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Drive for Lyft in Las Vegas rideshare jobs
How to drive for Lyft in Las Vegas Nevada rideshare jobs

Driving for Lyft in Las Vegas Reviews & Complaints 2019

Wondering if you should become a Lyft driver in Las Vegas, Nevada? How much do Lyft drivers make in Las Vegas?
Read this article to learn everything you need about driving for Lyft in Las Vegas including honest Last Vegas Lyft driver reviews and how to get FREE money when you join Lyft.

Rideshare car services is a huge industry. Lyft drivers earned over $700,000,000 last year!
Tens of millions of passengers use Lyft ridesharing app to get to work each day, go shopping, and drive around town when their car is in repair or if they can’t afford a car. In fact, 

Las Vegas Lyft Driver Reviews

What is it like to work for Lyft in Las Vegas? Read these reviews to find out!

Dan Albertson did 800 Uber rides before switching to Lyft and now makes much better money. 
Dan also only pays Lyft a 5% commission instead of their regular 20% commission when he does 60 rides per week. 

This is great because it means you’ll earn more money! Instead of paying Lyft a $400 commission when you earn $2,000/week, you only pay them $100 and get to keep $1,900!

Lyft driver review by Dan Albertson
Lyft driver review by Dan Albertson

Below is another Lyft driver’s review from Reddit.
‘MuckBulligan’ makes on average $1,100 per week driving 36 hours per week for both Lyft and Uber. You may wonder why he says he worked 46.5 hours and only drove for 36 hours. He’s probably counting his ‘downtime’ meaning time he was waiting for jobs to come in.
This Lyft driver also got $109 in tips in the Lyft driver app as well as another $30 tips in cash from passengers.

Lyft and Uber driver earnings 1k per week

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Arturo Bryja lyft driver income
Arturo Bryja Lyft driver income example

Las Vegas Lyft Driver FAQ

Find out all about how to drive for Lyft in Las Vegas and make the most money possible. 

How old do you have to be to drive for Lyft in Las Vegas?

Lyft driver requirements state you need to be at least 21 years old. Even if you got a driving license when you were 16, you can only drive for Lyft in Las Vegas when you’re twenty one years old. 

If you’re under 21 and need a job, consider driving for DoorDash instead. 
DoorDash accepts drivers who are 18+.

What are the Las Vegas Lyft driver requirements?

Drivers need to have a valid US driving license (foreign licenses are not accepted) for at least 1 year. If you’ve only had a license for 6 months, you’re out of luck.

Driving for Lyft and taking Lyft rides in Las Vegas is safe because Lyft carefully screens all their drivers and knows who their passengers are. Unlike Uber, Lyft hasn’t had any lawsuits or cases of dangerous drivers attacking their passengers.

Las Vegas Lyft drivers must have a clean driving record with no more than 3 incidents in the past 5 years as well as a clean criminal record without any convictions for major felonies within the past 7 years or more.

If you spent time in jail for rape, murder, arson, theft etc. Lyft won’t approve your application.

Las Vegas Lyft driver income

Here are some examples of Las Vegas Nevada Lyft driver earnings. Click on each image to enlarge it.

What is the Lyft driver pay in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Lyft drivers in Las Vegas earn differently depending on which areas they drive in and what hours they work.

Las Vegas rideshare drivers who work during morning and evening rush hours, on weekends, or late at night earn the most.

A large 2018 survey conducted on Nevada ride-share drivers, discovered Las Vegas Lyft drivers earn $30/hour on average.

Lyft Driver income review
Lyft Driver income review – Joseph earns $40/h driving for Lyft!

What does an average Lyft driver pay mean?
Average pay means that some Lyft drivers earn $18/h while others earn $40/h.

During very busy rush hours, Friday nights, weekends, or holidays, some Las Vegas drivers earn $50/h or even $100/h!
See these Lyft driver income screenshots some drivers shared on Reddit:

Lyft Driver income $100/h
Lyft Driver income $100/h
Lyft driver pay $50/hour
Lyft driver pay $50/hour
Arturo Bryja
Arturo Bryja Lyft Driver Review
Arturo Bryja is a Las Vegas Lyft driver who earns $1,400-$2,000/week. Arturo drives around 50h per week for Lyft. He prefers to work in suburbs and busy shopping streets because he has very little downtime, constantly lots of rides, and says the local residents are friendlier people than snobby rich tourists.


