legit homebased data entry jobs online
How to find legit home-based data entry jobs online

Best Legit Data Entry Jobs ($15-$25/h) Online Home-Based Jobs 2020

Do you need a home-based data entry job?

If you recently lost your job or can’t go to work due to a lockdown, working online is the best option to make money.

People from all over the world are making money doing data entry jobs online (as well as many other types of easy home-based jobs).

Data entry jobs are some of the easiest jobs to do.
Almost anyone can do data entry.
All you need is great attention to detail and to type at a decent/fast speed.

However, there are only a few websites that have legit data entry jobs that pay well.

You can earn up to $25/h doing data entry from home!
But ONLY, if you know where to find these data entry jobs that pay well, how to apply to them, and how to keep your job.

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Some people get a remote data entry job fast and find it easy to work online, while others struggle in vain to get hired because of the common mistakes they commit.

In order to get a great home-based job and keep it, you need to know how to write a great bio and application letter, and how to do the work well so your employer is happy.

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Is Data Entry an Easy Job?

Yes, it is one fo the easiest online jobs. It doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity, location, or prior job experience.

What Skills Do You Need for Data Entry Jobs?

How can I do data entry jobs from home?

There are certain legit online job platforms where you can apply to data entry jobs.

If you get chosen by the employer, you’ll get paid to work doing data entry on your computer, from home.

All you need is an internet connection, a laptop or computer, and dedication to work the required hours that you’re being paid for.

What do You Do in a Data Entry Job?

You need to enter certain data from certain files.

For instance, you need to type out the text you see in scans of purchase receipts a local business gives you.
You type the text into a file (such as an Excel sheet or a Word Doc).

There are many forms of data entry. Some involve copying text from one website onto another, copying text from a survey into a file, or entering certain text into a form online.

Data entry is great as an entry level job for students, as well as an easy job for anyone without experience working online or special skills.

Is Online Data Entry Jobs Real?

Yes, you can make money doing data entry online from the comfort of your home. 

You can work as a data entry clerk from home even during pandemic lockdowns.

You can work for companies overseas, regardless of your location. This means, you can work doing data entry even if there are no data entry jobs in your area.

Are Home-Based Data Entry Jobs legit?

Yes, there are legit home-based data entry jobs. However, there are also scammers.

In order to make sure you DO get paid for the time you work, only work for employers through legit online job platforms.
These big online job platforms have an Earnings Guarantee to protect workers like you.
Even if an employer wants to scam you and not pay you after you worked for 10 hours doing data entry for him, the job platform will pay you for the time you worked!

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What is the Difference Between Copy Typing Jobs, Copy Paste Jobs, and Data Entry Jobs?

It’s all the same thing. Data entry jobs have many names. Some types of data entry jobs are called data mining jobs, data scraping jobs, or copy typing jobs, as well as copy paste jobs.

It depends on what type of work is involved but these jobs are all very similar.

Copy typing jobs mainly involve copying data from one website or file to another. 

Form completion jobs are similar to copy pasting jobs but involve copying data into an online form (such as a contact form).

What type of data entry jobs are there?

You can find data entry jobs from companies all over the world, including American companies big and small, brands, hospitals, medical companies, local businesses, law firms, online shops, and small companies.

How do I find data entry jobs near me?

It is much easier (and more cost-effective) to do data entry jobs online, but if you want to work in an office, visit the big job search sites (Monster, Glassdoor etc.) and search for data entry jobs near you.

How to find home-based data entry jobs online?

Enroll in the free video course mentioned above.
Then join the recommended, legit online job sites that have the most data entry jobs.
Apply to remote data entry jobs that match your desired income level and your skills.

Once you get hired, work the required hours and get paid.

What is data entry job description?

Different data entry jobs have different requirements. Always read the job description carefully before applying to see if it’s something for you or not. Never apply to jobs you can’t do, for instance, if you can’t type numbers fast, don’t apply to data entry jobs that require 10-key typing skills.

For a technical definition and history of data entry, visit Wikipedia.
For a scientific report on data processing, read this university research paper.

How Much Can I Earn on the Internet doing Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry jobs pay between $10 per hour to $25 per hour depending on the type of data entry job you do. Medical data entry jobs (i.e. typing info from medical prescriptions or medical reports) pay better than simpler data entry jobs from small companies.

How can I learn data entry job skills?

First, you’ll need to learn to type at a decent speed. If you don’t know how to type, get a typing course online.

Next, enroll in this free video course from Yoopidoo Academy to learn everything you need to get data entry jobs online.


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