Free iPhone 11 Pro Max no Catch no Contract
How to Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max

Totally FREE iPhone 11 Pro – NO Catch & NO Contract (June 2024)

Would you like to have the new iPhone 11 Pro WITHOUT needing to pay for a contract or do annoying surveys for hours and hours?

The iPhone 11 is the most amazing iPhone ever made, but oh so expensive…

Luckily, our readers shared 3 proven and tested ways how to get an iPhone 11 Pro totally for FREE!

Get a FREE iPhone 11 Pro in Return for a Review!

free iPhone product tester
Christian got a free iPhone

Can you write a review about a free iPhone you get?

June, 2024:
25 people are still needed to unbox and review the iPhone 11 Pro!

Simply review the free iPhone you get and keep it for free (no strings attached).

How does product testing work?

Every brand needs to have product reviews online and pictures/videos of happy customers for their marketing campaigns.
Giving free sample products is part of their multi-million dollar marketing strategy. 

In return for writing a review about the iPhone 11, you’ll get it for free.

Get a FREE iPhone 11!
How to Get a Free Apple iPhone and iPad
Examples of recent people who got free electronics as product testers

Can you really get a Free Apple iPhone? Is it Legitimate?

Yes, product testing is a real thing!

100’s of people get completely FREE products each month to test and keep. As a product tester, you can save tons of money!
And if you get 2 iPhones or other electronics you don’t need, well, gift them to a loved one or sell them on eBay.

The confirms on their website that mystery shopping jobs and product testing jobs are real.
You just need to join legit sites which do give out the promised products.

“Becoming a mystery shopper for a legitimate company doesn’t cost anything.” says the

What are the best Product Testing sites to get a Free iPhone 11?

There are a few, big sites which have product testing opportunities and paid surveys.

Join these popular sites to get products to review and to get paid for your opinion:

  • Join ProductTesting USA – America’s #1 source for product testing jobs and mystery shopper jobs.
    Get FREE products (tablets, smartphones, video games, electronics, coffee machines and more) in return for a review.
    Want to be a mystery shopper? Get $100 gift cards to shop at stores like Target, Kroger, Walmart, Victoria Secret, Sephora, and gift cards to eat at restaurants like McDonalds, Wendys, Dennys, Subway and more.
  • Go here to Test and Keep an iPhone 11! Special promotion for June 2024 ONLY! Ending soon.
  • Join GoldOpinions. The #1 survey panel for video game addicts, food-lovers, and movie-buffs. TONS of paid surveys from 1,000’s of top brands. Get paid to share your opinion on movies, celebs, and get paid to test products.
  • Join Swagbucks to get free gift cards in return for answering surveys and watching commercials.
    Use your Apple gift card to buy your dream iPhone!
  • Join InboxDollars to get paid to answer polls and watch commercials. Collect free gift cards to buy your iPhone.
  • Join Vindale Research. Get paid up to $50 per survey you answer! Go here if you’re on desktop. Go here if you’re on mobile.
  • Join MyPoints to get free gift cards and cash when you answer short polls on your phone. 
Free products test and keep as a product tester
Recent Product Testers who got free products

How to find legit product tester sites which give a free iPhone?

  • Legit sites will never charge you to join.
  • Legit sites won’t ask for a photo of your passport, SSN, or driver’s license.
  • Legit sites have a members area where you can immediately start taking surveys or requesting products to test.
  • Legit sites have reviews (pics and videos) of people who got the promised products.
  • Legit sites will require you to provide your contact info, shipping address, and share your interests so they can match you with the right products.

What kind of a review do I need to write to get an iPhone for Free?

An honest one. It’s easy to write a review.

All you need to do is talk about why you like the phone, why you don’t, why you wanted to get the iPhone, how it compares to other phones you’ve had or seen or your friends have. And if you have any complaints about the iPhone, talk about it.

You don’t need to be a genius, a fancy magazine writer, or anything like that. Just be yourself.

You see, they don’t want fancy magazine-style reviews, they want REAL reviews from REAL people.

See an example review from Christian Bruger who got a free iPhone in return for this review:

Example Review – Click to enlarge

Can you write a similar review? Great, apply to get your free iPhone!

Get FREE iPhone 11

Requirements to Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max

Who can become a product tester and get a free iPhone?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Free no contract product tester
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Free

You can test & keep a Free iPhone 11 Pro if:

  • You’re a US resident.
  • Age 18+ (or you have a relation/parent who can signup for you).
  • You have a basic grasp of English and are able to write and/or talk in English.

