free bedtime stories for toddlers

How to Legally Download Famous & Classic Children’s Audiobooks for FREE in 2020

On this page you’ll discover where to legally download FREE audio books for kids including preschoolers, middle grade, and ages 10+.

You can stream or download classic audio book stories for kids, modern bestsellers, best audiobooks for road trips, great audio books for families, best bedtime stories for toddlers and little ones, and modern fantasy books on tape for children.

Why are audio books good for kids?

Best kids audiobooks for free

Audiobooks help children develop their imagination.

According to scientific research, listening to stories helps kids improve reading skills, vocabulary, and cognitive development. Kids who listen to books read out loud are more likely to love literature later on in life.

Also, when kids read along with a story they’re listening to, it helps them learn to read faster.

If you hate reading or don’t have time to read kids books, audiobooks is a great solution.

Now, let’s see how you can get the audiobooks you want for FREE.

[1] Get 20K+ Bestselling & Classic Kids Books, Audiobooks, Films, TV Series, Games for FREE!

Best bedtime audiobooks for kids for free
Best bedtime audiobooks for kids

Amazon has an awesome membership called “FreeTime”.

Go here to get a 30-day FREE trial of Freetime.

The trial is completely free. NO strings attached. You can cancel it at any time.

During your free trial, you can download UNLIMITED children’s audiobooks, children’s Kindle books, educational games & TV series for kids, kids movies, music for kids, and fun apps/games for kids.

You keep ALL the children’s books & audiobooks you download EVEN if you CANCEL your membership!

They have a huge library of over 20,000 kids stories & content.

A nice thing is when you download a children’s Kindle book and the matching audio book, your kids can read along or look at illustrations while listening to the story.

free books in audio for children

[2] Get Free Children’s Audiobooks from Audible

Another way to get FREE children’s audio books is to join Audible for a FREE 1-month trial.

Audible has a HUGE collection of professional audio books from bestselling kids books, classic children’s books, and award-winning books.

Many audio books are narrated by famous voice actors and celebrities.

free bedtime stories for toddlers

You can download 4 free audio books from Audible with your trial when signup using this link.

(Audible gives on their website 1 free audio book – but with this link you’ll get more!)

Free classic childrens stories on tape

If you didn’t like the audio books you listened to, you can swap them for free and get another audio book.

(Some people abuse this system to listen to unlimited free audiobooks.)

Audible has over 38,000 children’s books in audio for all ages from baby to teen.

They have classic fairy tale audio books for kids, fiction, non-fiction, educational audio books, fantasy and adventure stories for kids, mysteries, and audio books from movies.

Audible also has all the famous Disney movies as audio books.

Disney Tangled Audible books free

What Children’s Audio Books does Audible have?

Audible has all the best audio books for kids from famous, classics books you loved to hear as a child, to Newberry Medal winners, Disney stories, and modern day bestselling kids books.

How does the Audible Trial work?

When you join Audible on this hidden page, you’ll get 4 free audio books instead of just 1!

You’ll also get discount prices on any additional audio books you wish to purchase.

After the trial ends, you’ll get 3 free audio books each month which includes 2 Audible Originals.

You can cancel anytime, and the audiobooks are yours to keep forever.

What Audio Books do I get with an Audible membership?

Horton hears a who book in audio

After your trial, you can download 3 audiobooks every month from their HUGE library of over 400,000 audio books in all genres. They have audio books in every genre, not just kids stories so while you’re enjoying their free trial, you can also listen to something yourself.

You can listen to the audio books on all your devices and keep them even after you cancel your membership.

Audiobooks are a great way to entertain your kids on road trips or while you’re making dinner, or as bedtime stories.


More Ways to Get Free Audiobooks for Children

  1. Burrow kids audio books from your local library.
  2. Download low-quality Public Domain audiobooks of classic children’s stories.

Public Domain Audiobooks for Kids

There are websites which give free audio books for kids based on public domain stories (books which were published a long time ago and their copyright expired 90+ years ago).

However, these recordings are read by volunteers who are often boring readers and pretty bad at recording themselves (noisy recordings with microphone hiss, disturbing background noise, or just hard to understand).

Listening to a boring or badly made audiobook is not fun for kids and can completely turn your kid off audiobooks and listening to recorded stories.

Here are the top public domain audiobook sites:

  • – They have a few audiobooks for kids including Tom Sawyer. You’ll need to download every chapter as an mp3 file one by one.
  • – They don’t have books in audio, however, they have a big library of ebooks which you can download and read out loud to your kids.

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