Lyft and Uber driver earnings 1k per week
Lyft & Uber driver earnings
Jay Cradeur Lyft Driver Earnings
Jay Cradeur

Jay Cradeur is a full-time Lyft driver and graduate of UC Berkley.
“I have earned an average of $2,300 per week, which included approximately $100 in weekly tips, $100 in weekly Prime Time earnings, and $500 in weekly bonuses.” he said.

One Las Vegas Lyft driver, Tobias Johnson, said he usually earns around $21/h because he only drives in the afternoons before his second part-time evening job when there aren’t many ride requests.
Other drivers reported earning up to $40/h when they drove on evenings or weekends.

Female Lyft driver Elena Marcus makes $38/h during rush hours.

Lyft driver Joseph Atkins earns $40/h because he accepts every ride Lyft offers him.

Some Las Vegas Nevada Lyft drivers earn $800/week just driving on Friday nights and on weekends.

Why is there such a difference in Lyft Las Vegas driver income averages? 

These are the 5 main factors which impact a Las Vegas Lyft driver’s income:

  • Lyft driver reviews. If you get good reviews, you’ll get more jobs and make more money each hour. Passengers don’t want to drive with a driver who has terrible reviews.
  • Areas you choose to work in. Many Lyft drivers sit at home, watch TV or play a game and wait around for jobs – which hardly ever come in because where they live there are hardly any people who need a Lyft ride. If you work in busy areas, you’ll be busy and make a nice hourly income compared to sitting at home and earning $0-$10/h (and lowering the average Lyft driver income statistics).
  • Times of day you work. If you work for Lyft in Las Vegas during rush hours (when people go to work or return from work) you’ll have plenty of work and earn multiple Lyft bonuses for working during these busy hours. You could earn up to 8x more per minute AND get extra cash bonuses at the end of the week from Lyft!

Tips for Las Vegas Lyft Drivers How to Earn more Money:

Because some Lyft drivers are friendly and get great reviews from passengers, they get more jobs, get better bonuses from Lyft (which means more free cash each week), and earn more every hour because they’re busy.

It’s easy to get good Lyft driver reviews if you’re polite and friendly to passengers. Avoid trying to hit on pretty female passengers. And don’t threaten passengers to leave them a bad review if they don’t give you a cash tip.

Most Lyft drivers have a great experience working for Lyft and say that the passengers are friendly and polite.

Here are tips from Lyft drivers in Las Vegas how to earn the most driving for Lyft in Las Vegas:

  • Work in busy areas like shopping streets.
    This way you’ll get plenty of jobs from the Las Vegas residents and not only rely on tourists.
  • Park close to hotels so you can be the first to snag a ride request that comes in from a tourist at a hotel.
  • Work at the airport. Some Lyft drivers make $60/h driving people to and from the airport because the airport runs are short and quick while other Lyft drivers don’t like working at the airport. Arturo Bryja says that when he tried working at the airport, he often had to sit parked without any work for an hour or more in line waiting for a job.
    While Lyft driver Jake S. says only does airport runs, constantly has work, and makes $50-$60/h.
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How to Work for Lyft in Las Vegas without a Car?

If your car doesn’t meet the Lyft Las Vegas car requirements or you don’t have a car, you can either rent a car from Lyft Express drive car lease program or get a car the standard way with auto financing.

Go here to read more about Lyft’s Express drive rental program.

Go here for a list of the best car loan providers for rideshare drivers.
You can get your own car for $0 down and a low APR even if you have bad credit score or previous bankruptcy! 

Got more questions about driving for Lyft in Las Vegas? Check out these common Lyft driver questions and answers below.

How do Las Vegas Lyft Drivers get paid?

