How To Start Working from Home Online in 2020 (During LockDown)

In this free course from Milly, you’ll learn how to successfully work from home in 2020.

At age 16, as a high school dropout, Milly made $1,000/week working online for a Canadian company.

In her free course you’ll learn everything you need to also make money working online.

You’ll discover where to get legit online home-based jobs, how to write a great bio and application to get hired, how to quickly land your first online job, as well as a list of easy online jobs that pay $20-$35/h and that almost anyone can do.


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This course is for you if:

  • You need a part-time or full-time work from home job that pays well and is easy.
  • You want to make $15-$30/h and don’t have special skills or experience.
  • You’ve never worked online before and don’t know where and how to start.
  • You need a job urgently. Even a short-term job that will pay your bills.
  • You need to get a job fast (within a week or less).
  • You want to make extra money working online in addition to a job you currently have.


how to find legit work from home jobs


This free course has 22 lessons.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free course about working from home:

work at home online jobs

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How Can I Work from Home Successfully?

In order to quickly get a great-paying remote job online, you need to:

  1. Write a great bio and profile.
  2. Understand how to correctly apply to remote-work jobs online so you’ll get hired.
  3. Filter the online job results in the right way to find the best paying, relevant jobs you can do.
  4. Correctly apply to legit online jobs and avoid being scammed by fake sites.
  5. Write your application letter in the right way so you get hired.
  6. Do the job really well to keep your job or to get other better-paying jobs.
  7. Avoid common mistakes that remote workers often do (doing this mistake will ruin your career and job opportunities).

You’ll learn all of this and more in the free course from Yoopidoo Academy.


What Kind of Work Can I Do from Home to Make Money?

  1. Moderator. You can moderate groups, forums, websites. Moderate comments on social media accounts for clients. Remove negative comments, bad reviews, and complaints. Answer customer comments and complaints. Chat with members of a forum. Anyone can do this, all you need is to have decent English writing skills, be a friendly person, and not anger the customers by insulting them.
  2. Customer support. You can answer customer emails and chat messages. You can also provide phone support from home.
  3. Transcription. You can get paid to listen to audio files (such as phone calls, webinars, videos) and write down what you hear. That’s called transcription. You need to have fast typing skills and to have good attention to detail to work as a Transcriptionist.
  4. Data entry. You’ll make $15-$25/h typing data you see in images such as scanned documents or entering data you find online into a spreadsheet.
  5. Online Research. You can earn extra money from home by conducting online research on Google for clients. There are many types of research jobs. For instance, a client might want you to find out the health benefits of a certain herb because they sell those herbs in their online shop. Or they might want you to find and share recipes on their blog. Or to collect info for a book or article they’re writing. Or to find the emails of people working at a companies they want to approach.
  6. Blogger. You can get paid to write blog posts on websites for clients (online shops, blogs, companies, and brands). You can write about all sorts fo things from food, recipes, fitness, beauty, to finance and technology. Blogging work from home jobs pay around $25-$40/h.
  7. And there are many many more remote online jobs that pay really well. You can find out more about the best types of easy, home based jobs in the free course from Milly at Yoopidoo Academy.
Learn How to Get Started Working from Home

How Can I Remotely Work from Home during the Lockdown?

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, basic computer skills, and the ability to read and write. For people without any skills, there are online jobs from home that pay $15/h for simple tasks like data entry (copy paste data from one file to another or type data that you see in a scanned receipt).

If you have more skills such as fast typing skills, Excel skills, if you can write blog posts, if you can post on social media, know how to post on Instagram, or if you’re a native English speaker – all the better, you’ll earn more money working online.

It’s easy. Anyone can work online, and in fact, people all around the world are making money working from home for years. 
From nurses in the Philippines who are working online as virtual assistants to developers in India and writers in America.

Even people with poor English skills are making money working online.

You don’t need to be a coder, have perfect English skills, or have some special talents no one else does to make a living working online.

The more skills you have, the better your English is, and the smarter you are, the more money you’ll make.

For instance, you can make $50/h supervising other remote workers as a team leader.


Can You Really Work from Home?

Sure you can. People have been working at stay-at-home jobs for years. 
And now with the lockdowns, more and more companies are hiring remote work employees.

There are startups and companies all over the world that need to hire capable employees but don’t always have people in their city that match their requirements. 

Hiring remote workers is cheaper for the employer since they don’t need office space.


Who Can Work Online from Home?

Anyone 18+ with a bank account or means to receive payments (like a Payoneer account).

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you worked at before, if you’re unemployed, or where you live.


Where Can I Find Work from Home Jobs?

The most popular online job platforms are Upwork, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour.

You have to be careful of scammers. There are many fake sites that collect your information and don’t actually have any jobs listed on them. They make money by selling your information to spammers or companies who will market to you endlessly.

Watch the free video course mentioned above to learn how to correctly apply to online jobs and get hired.

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