How to Get Free Huggies Diaper Samples by Mail in [month] [year]

How to Get Free Huggies Diaper Samples by Mail in April 2020

Do you need Huggies diapers for your baby? Diapers are very expensive, they cost around $980/year!

By getting boxes of free Huggies diaper samples from different resources, you can save a lot of money. Some mothers get enough baby diaper samples to last them for several months.

There are different ways to get free Huggies. Here are some easy, proven & tested ways moms discovered to get free Huggies.

Get Free Baby Diaper Samples from Amazon

amazon baby registry free baby boxCreate a free baby registry on Amazon to get a generous free box of FREE baby items (diapers, formula, bottles, pacifiers).

Get Baby Modeling Jobs to Buy all the Diapers You Need!

Baby modelling Jobs
Join KidsCasting
and apply to baby modeling casting calls in your area.
You could earn $35/h or even several hundreds of dollars for a photoshoot with your baby.

Your baby could be seen in national ad campaigns for big brands, in baby clothing catalogs, or on TV as an extra in a famous TV series!

Companies are looking for babies of all ages, genders, and races.

Instead of getting free baby diaper samples, make all the money you need to buy the diapers yourself.

Get a Box of FREE Baby Samples (incl. Free Diapers) EACH Month!

Free Baby Stuff Samples Box by Mail

Huggies diapers free samplesEDF is a famous, beloved online forum for mommies.
Because they have so many members (over 1 million moms!) many brands sponsor them.

Brands spend millions giving moms free baby product samples because they want to promote their products and it’s part of their marketing strategy.

When you join EDF, you’ll get coupons, gifts, and free baby formula worth $400 from Gerber, Enfamil, and Similac!

Plus, you’ll get free diaper samples and have a chance to win a supply of free baby diapers for a year.

As a member, every month you’ll receive a box full of free baby stuff and samples from top brands.
This includes free diapers, baby food, pacifiers, bottles, and baby skincare products.

Get FREE Baby Stuff!

Get Boxes of Huggies Samples from Free Sample Clubs

Here are the top 7 legit sample sites we recommend:

Create a Target Baby Registry to Get Free Baby Stuff & Diapers

Target baby registry gifts

Create a free baby registry on Target to get free baby stuff. Target isn’t very generous. They’ll give you one free Dr. Brown baby bottle, an Aveeno sample bottle, 3-4 free diapers and some coupons.

Amazon is much more generous. They give a nice big box of free baby stuff!
If you haven’t created an Amazon baby registry, create a free Amazon baby registry now to get your baby freebies.

Asides from Target and Amazon, you can also get a few, small-sized samples by making a Walmart or BuyBuyBaby baby registry.

How Many Free Babies Diapers Did Huggies Donate to Moms?

Huggies has so far donated over $100,000,000 of baby diapers to low-income moms (and unemployed ones)!
Because they can’t be bothered with handing out diapers themselves (they’d need a lot of personnel for this) they donated these diapers to special websites, charities, and diaper banks.

To get Huggies diapers for free, join the sample sites mentioned above. You can also request free diapers from the NDBN charity.

What Types of Free Sample Huggies Diapers Can I Get?

All of the Huggies diapers!
You can get free samples of Huggies Little Snugglers, Huggies Little Movers, Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Huggies Overnites Diapers, Pure and Natural Diapers and Huggies Pull-Ups diapers.

You can get sample diapers for your newborn, your infant, your baby, and toddler.

Can You Get Free Diapers & Wipes from Huggies Rewards NoBabyUnHugged Program?

Huggies rewards nobabyunhugged
Huggies rewards program

Huggies has a new program called NoBabyUnHugged.
Currently, their webpage for this offer looks half-baked.
Buttons and links don’t work.
Pages have “lorem ipsum” placeholder text on them.
Even the homepage has placeholder text!

It is unclear if this program is currently active or not and what you get as a member. 
This is the page to signup to the Huggies Rewards program.

What do you get when you signup?
If you live in the US, you’ll get free Huggies coupons. That’s all.
If you’re in Canada, you may get a few free wipes and sample diapers (but again, this is inclear since the website is not even finished yet).

Why do Brands Give Completely Free Diaper Samples to New Moms?

There are several reasons. Brands want to look good and charitable.
Instead of paying a lot of money in taxes, they donate some free diapers.

Brands want to addict you to their products. Therefore, they give free samples. It’s part of their marketing strategy.

The cool thing is, because the brands distribute samples through many sample clubs, they can’t keep track of how many samples each person got. (This is good for you! Since by joining many sample clubs, you can get many free samples from the same brand!)

Does it Cost Anything to get Free Diapers by Mail?

No, legit sample sites do not charge you to join. It is fast and free to join. The only thing you need to provide them is a valid email address and a shipping address.
It’s also free to request and receive free baby samples from sample clubs.

Who Can Get Free Huggies?

Any mom over the age of 18 living in America can request free baby items and samples.
It helps if you have low-income, are unemployed, have financial problems, or are a single mom.

Where Can I Get Help with Baby Diapers?

Aside from getting free diaper samples, you can also request financial aid from government funds, different charities, support groups for moms, and nonprofit organizations which help single moms or low-income families.

Do Hospitals Give Free Huggies Diapers?

Yes, some hospitals have diaper samples on hand and will give you some free samples if you ask for them. Travel around town and ask for samples from every hospital and children’s doctor to collect a Huggies diaper stockpile.

Can I buy Huggies Baby Diapers with WIC?

No, unfortunately, WIC stamps cannot be used for baby diapers.

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