find legit work from home jobs online
Legit work from home jobs online

How to Get a Job Fast in 2020 – Find Legit Home-Based Jobs Online

With so many companies firing people, it can be challenging to find a job in your area.

How Do I Get a Job in 2020 during Lockdown?

The best way to get a job this year in 2020 is to apply to home-based jobs online.

Milly from Yoopidoo Academy created a great video course on how to find legit online jobs, how to write a great bio, how to apply to online jobs, and how to greatly increase your chances of being hired.

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how to find legit work from home jobs


What is the Easiest Place to Get a Job?

The easiest way to get a job fast (within a day or a week) is to apply to legit work-from-home jobs online.

There are over 90,000 legit work from home jobs currently available!

These jobs are posted by employers big and small, from large companies to small online shops.

They are hiring people around the world. 

You can work from home, meaning it doesn’t matter where you are based.
Even if there are no jobs around in your city, you can get a job quickly online working for a client anywhere in the world.


How to Quickly Get a Job in My City (July 2020)?

Search for jobs in your area online on these big US job search sites: WantaNewCareer, TargetedCareer, GetaJobToday.

How to Find a Job Near Me Fast in 2020?

Visit the top job search sites. Apply to all the relevant jobs you see near you.

TIP: Make sure you have a great CV and a nice application letter before applying to jobs.


What are the Best Work from Home Jobs?

That depends on how much you want to earn per hour. There are all sorts of work from home jobs that pay well and there are easy home-based jobs that almost anyone can do even without special skills.

You can earn $15/h to $50/h depending on your skills and what type of jobs you can do.

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What Home-Based Jobs Pay $20-$25 an Hour?

There are many online jobs that pay $20 per hour (or more!). 

You could work from home and make $20-$30/h doing the following jobs:

  1. Virtual assistant. Sort emails for your employer. Delete spam and marketing emails. Forward important emails to the employer.
  2. Customer care.
  3. Virtual Online shop assistant. Answer customer support requests. List products for sale on an online shop. Moderate comments. Reply to bad reviews or complaints. Download sales reports.
  4. Outreach. Copy-paste data your employer gives you and fill in website contact forms. Submit the contact forms. This is called marketing outreach.  Many businesses do this to reach 
  5. Data entry and data research. Type words and numbers that you see in scanned receipts and scanned documents. Enter the data accurately into a spreadsheet.

And many many more!

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how to find legit work from home jobs


How to Make Money Working from Home?

These are the skills you’ll need to earn $20/h or $25/h:

  1. Good English communication skills.
  2. The ability to read and write in English without spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  3. Good comprehension skills. Be able to understand instructions given to you by your employer.
  4. Attention to detail. Read instructions carefully and follow the instructions. Enter data correctly. 
  5. The ability to learn new tasks from written tutorials or video tutorials your employer gives you. Some jobs will require you to learn new skills.

How to Apply to Work from Home Jobs During LockDown in 2020?

First, you signup online at a work-from-home job platform. Then you create a nice profile with a profile image and a bio.

If you write a great bio, you have higher chances to get hired fast.

After creating a nice profile, browse the online job listings.
Apply to work at home jobs that interest you, that pay well, and that you know you can do.

There are tons of home-based jobs you can find. Depending on your skills, you can earn $15-$50 per hour working from home.


How to write a great bio and job application to get hired?

Milly from Yoopidoo Academy teaches how to write a great bio even if you don’t have any experience or credentials.
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Get a Home-Based Job!

Where can I find Work From Home Jobs?

There are 3 main platforms where you can find legit work from home jobs from around the world.
In the free course from Yoopidoo Academy, you’ll discover where to find legit online jobs and how to identify scammers.


Do I Need Special Skills to Get a Home-Based Job in 2020?

There are many types of work at home jobs you can apply to even without special skills.

You could get a home-based job pretty fast.

Even this girl made $1,000/week at age 16 working online as a freelancer!


Go here for more tutorials on how to work from home.

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