Lyft drivers get paid per mile and per minute that they drive.
You can wait for Lyft to automatically pay you each week on Tuesdays to your bank account, or request your money whenever you want using Lyft Express Pay.

“How Many Hours do I Have to Work for Lyft per Week?”

You can work for Lyft as a driver as much or as little as you want. It’s up to you.
Lyft sets no minimum required hours for their drivers. 
However, if for months you don’t work for Lyft at all, you risk being deactivated. 

You can work for Lyft in Las Vegas even if you have another part-time or full-time job.

Some Las Vegas moms drive for Lyft a few hours per week to make extra money to pay for bills and rent.

Erin K. lives outside Las Vegas and needs to drive 1h to work every morning so along the way she picks up a Lyft passenger. This way she makes money on her way to work and has someone to chat with.

What is the Lyft New Driver Bonus in Las Vegas?

Lyft gives new drivers in Las Vegas a money bonus. For new drivers it’s like free extra money! 😊
You’ll get paid extra money for every ride you give during your first month working for Lyft.

Unlike the Uber new driver bonus which you’ll lose if you don’t reach that month’s quota, with Lyft you get a bonus as you complete every ride.  Which means, even if you didn’t manage to give those 50 required rides that month, you’ll still get a bonus on each ride you did give.

How much is the Lyft driver signup bonus?
The Lyft driver signup bonus varies depending on their promotions.

In Las Vegas, the Lyft driver signup bonus can be anything from $300 to $1,000 depending on Lyft’s current new driver promotions.
And as you give more rides, you’ll get more bonuses!

What is the Las Vegas Lyft $1,000 bonus earnings guarantee?

Depending on current Lyft promotions you could get an hourly or week earnings guarantee. Lyft currently has a $1,000 bonus earnings guarantee.
Previously, Lyft gave a $500 per week earnings guarantee if you fulfill 50 rides. If you gave 50 rides and didn’t earn $500 that week, Lyft will give you a cash bonus to help you reach that $500 mark.

In short, if you become a Lyft driver and get a $500/week earnings guarantee, your income is guaranteed to be $2,000+ per month if you work the required amount of hours or give the required amount of rides.

How do Lyft Payments work in Las Vegas?

Passengers pay with their credit card through the Lyft app and earnings are instantly assigned to you.

How do Lyft Drivers get Paid in Las Vegas?

You can use Lyft Express pay to withdraw your money to your bank account whenever you want.
Alternatively, you can wait for Lyft’s automatic weekly payouts.

Lyft pays their rideshare drivers automatically every week to their bank accounts. It can take a few hours to a few days to see the money in your bank account.

If you need your money sooner, you can request it whenever you want by using Lyft Express Pay.

Do Las Vegas Lyft Drivers get a Salary?

Nope, Lyft does not give their Lyft drivers a salary or base wage in Las Vegas (or elsewhere).

However, they do give an earnings guarantee which could be $500/week or $35/h (or more depending on their current promotion).
This means if you didn’t earn $500/week driving for Lyft in Las Vegas each week, they’ll give you cash bonuses to make you earn the guaranteed weekly income.

Depending on Lyft’s current promotions, the earnings guarantee requirements could be a set amount of hours or a set amount of rides. The required amount of rides you need to give each week varies but is usually between 50 and 70 (Lyft shared rides are each counted as a separate ride and even very short rides are counted).

Here’s an example of what Lyft driver Jay Cradeur earns each week working for Lyft as a rideshare driver:


Jay Cradeur lyft driver income earnings example
Jay Cradeur Driving for Lyft income

What is the Lyft driver application process for Las Vegas drivers?

You’ll need to fill out an online application form and consent to a free background check.
Lyft does a criminal background check and DMV check.
Lyft checks for major criminal convictions within the last 7 years.

What are the Lyft vehicle requirements for Las Vegas cars?

For most people, it’s easy to become a Lyft driver since Lyft has simple requirements.

Lyft’s car requirements are:

  • Your car needs to have 5 seats and 4 doors.
  • Your car needs to pass vehicle inspection (your car mustn’t have major damages or look utterly run down like it came out of a junk yard. Small damages are OK.).

