How to Get Free Food, Meals, Snacks
How to Get Free Food, Meals, Snacks

How to Get BOXES of Free Food, Samples, Snacks & FREE Meals in July 2024

Broke? Here are 3 ways to get free food, free drinks, totally free meals at restaurants, and free snack samples by mail.

Get FREE Meals at Restaurants as a Mystery Shopper!

free Papa John's pizza
Free pizza from Papa John’s

You can get free meals worth $50 or $100 as a secret diner (aka mystery shopper).

What’s a secret diner?
You get paid to eat at a restaurant pretending to be a regular customer and then tell the manager how your experience was. Write a review about your experience and you’re done!

Here are some example questions they’ll ask you after you ate for free:

What was the food like? Did you enjoy it? Was the waitress rude? Was the silverware clean? Were the chairs and floors clean?


Brands pay everyday people (of any age, gender, ethnicity) to shop and eat at their locations in return for a review.

Go here to get FREE meals in return for your opinion.

Who can become a restaurant secret shopper?

Anyone over 18 in the USA! All you need to is to speak English and be able to write a review in English. 

Recent Secret Shoppers who Got Free Meals

Here are people who recently got free gift cards to eat at top brands as a mystery shopper:

Free food mystery shopper

Where to get Mystery Shopper Jobs?

Join reputable, legit mystery shopping sites like ProductTesting.

Here are currently available secret diner jobs on ProductTesting (click to apply):

free food how to be a secret diner
Get free food!

Where Can You Eat for Free in Return for a Review?

Free food birthday giftsDepending on current promotions, when you join ProductTesting you can eat for free at:

So how about it, would you like to get a free dinner in return for a review?

Go here to join ProductTesting and get FREE meals!

What kind of a review do I have to write as a mystery shopper in return for the free food?

Well, you get the food for free first, then you write the review. So you can be as unbiased as you want. 
Write a 1-star review if you really hated it. Or give it 5 thumbs up if you loved it. It’s up to you.

Here are some example reviews:

Free food secret diner reviews

Here are more places where you can get free food:

Join these top, popular survey sites to get free meals and free products:

  • Join PT – America’s #1 community for secret diner jobs, mystery shopper jobs, and product testing.
  • Join GoldOpinions. The #1 survey site for food-lovers and movie-buffs.
    Get free cinema tickets as a movie reviewer, free restaurant meals, and free products to test and review from 1,000’s of brands. You can also get free gift cards as a mystery shopper.
    They have a many participating restaurants and stores nationwide.
  • Join Swagbucks to get free gift cards in return for answering surveys and watching commercials.
  • Join InboxDollars to get paid to answer polls and watch commercials.
  • Join Vindale Research. Get paid up to $50 per survey you answer! Go here if you’re on desktop. Go here if you’re on mobile.
  • Join MyPoints to get free gift cards and cash when you answer short polls on your phone. 

Win Free Amazon Gift Cards to Buy Food

Enter to win Amazon gift cards to buy all the food you need! Here are current, free-to-enter sweeps and giveaways:

Get FREE Amazon Gift Cards in Return for Your Opinion

win amazon gift card
Free Amazon Gift Cards

There are some large consumer survey sites which will give you free gift cards in return for your opinion.

Here are some short & easy Amazon surveys which will reward you for your opinion.

How to Get Free Snacks Samples from Top Brands?

Free candy chocolate snacks samples
Free candy snacks samples

Join free sample clubs, product review sites, and survey sites to get free food.

TIP: When you join ProductTesting you can get a FREE box of sample snacks!

Depending on which company is currently offering samples, you could get:

  • Free candy bar samples.
  • Free chocolates samples.
  • Free chips & crisps.
  • Free cookies, crackers, biscuits, waffles, donuts, and muffins.
  • Free salty treats and (yummy) junk food.
  • Free Organic & natural treats, snacks, healthy bars, and munchies.
  • Free soft drinks.

Get FREE Food & Snacks from These Free Sample Sites:

Here’s another way to get free food:

Answer Polls to Get Free Gift Cards & Meals at Restaurants!

Free Firehouse Subs
Free burgers and meals

Answer short polls and watch commercials to get free gift cards from all the top brands.

Here are the best places which will pay you to share your opinion on brands and products:

Restaurant Secret Shopper FAQ

Questions about mystery diner jobs or about mystery shopping?

