How to Get Emergency Money & Financial Help from the Government (for Moms)

Struggling to pay bills is enough to make anyone sick with stress.
Sadly, it’s a daily struggle many of us know all too well. Luckily, you don’t have to face it all on your own.

Here are the best ways how to get financial help and emergency cash as a single mother.

Are You a Single Mom, Unemployed, or Low-Income?

Did you know there are little-known government programs, initiatives, associations, grants, and financial funds to help moms and low-income families?

You could get a few extra $100’s to another $3,000 emergency cash for free!

As well as housing help and money for food, money to pay bills, free or subsidized electricity, free internet & cellular, as well as free baby stuff.

Can’t Pay the Rent? Get Housing Help Fast from State Funds!

Rent assistance for single momsIf you’re having problems to pay your rent, you may qualify to get housing assistance from the government.

Every State has hundreds of millions available in housing benefits and grants for low-income/unemployed mothers.

Go here for info on how to get housing help easy and fast.

Get Housing Help, Financial Aid, and Medical Care Aid from the Gov

Rent assistance for low-income familiesAre you struggling to pay for the rent? Did you recently have a medical emergency in the family?

The US government has special funds with billions available to help low-income families.
All you have to do is know where to ask for help.
(You can ask for help from the government as well as for financial help from funds in your State!)

Gain instant access to government financial help, grants, and benefits.

Get Extra Money Each Month (Financial Help for Low-Income Families)

Financial help for families

This special program provides financial aid to low-income families.

You can get this financial help:

  • Help paying your bills and utilities.
  • Money for rent or rent assistance
  • Money for food
  • WIC assistance
  • Unemployment assistance
  • Special grants and support programs for families.
  • Money to buy necessities for your kids or baby.
  • Education grants.

Go here to get all the info and help you need.

Need an Extra $1,000? The Government Owes Billions to Families. See If You Can Get Some.

Find unclaimed moneyThe US government has a MASSIVE pot of unclaimed money and assets.

There’s $58,000,000,000 available right now in unclaimed IRS checks, savings, checking, and security deposit accounts, undelivered checks, accessible right at your fingertips.

All you need to do is apply to get your fair share of the money.

Free Sweepstake with Cash PrizeWhere does this lost money come from?

  • When rich people die who don’t have any heirs, the state claims their properties and money.
  • Often, rich people forget to take all the money out of a safe when they leave a Hotel or apartment. The government claims this money too.
  • There are millions of dollars of lost/forgotten checks which were never checked.
  • State governments save uncollected money found in stocks, un-cashed dividends, checks, refunds, trust distributions, money orders or gift certificates (in some states).
  • Insurance payments or refunds are also commonly found.
  • Even contents of a safety deposit box are available.

On average, people can get $1,000 according to ABC.

Go here to see how Much Money You Can Get from the Government.

And after searching for money using the above link, also go here to request unclaimed assets and money.

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Get Paid to Share Your Opinion & Watch Commercials

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You can also earn free gift cards by watching and rating new movies, TV shows, music, trailers, and commercials.

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Best Charities that Help Single Moms & Hardship Grants for Single Moms

Here is a list of charities which help struggling single moms with food, housing, healthcare, and money.

  • Are you religious? TheHarvest is a nonprofit organization to help religious moms. They provide some boxes of free food to certain churches which in turn distribute it to their members.
  • FeedingAmerica helps poor moms with food donations. Visit their website to see if you can qualify for free food and how to get it.
  • Need a car? You may be able to get a used one from CarsForMoms. People who have old, broken cars (often which were in accidents) donate them to this charity. If you don’t have a car and need one, try applying to get one here.
  • For emergency healthcare aid, visit the RedCross.
  • MercyHousing provides very low-cost housing and housing assistance for broke single moms and seniors.
  • TheMommyNetwork is a group for moms to help moms by donating to each other used things they no longer need.

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