TIP: If you need to fix your car to get it up to standards, go here to get a personal loan up to $5,000.

Here are the Lyft driver requirements in Nevada:

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a valid driver license for at least 6 months.
  • Have a valid in-state car insurance with your name on the policy.
  • You need to have an iPhone or Android smartphone so you can use the Lyft driver app. (iPhone 4 and above only.)
  • You must not have been convicted for major crimes within the past 7 years.

Lyft insurance for Las Vegas drivers

Lyft provides a $1,000,000 dollar liability insurance, a collision insurance, and a coverage for bodily injury.

How to apply for Lyft job in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Fill in this short online form and wait for Lyft’s approval.
Once approved, you can start driving for Lyft immediately!

Can I get a Car with Lyft?

Yes, you can! You can become a Lyft driver in Las Vegas even if you don’t have your own car.
Lyft works with local car rental companies and has a special deal for new Lyft drivers.
You can get a car with Lyft for $99/week plus mileage fees. No fixed contracts or big upfront costs!

If you need a car, another alternative is to get a car loan, auto financing, or a personal loan.
Go here to see a list of the top auto loans (even for bad credit and no credit). Own a car for $0 down!

 What is the Best Car for Lyft?

A comfortable, decent looking car with 5 or more seats. Don’t get a tiny cramped up car.
Look at what cars other taxi drivers or Lyft drivers use. Think of what kind of car you’d like to drive in as a passenger.

Make sure your Lyft car looks nice. If your paint is faded, cracked, or chipped, repaint your car. You want your car to look it’s best.

If you have a modern, nice looking car, you might get repeat clients. Some Las Vegas Lyft drivers get hired again and again by clients – even outside of working for Lyft! (Great way to earn extra money.)


Lyft background check – how long does it take?

The Lyft background check can take a few days to 10 days. If the background check is taking longer than 2 weeks, contact Lyft by calling the Lyft phone support or sending an email to Support@Lyft.com


Is it safe to be a Lyft driver in Las Vegas? Is Lyft safe?

Yes, driving for Lyft is safe even for female drivers. Because Lyft verifies the identities of passengers via their valid credit card, passengers are highly unlikely to rob or assault drivers.
It’s much safer to be a Lyft driver in Las Vegas than a taxi driver.


Working for Lyft vs. Uber – which pays better?

In a large survey, it was discovered Lyft drivers get paid $2-$10 more per hour than Uber drivers. Moreover, 73% of Lyft drivers were happy working for Lyft while only 30% of Uber drivers were satisfied.

A lower Uber vs Lyft driver pay seems to similar in all cities in America.
Also a more positive Lyft driver experience appears to be consistent in all areas.


Can I work for Lyft and Uber at the same time?
Yes, of course you can! You can drive for Lyft and Uber in Las Vegas to make more money.

What is the Las Vegas Lyft phone number?

Yes, they do. However, they prefer drivers to contact them through the Lyft driver app.
The Lyft driver application has a big “call me” button. It’s best to use that button to call Lyft support.

The official Lyft phone number is: 855-865-9553


Where is the Lyft office in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Lyft is based in California but also has a local office in Las Vegas called the “Lyft Hub”.

The Lyft Las Vegas office address is:
7255 S Tenaya Way, Suite 300A, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Lyft’s opening hours are from 8AM to 8Pm Monday to Friday, and 8AM to 5PM on the weekend.

What is the Lyft $50 bonus?
This is a new Lyft driver bonus everyone can get from Lyft’s website.
By joining here you can get a $300-$1,000 Lyft bonus instead of just $50! 😊

Are there female Lyft drivers in Las Vegas?

Yes, of course there are! Not as many women drive for Lyft as men do, however, there are female drivers. And most of the female drivers have a pleasant experience working for Lyft. It’s safe for women to drive for Lyft because Lyft knows the identity of their passengers.

How to work for Lyft in Nevada?

Fill in a short online application and wait for their approval. Once they accepted your application, you can start driving for Lyft and making money!

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