Free baby diaper samples for new moms 2020

Win Baby Diapers Gift Basket – Sweepstake for Moms 2021

win free diapers baby stuff sweepstakeAre you a mom with a low-income or no income?

If you need baby diapers but can’t afford to buy enough diapers for your baby, enter this free sweepstake to win a gift basket worth $100!

The gift basket contains free diapers and baby stuff worth $100. You’ll get diapers from top brands such as Huggies, Pampers, Luvs and more.

Simply fill out the entry form for your chance to win.

Who can Enter this Baby Stuff Sweepstake?

Anyone 18+, living in the US. It is free to enter this giveaway. You can enter it online.

Need more FREE Baby Diapers?

Asides from maybe winning a baby gift basket, here are more ways to get free baby stuff:

  • Create a free Amazon baby registry (it’s like a wish list of baby products you want). You’ll receive a box of free baby stuff worth $25 by mail!
  • Join EveryDayFamily community. They are a huge, popular site for mommies and give their members a FREE box of baby stuff every month!
    The free baby box includes free baby diapers, formula samples, and baby product samples.

  • Get a legit online job and buy all the baby stuff you need.
    Get paid $15-$30/h to search Google, delete spam comments from a website, chat with people in a community, or read emails.

  • Have a cute baby? Join KidsCasting. Your baby could earn $35-$55 per hour modeling for baby clothing catalogs, baby brands, and baby food companies.
Baby acting jobs for TV shows

Why do websites run Free to Enter Sweepstakes for Mothers?

There are many websites, companies, and brands big and small which run free sweepstakes with baby stuff as prizes. They do this because they want more people to hear about their website or brand.

Running a free baby stuff giveaway is a popular thing many brands do.

Also, when you enter the sweepstake and give them your contacts, some brands will send you coupons and specials to promote their products. (You can always opt-out of receiving their promotional emails if you want.)

Make sure to enter legit baby diaper giveaways and sweepstakes!

How to Know if a Baby Sweepstake is Legit?

It’s hard to now which ones are legit or not. Simply enter as many free ones as you can for the most chances to win.

Here are some tips how to avoid scammers and cheats:

Never pay to enter a sweepstake since you don’t know if it’s legit and will give out the prize.

Use a secondary email (not the main one you use for family and friends) when entering free sweeps so if they sell it, your main email doesn’t get spammed.

However, make sure to check this secondary email occasionally to see if you won something!
Because if you won and dint’ claim your prize within a certain amount of time (sometimes a few days), you’ll lose it.

Never give your SSN or unnecessary personal information to anyone even if they offer a really nice prize.


Good luck, we hope you get the free baby diapers you need!

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