What are Mystery Diner Jobs?

You get a free gift card (usually $50 or $100) to eat at a restaurant in your area. Then, in return for the free meal, you need to write a review and tell the brand about your experience eating there. 

You don’t have to write a good review, write an honest one.

Mystery Diners vs Mystery Shoppers – What’s the difference?

It’s basically the same thing just that as a mystery diner you get paid to eat in restaurants while as a mystery shopper or secret shopper you’d get paid to shop in stores.

Is a Secret Shopper the Same as a Mystery Shopper?

Yes, exactly. It’s the same thing, just different terminology.

Free burger king mystery shopper
Burger King Secret Diner

Are Mystery Shopping Jobs Legitimate?

Yes, there are legit secret shopping jobs out there.

Brands pay people to eat in their restaurants so they can get feedback and know what they need to do to improve their customer’s experience.

Even the FTC gov consumer protection organization agrees there are legit mystery shopping jobs.

“Becoming a mystery shopper for a legitimate company doesn’t cost anything.” says the

Make sure you join a legit job site like Product Testing (it’s free to join).

How to identify legit restaurant secret shopper jobs?

Mystery Secret Diner JobsLegit secret shopping jobs NEVER charge you.
They will require you to provide information about yourself (your name, email, phone, and in some cases your address).
However, they won’t charge you anything. On the contrary, they’ll pay you to shop!

The best way to find a legit mystery shopping jobs company is to read reviews and see pictures proof of reviewers who received free products from them.

What is the best mystery shopper company?

ProductTesting is by the far the most popular and highest-rated site for secret shopper jobs.

For other opportunities to get paid to review products, check our list of the top paying survey sites.

What are secret shopper jobs?

Jason's Deli free food
Jason’s Deli free food

“A secret shopper is, by definition, a person hired by a company to pose as a customer in order to evaluate a business’s customer experience.” –

Yes, secret shoppers are a thing! Sometimes companies even list mystery shopping jobs on and other job sites. However, the most common places they list these jobs is on specific secret shopper communities like Product Testing USA.

What Free Food Samples can I get from Brands?

All sorts! It depends on their current promotions. Example free samples:

  • Cheez-It snacks.
  • Cool Ranch Doritos.
  • Rice Krispies Treats Bars.
  • Chex Mix samples.
  • Fruit Gushers.
  • Snyder’s Pretzels samples.
  • Lay’s Chips.
  • Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn.
  • Smartfood Popcorn Variety Pack.
  • Ritz Cracker Sandwiches Peanut Butter
  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Variety Value Pack
  • Mott’s Unsweetened Applesauce.
  • Sunshine Cheez-It Original Baked Snack Crackers.
  • Orgain Organic Kids O-Bar Sample.
  • FREE Bragg Seasonings Sample Pack.
  • Free Natural Products from Social Nature.
  • Hi-Chew Candy.
  • Snickers candy bar.
  • Bounty bars.
  • Hersheys chocolate bars.
  • Free KitKat bars.

Check our list of the top paying survey sites to get paid to share your opinion and get free snacks.

Where to Get FREE Food On Your Birthday?

free birthday gifts
Cheesecake factory birthday discounts

Here are some brands which will give you free food on your birthday.

These birthday gifts include breakfast, free lunch, appetizers, food samples, and dessert.

Free Ice Cream from Jason’s Deli + $5 Birthday Freebie

Yep, you can get ice cream is FREE when you purchase at Jason’s Deli.
And you can get a $5 voucher on your birthday.
To get your birthday freebie, you need to first join Jason’s Deli Birthday Club.

Free Godiva Gourmet Chocolate

Join Godiva’s reward club to get a free chocolate each month and on your birthday.

Free Burrito from Moe’s Southwest Grill

When you join Moe’s reward club, you can get a free Burrito worth $5.

Free Appetizer from P.F. Chang’s

Only on your birthday and only for members of their rewards club.

Free Coffee from Starbucks

Just show up on your birthday at Starbucks to get a free coffee.

Cheesecake Factory Birthday Discounts

The Cheesecake Factory doesn’t give freebies but they do give discounts if it’s your birthday.

Free Birthday Dinner at Medieval Times! offers a FREE dinner to people on their birthday.
Check their website for more info.


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