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How to Get a FREE Meal at iHop Restaurant Near Me in 2020

iHop pancakes free promo
iHop pancakes free

Do you love iHop but can’t afford to eat there often?

If you have a low-income, are a student, a single mom, or have young kids, here’s how to get FREE meals at iHop!

We’ll share how to get a free $100 gift card to buy iHop pancakes, iHop burgers, iHop breakfast, drinks, and desserts at iHop.

How to Eat for Free at Your Nearest iHop (April 2020)

iHop breakfast for free
iHop breakfast for free

Did you know that most of the top brands (Wendys, McDonalds, iHop etc.) hire secret diners?

Secret diners are people who pretend to be normal customers having a meal at an iHop location.
After eating, they write a review of their experience.

Because your feedback will help them to improve their restaurant and service, they’re willing to give you a free meal.

So in short, to get a free iHop meal, all you need to do is write an honest review and answer 10-15 questions.

Can you do that? Great, click the button below to apply to be an iHop secret diner.

Currently in April, 2020, there are 271 secret diner jobs.

Get Free iHop!

Can You Really Get Free Meals at iHop?

Yes, you can if you’re chosen as a secret diner.
100’s of people get FREE meals at iHop, Wendys, McDonalds, In-N-Out Burger and other restaurants every month.

Here are examples of people who recently got free meals:

Secret Diner restaurant mystery shopper jobs
Secret Diners Get Free Meals and Free Food

Of course, not everyone who applies to be a secret diner is chosen.
It depends on how many applicants there are in your area.

The best way to increase your chances of getting free meals is to apply to every restaurant secret diner job you find in your area!

Get Free Meals!

Example Review by a Mystery Diner

Here is an example review by an iHop mystery diner. 

Become an iHop Mystery Diner and get FREE Meals.

Where to Find Secret Diner Jobs and Get Free iHop Meals?

free food how to be a secret diner

The biggest site with the most product testing and secret diner jobs is PT USA.

PT has been around for years, have tens of thousands of followers and 100’s of positive reviews on their social media accounts, and tons of video reviews from happy members.

The second most popular site (also with 100’s of secret diner jobs and paid surveys from top brands) is GoldOpinions.

And last but not least, Join Swagbucks to get free gift cards in return for sharing your opinion and watching commercials.

What Kind of Reviews do iHop Mystery Diners Need to Write?

You need to write an honest review. It’s quite simple really.

Answer some questions and talk about how the food tasted, if you enjoyed the meal, how the employees behaved (were they nice and polite or rude and gruff?), if the table and chairs were clean or dirty, and if you enjoyed your experience there.

You’ll also need to rate the iHop location were you ate on a scale of 1-5.

Go here to get FREE meals at iHop in return for your opinion.

More Ways to Get Free iHop Pancakes, Burgers, and Breakfast

Asides from being a mystery diner, you can also enter free giveaways to win gift cards and cash prizes.

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