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Make Money Online Best Paid Surveys
Make Money Online with Best Paid Surveys

Top Legit Paid Online Survey Sites

Would You Like to Earn Easy Money Online by Answering Polls, Surveys, Installing Apps, and Reviewing Products and Games?

Make Money from Home
Make Money from Home

Many moms earn extra $100’s answering surveys.
Some stay-at-home moms make $800 per WEEK on certain paid survey sites!

Jason White, a formerly broke single dad, started taking paid online surveys and now makes $3,500 per month answering surveys all day.

Make Money from Surveys
Jason’s Income from Surveys
Find BEST Make Money Surveys
Find BEST Make Money Surveys

“How does it work and who would pay me?”

Vindale Best Paid Surveys for Moms
Vindale Best Paid Surveys for Moms

There are certain survey sites which work with big brands.

Because brands want feedback from real users to improve their products, they pay people to answer surveys, polls, and try out their new products.

Would you sit for hours answering surveys for free? Of course not!
That’s why they pay users to answer surveys.

The more surveys you answer, the more money you’ll make.
You can work whenever you want and as much as you want.

Start spending your free time answering surveys to get extra cash to pay off bills, debts, or buy something you want.

Where to find Paid Surveys Online?

There are many paid survey sites.
However, some sites are scams and others only pay a few pennies per survey.

We’ve made a list of the best, most popular paid survey sites which have a good reputation, work with top brands, and already paid out TONS of money to their huge community of happy members.

IMPORTANT: Some survey sites ONLY accept a LIMITED amount of members before they CLOSE their doors! 🚪

You might not qualify to take every survey a certain survey site has.

Pay varies across different survey sites. One survey site might pay you more for the same length survey than another.

Because of these reasons, best to join ALL the top survey sites listed below so you can pick and choose the best paying surveys and make the MOST money! 🙂

(Plus you’ll often get a $ signup bonus just for joining.)

1. Vindale Research – High Paying Surveys

VindaleResearch Make Money with Paid Surveys Online
VindaleResearch Make Money with Paid Surveys Online


Vindale is America’s #1 biggest paid survey panel. 
They work with 1000s of companies and top brands (including Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Samsung, NIKE, Starbucks etc.)
They’ve been around for ages and have a good reputation.

Vindale Research Review
Vindale Research Review

Get paid to review products and answer surveys.

Vindale pays $5-$50 for surveys you answer from your computer/laptop.
And up to $75 for surveys you answer from your mobile phone.

You’ll even get $2 just for completing your profile!

You’ll need to signup on a different page if you’re currently on mobile or desktop.

Go here to signup:

Join from PC!

2. GoldOpinions – Best Survey Club

GoldOpinions is an awesome survey club.
You’ll get paid up to $50 per survey you answer.

Steven Taylor Surveys for Money

Peter Paid Surveys Review


And you’ll also get: 

Free Meals Secret Diner
Get Free Meals as a Secret Diner!
  • FREE Meals at Restaurants in return for your opinion!
  • Free Stuff from Nike, Adidas, Puma in return for participating in fitness surveys.
  • Watch movies for free! Receive movie vouchers by participating in movie surveys.
  • Participate in IOS/Apple surveys and get the latest cool FREE gadgets! 😀
  • Exclusive coupons up to 40% off.
  • Get a FREE Netflix subscription by participating in movie-related surveys!
  • Random surprise gifts from participating brands and companies.
  • Freebies & Free trials.

Make Money with Surveys

They have surveys from 100s of top brands and were even featured in the news (ABC, About etc.)!

Their happy members have been paid out over $8,000,000 so far! :O

Join GoldOpinions!

Inspiring stories from their happy members:

Erika Smith Paid Surveys Online
Erika Smith

Erika Smith is a single mom from Chicago who was broke, budgeting every penny, and struggling to pay her bills.
Then she joined GoldOpinions and started making easy money without stress.

Now she’s relaxed, makes easy money online, has time for her kids, and is enjoying an easier, happier life!

“Finally…I don’t have to pull my hair out budgeting every penny” Erika says.


Kathleen Brown Paid Surveys Review
Kathleen Brown, Stay at Home Mom from Perth, Australia.


Top Legit Paid Online Survey Sites

“I plan to make enough money each week so that my husband can actually quit his second job!!!” Kathleen says.

Join GoldOpinions!

3. Swagbucks – Paid Surveys, Trivia Games, Cashback, Coupons and more!

Swagbucks Paid Surveys review
Swagbucks Member Review

Swagbucks is a huge, popular community with millions of happy members. 
They give out 7,000 free gift cards PER DAY to their members!

You can earn up to $35 per survey you answer.
Plus you’ll even get a $5 signup bonus when you join! 

As a member, you’ll get paid to answer easy surveys, watch entertaining videos, try products for free, and even just surf the web! 😁
Swagbucks also has fun trivia games and sweeps with cool prizes! 🏆

Plus you’ll get cash back, coupons, and discounts whenever you shop online.

