win Free iPhone 11 pro giveaways
win Free iPhone 11 Pro

Win Apple Products – Free to Enter Giveaways April 2020

Here are current, active free to enter Apple product giveaways with awesome prizes!

Enter all of these giveaways for more chances to win. You can win an Apple smart watch, a $1,000 gift card to buy Apple products, a free Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, a free iPhone 8, a free iPhone X, a free MacBook, and a free iPad Pro.

Good luck, we hope you win big!

Win a Free iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Free no contract product tester

Who else wants the amazing new iPhone?
Enter this iPhone 11 Pro giveaway for a chance to win an expensive iPhone 11 for free.

The iPhone 11 Pro has 3 camera lenses including wide-angle, telephoto, and macro. You can now film videos in 4K and by using their many new filters take awesome photos in any lighting condition (even at night!).

Win an iPhone!

Free iPhone 11 Pro (Instant Win Sweepstake)

win Free iPhone 11 pro giveaways
win Free iPhone 11 Pro

With an instant win sweepstake, you don’t have to wait till the sweepstake ends to know if you won or not.

Click the button below to instantly see if you are the lucky winner of a free iPhone 11 Pro.

Win Free iPhone!

Get a FREE iPhone 11 Pro Max (as a product tester)

free iPhone product tester
Christian got a free iPhone

Can you write a 500-word product review or record a simple unboxing video?

If so, apply to be a product tester and get a completely FREE iPhone 11 Pro Max!
(NO strings attached. NO contract needed).

Get Free iPhone!

Get a FREE Apple MacBook Pro (in return for a review)!

win free macbook pro apple giveaway
Win a free MacBook Pro

The same site mentioned above also gives free Macbook Pros to people in return for a review.

The Apple Macbook Pro is a super lightweight, thin laptop which is easy to carry around wherever you go.

The screen is utterly beautiful, crystal clear, and vivid.

It’s the sexiest laptop on the market.

Get Free MacBook!

Enter to Win an iPhone X Sweepstake

Win iPhone X sweepstake

Although the iPhone 11 is the most amazing iPhone ever made, the iPhone X is also pretty darn awesome.

Enter this sweepstake to win an iPhone X. If you win an iPhone 11 and an iPhone X, you can always sell the X on eBay to make some extra hundreds or gift it to a phoneless friend in need.

Win iPhone X!

Win Gift Cards to Get Apple Products for Free

Enter these sweepstakes to win free gift cards so you can buy any Apple products you want (iPhone, iPad, Macbook etc.)

Get 1 Year of Apple TV+ Subscription

Apple TV+ membership freeTake a short survey to see if you can get a year of Apple TV+ without needing to pay for it.

Apple TV+ is a monthly subscription with famous TV shows and movies from the world’s most creative storytellers.
Normally, a membership for Apple TV+ costs $5/mo. 

Get 1 Year Apple TV+!

Get Free Apple Products by Answering Surveys

win Free iPad Pro 12.9Answer fun polls about celebrities, music, movies, brands, commercials to get free gift cards!

Use your gift cards to buy any Apple products (or other things you want).

Go here for a list of the top paid survey sites online for Americans.
Many of these survey sites also have free product samples and sweepstakes with Apple products prizes.

Get 1 Year Apple TV+!


Good luck! We hope you win your dream Apple product.


  1. I really want to win a iphone

  2. I’ve just recently got my feet back on the ground i was homeless, broke, and lost my ex smashed my last phone in an argument before beating the snot out of me. I’ve been wishing for the new iPhone 11 in lavender since the day they were released. No matter what at the end of the day I’ll get one but having a break to receive for free would be a dream come true

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