same signup bonus.

The amount you can get as a Lyft sign-on bonus depends on the current promotions. Go here to see how much Lyft is currently giving new drivers.

Why Are there Different Lyft Sign-On Bonus Codes?

Lyft runs different new driver promotions which start and finish every few months. During their promotions, sometimes they offer $250 Lyft new driver sign-up bonus or even a $1,000 signup bonus.

(While this sounds amazing, regardless if it’s $250 or $1,000 the bonus is pretty much the same. After a driver gives a certain amount of rides, they’ll get a bonus. When Lyft offers a higher bonus, also the required number of rides is higher so in the end it’s the same.)

Because Lyft runs different promotions, sometimes website have old information about an old promotion with a high bonus which is no longer active.

About the Lyft 500 Bonus & Lyft $1,000 Bonus

During past promotions, Lyft offered a Lyft $500 bonus to new drivers and a $1,000 bonus in the form of an earnings guarantee.
Their promotions keep expiring and changing. It also depends on what city you live in.

You could get a Lyft $1,000 bonus earnings guarantee or a $2oo-$800 Lyft sign-on bonus (which you’ll get after completing a certain amount of rides in your first month driving for Lyft).

Go here to see what the current Lyft sign-on bonus is for drivers.

“Why Would People Use My Lyft Driver Promo Code?”

So you want to make money by posting your referral codes online but don’t know why anyone would use them?
Here’s why: Because if they use a referral code or an invite link, they’ll get a bonus when they join Lyft.

Do Lyft Driver Bonus Codes Expire?

Yes, they do. Lyft promotions start and stop without notice.  Go here to grab your bonus before it expires!

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