Swagbucks has paid out over $260,000,000 dollars to their members and were featured on ABC, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and more!

Join Swagbucks!

4. MyPoints (Mobile & Desktop Surveys)

Paid Surveys for Moms
Paid Surveys for Moms

Get free gift cards for answering polls & surveys on your mobile phone or desktop (PC/laptop).
You’ll also get paid to read emails and visit websites, play games, and watch videos.

Earn up to $50 per survey! Plus get a bonus $5 when you take 5 surveys.

Their members have been paid over $230,000,000 dollars!

Join Now!

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a very popular survey community with over 4 million members worldwide! You can earn both cash and rewards for sharing your opinion.

Many people say they have the best rewards. You’ll even get a small payment if you don’t qualify for a survey!

Survey Junkie Member Reviews
Survey Junkie Reviews


 “Wonderful! They actually pay out!” – Kiki Wolf

Survey Junkie Reviews by Moms
Survey Junkie Reviews by Moms

Join Survey Junkie!

6. SurveyVoices 

Top Paid Surveys 2018
Make Money from Your Phone

SurveyVoices is another one of the highest-paying surveys for cash communities.
They have many surveys for women.

Some moms earn $350 to $800 per WEEK!

Join Survey Voices!

7. PandaResearch – Great Pay!

Top Legit Paid Online Survey SitesGet paid CASH to review products and services, read emails, and take surveys and offers.

They offer great pay and have many surveys and offers!

Earn up to $50 per survey/offer completed
Earn money for reading emails (up to $25 per payout request).
Join and receive $3 signup bonus!

Join Panda Research!

8. E-Poll Research – Fun Polls & Surveys!

Music Celebrity Quiz for Cash
Paid Music & Celebrity Quizzes

At E-Poll you’ll get paid to answer fun surveys about TV shows, celebrities, music, athletes, and entertainment.
Plus there’s a monthly sweep for members with a prize of $1,000 and 50 winners!!

You’ll get rewards and gift cards (Paypal, Starbucks, Target, iTunes etc.).

Great news! If you have a teen kid (age 13+) they can also join to make money answering celeb quizzes!

If you’re 13 to 25, go here to join:
Join E-Poll Teen!
If you’re over 25, sign up here:
Join E-Poll Adult!

9. InboxDollars

InboxDollars Online Rewards Paid Surveys
InboxDollars Online Rewards Club

InboxDollars is a famous online rewards club which works with top brands such as Netflix, Groupon, Walmart etc.

You’ll get paid to read emails, take surveys online, play online games, watch videos, and go shopping. 

Cons: A survey pays around $0.50. 
Pros: Many surveys and fun ways to earn money.

Members have earned over $57 Million in rewards!

Get $5 bonus just for joining!

Join Now and Get $5!

10. CashCrate – Earn from Surveys & Games

Make Money with Surveys
Make Money with Surveys

CashCrate has over 4 million happy members.

You’ll get paid cash to answer surveys, complete free & easy offers, search online, and play fun games.
They also run contests with cash and exciting prizes.

If you refer your friends you’ll earn money too!

Join CashCrate!

11. Survey Monster

SurveyMonster is a popular survey panel where many moms make money in their spare time.

Top Legit Paid Online Survey Sites

Join SurveyMonster!

12. CashBack Research

Make Money with Surveys Online
Make Money with Surveys Online

Get paid up to $75/survey.
Earn free, bonus cash reading paid emails. 
Earn up to $150/hr participating in clinical studies.

Join Now!

13. Point Club

PointClub Review
PointClub Review

PointClub has many great paying surveys. They were even seen on TV!

Join and get a $5 signup bonus! 😀
(You can signup with Facebook with 1 click.)

Join Point Club!

14. PineCone Research

Top Legit Paid Online Survey SitesAnswer surveys and evaluate new products before they hit the shelf.
Earn $3 per quick survey.

Join PineCone!

15. iSurvey World

Make Money Online with Surveys
Make Easy Fast Cash with Surveys

Get paid up to $70 per survey! You’ll also get paid to review products.
Join and get a $5 signup bonus.

Join iSurvey World!

16. Your Surveys

Make Money with Paid Surveys
Make Money with Paid Surveys

Quickly join and get matched with the best paid surveys for you.
No more wasting time starting many surveys just to see you don’t qualify for them!

NOTE: YourSurveys also accepts teens (13+).
If you have teen kids, send them over here to start making their own pocket money.

Join YourSurveys!

17. American Consumer Opinion

ACO Surveys Online
ACO Surveys Online

American Consumer Opinion is one of America’s largest survey panels.
They’ve been around since 1986 and have 100s of great paying surveys from top brands.

ACO already paid out over $30 MILLION dollars to their members!

Join Now!