Both written reviews and video reviews are accepted.
If you’re camera shy, you can just film the phone or your hands holding it and talk about it.

Get FREE iPhone 11

Win an iPhone 11 Pro – Free to Enter Giveaways!

Get a completely free iPhone 11 Pro MaxEntering free iPhone sweepstakes is another way to get a free phone. 
Join as many sweepstakes as you can for the most chances to win.

Someone’s gotta win, why shouldn’t it be you?

Answer Surveys to Get an iPhone 11 Pro

Have an extra hour or two to spare? Answer polls and surveys to get an iPhone 11 Pro worth $999!
If you can’t afford it and you didn’t win one, this is another way to get an iPhone for free (and save $1K).

Apple iPhone 11 Pro free giveaway

FAQ – All Your Free iPhone 11 Questions Answered

Got questions about the iPhone 11? We’ve complied a big list of answers to common questions to help you out.

What cell phone companies offer Free phones?

Most of the mobile providers (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T) offer free mobile phones with a contract. 
The phone you’ll get varies depending on your contract. If you want a fancy, new smartphone like the iPhone 11, you’ll need to pay for a more expensive contract.

Can I buy an iPhone without a plan?

Sure! You can get an unlocked iPhone without a contract from the Apple store or from Amazon.
When you buy an iPhone from a carrier, you’ll usually get a carrier-locked phone and be forced to have a contract with that carrier.

If purchasing an iPhone from Amazon, make sure that you read the details carefully and don’t purchase a carrier-locked phone, but an unlocked one.

What happens when I get a Free iPhone with a contract?

You’ll end up being locked into the contract and have to keep paying for it for a year or for several years.
Often, paying for a contract ends up being more expensive in the end than buying the phone.

If you got a phone from a carrier, your phone will likely be carrier-locked and you’ll be unable to switch to another carrier without losing your iPhone.

Is Verizon giving away free phones?
You can get a free phone from Verizon with a contract.

Can I get a free iPhone with AT&T?
You can get an iPhone with an AT&T contract.

Does Sprint give free phones?
You can trade in your old iPhone and rent a new iPhone 11 with a Sprint contract.
The iPhone 11 is not free, you need to pay each month for a contract.

How do I buy a phone on installment?

You can get a 24-month installment loan from Apple (they work with Citizen Bank) or get a personal/installment loan from other leading lenders online.

How much does the iPhone 11 cost?

It costs a bit more than the other new iPhones did before it.
Depending on the type of iPhone you want (GB storage, size, power etc.) the iPhones have different prices.

The iPhone 11 price ranges from $699 to $1,499 for the Pro Max iPhone.

Can you pay monthly for an iPhone?

Sure, there are several ways to get an iPhone and pay monthly for it instead of paying hundreds for it upfront in one go.

  • You can get an iPhone from a carrier. The phone will be locked to the carrier. You’ll need to pay monthly for the plan for a min. required period (usually 1-3 years).
  • You can get a 24-month installment loan from Apple or use Apple Financing and pay monthly for your iPhone until it’s paid off.
  • You can get an Apple iPhone plan and pay $35-$54/mo (plus your carrier costs) and get a new iPhone every year (after paying off your first 12 payments).
  • Or you can get a personal loan from a trusted lender to buy your iPhone.

How can I get Apple iPhone for free?

Enter free sweepstakes, write a review in return for a free iPhone, answer surveys to get a free Apple gift card.

How to get a Free iPhone 11 from Apple?

Apple doesn’t give a completely free iPhone 11. You can get an installment loan from Apple and pay each month for the iPhone, but you can’t get a free one from Apple.

The only way to get a free iPhone is to win it or to test and keep it for free as a product tester.

Does Apple do a credit check to get an iPhone?

Only if you want to use Apple Financing/the iPhone Upgrade Program to get a loan for your iPhone.
Then yes, they will do a credit check as required by Citizen Bank (which is the company providing the iPhone installment loan).

Otherwise, if you’re just buying an iPhone from Apple, they won’t require a credit check.

Does Apple Financing hurt my credit?

Yes, Apple reports to credit bureaus. If you take an Apple financing loan (through their partner which is Citizen Bank), this loan is like any loan.
If you get an Apple Credit Card, this card is like any other credit card. Taking out a loan will affect your credit score and late payments will certainly hurt your credit score.

iPhone 11 Pro Reviews

Here’s a review from an Apple fan about the new iPhone 11 Pro.


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