18. Go2Crowd

Go2Crowd Paid Surveys Polls Online
Paid Surveys & Polls Online

Take various paid surveys on your phone or computer.

It’s easy and fast to join.

Join Now!

19. PanelPlace

Legit Paid Online Surveys
Find More Paid Online Surveys

PanelPlace tells you about new paid survey opportunities from many different 0nline survey companies.

After joining, they’ll match you with 100s of relevant, paid surveys.
You’ll also get now and then freebies, rewards, and chances to win prizes.

Join Now!

Want to Make BIG Bucks from Surveys?!

Jason White, a formerly broke single dad, discovered a TRICK how to make HUGE money from surveys.
He went from making only $3 per survey to a whopping $500 for just ONE survey!!!

How to Make Money from Surveys
Checks Jason Receives from Paid Surveys

Find out how you can spend the same amount of time answering surveys and make 100x more money!

Top Paying Surveys
Examples of some TOP paying surveys Jason found


Go here to learn his secret:

Discover the Secret!

More Ways to Get FREE Gift Cards & FREE Products Online

Get FREE Products to Review and Keep!

Free Baby Joggers Strollers
Get Free Baby Products!

There is a famous product testing company which works with top brands who want feedback on their products.

EVERY DAY people get FREE products to test, review, and keep!

iRobot Vacuum Get FREE products
Get FREE iRobot Vacuum

All you have to do is write a review or make a video review of the free items you get.
If you need extra money you can sell these expensive products online and make much more $$$ than from surveys.

You can get FREE vacuum cleaners, makeup, baby carriers, strollers, baby toys, electronics, household items, cool gadgets and more!

Join Now!

Here’s an example review by one of their members:

Join Now!

FREE Smartphone + Minutes + Wifi from the Government!

Get a Free Smartphone Mobile Phone
Get a Free Smartphone + Wifi + Minutes

Did you know the Federal Government has an excellent Lifeline benefit program for people with low-income?

If you have low-income and live in an eligible location, you could get a FREE smartphone (plus wifi and 850 minutes)!

Best of all there are NO monthly bills, NO contract, and NO credit check!

(Currently only for residents of FL, NY, TX, IL, NC, GA, and TN.)

Go here for more info:

Join Now!

$500 Amazon Gift Card Survey

Amazon Gift Card Survey
Amazon Gift Card Survey

Complete a short survey & receive a $500 prepaid Amazon gift card!

I want this!

MindsPay – Earn up to $50 per Offer

Get Free Money Online

MindsPay rewards members for completing paid offers and testing products. 
: You will need to purchase items or take part in free trials to answer their surveys.

Earn up to $50 for each paid offer you complete.
Join and get a $3 signup bonus.

Join MindsPay!

Trump Survey – Get a Gift Card!

Donald Trump Survey Gift Card
Donald Trump Survey

What do you think of Trump? Is he a good president? Do you agree with his views and policies?

Answer this survey and complete the requirments to get a pre-paid Visa gift card:

Take the Survey!

Get a $25 Restaurant.com Gift Card

Get Free Meals Restaurant Gift CardCollect 100 points and get a $25 restaurant.com gift card which you can redeem at over 500,000 local restaurants! 😀

Go here to get your gift card:

Get Gift Card!

$1,000 Huggies Diapers!

Get Huggies Diapers
Get Huggies Diapers

Baby diapers are so expensive, aren’t they?

If you’re a mom, go here to get $1,000 of Huggies diapers (by answering surveys and completing offers).
Join Now!

Huggies Diapers Survey

Get Huggies!

Get an iPhone X!!!

Free Apple iPhone X
Get an iPhone X

If you don’t have the AMAZING iPhone X yet, here’s your chance to get one.
Here are 2 places where you can get an iPhone X.
Just answer surveys, complete offers, or collect points to get an iPhone X! If you don’t qualify on one website, try the other one! And if you get an iPhone from both websites – even better! You can sell your 2nd one on eBay to make an extra $999! 😀

Get a FREE iPhone X in return for a video review!

Here’s another way to get a free iPhone X.

Get a FREE iPhone X!
Get a FREE iPhone X!

Apply to test and review the iPhone X to get it for FREE!!!

All you have to do is write a review and make a video review of the iPhone if you get it for free.

Get FREE iPhone!

How a Single Dad Makes $250-$500 a DAY Answering Surveys

Work from Home Make Money
Easy Work from Home

Want to know the system this smart dad discovered to get paid a LOT of money for each survey? Go here:

Discover Secret!

Want to Get Stuff for FREE? 

Free Products Unboxing Jobs
Get Free Products

There are more ways to get stuff for free online:

  1. Join free to enter sweepstakes and giveaways. 
  2. Request FREE products and samples from brands! (Makeup, electronics, fashion, baby stuff).
  3. Find Money the Government might owe you.
  4. Get FREE Money Online!
Check out our HUGE list of current free to enter sweeps, places to get free products, and tips how to get free money and make money online.


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