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Top Paying Surveys
Top Paying Surveys

How to Make Money from Surveys Online 2019 Best Legit Surveys for Cash

Discover How to Make Money by Answering Online Surveys in 2019

Want the highest paying surveys for cash? Read here all about the best free survey sites that pay you for your opinion on products, services, and whatever the big brands want to research about. 

Real online Survey Sites that pay cash do exist, you just need to know where to find them.

Conducting a street survey the traditional way
Conducting a street survey the traditional way

You see, before the Internet era, brands would conduct their surveys via market research companies who’d hire people to walk around and find anyone willing to stop and spend some time replying to questions, often unpaid.
Long surveys were conducted at special locations where people could sit down to do them, and usually for a cash reward in return for their time.

This was very time consuming and costly for brands. So when the Internet began this kind of marketing research via opinion surveys moved online.

The legitimate online paid surveys are basically like a virtual paid focus groups, conducting their paid online marketing research by asking people to watch a promotional video ad, a film or new song video trailer, play a game, write a short review, answer survey questions etc. 

How Do You Make Money Filling Out Surveys?

The most popular highest paying survey sites have different ways of rewarding you for answering short survey questions or for doing longer surveys. Some pay you in virtual points that can then be redeemed, exchanged, and or converted into:

  • Sweepstake or product auction entries (like penny auctions with time-limited or quantity limited entries)
  • Swag from their shop
  • Virtual or physical gift cards, so you can shop on Amazon, eat at restaurants or buy groceries, petrol etc.
  • Sweet cash.

How Much Money Can You Make Taking Surveys that Pay?

You can make $30 bucks in 20 minutes by joining our list of paid survey sites. If you’re a new user, you’ll get a signup bonus from each (usually $5)! 😀

Here are the Top Paid Survey Sites in 2019:

Join ALL of these survey sites because then you can pick and choose the BEST paying surveys and make the MOST money. (Plus you’ll get multiple signup bonuses! 😀 )

  1. Vindale Research. Earn up to $75/survey! Take surveys on your phone or desktop. Get a $2 Signup bonus.
    Vindale is America’s #1 biggest paid survey panel. They work with 1,000’s of companies and top brands (including Netflix, Disney, Amazon, Samsung, NIKE, Starbucks etc.)
    NOTE: Signup on this mobile page if you’re currently on mobile, or signup here if you’re on desktop.
  2. GoldOpinions. Top paying surveys from 1,00o’s of brands! Earn up to $50/survey.
    Watch new movies for free. Get FREE products from top brands. And get FREE meals at restaurants in return for your opinion!
    Their happy members have earned over $8,000,000 dollars!
  3. Swagbucks – Earn up to $35/survey! Get a $5 signup bonus.
    You’ll get paid to answer surveys, surf the web, play fun games and trivia games, shop online, find deals, try products for free, watch funny videos, rate movie trailers, and watch cooking shows (including Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay, Emeril, Gui Fieri and more!). Swagbucks gives out 7,000 free gift cards PER DAY to their members! Members have earned $297,148,994 to date.
  4. MyPoints. Take surveys on your PC or mobile phone. Earn up to $50 per survey! Plus get a bonus $5 when you take 5 surveys. Their members have been paid over $230,000,000 dollars!
    You’ll also get paid to read emails and visit websites, play games, and watch videos.
  5. Cash4Surveys – Get paid cash to answer surveys, complete free & easy offers, search online, and play fun games.
    They also run contests with cash and exciting prizes. If you refer your friends you’ll earn money too!
  6. Survey Junkie. Join to earn cash and rewards for sharing your opinion. Their happy members all agree they give the best rewards. You’ll even get a small payment if you don’t qualify for a survey!
  7. Survey Voices has some of the highest-paying surveys. It’s one of our favorite survey sites. Some moms earn $350 to $800 per WEEK!
  8. Panda ResearchGet paid CASH to review products and services, read emails, and take surveys and offers. Earn up to $50 per survey/offer. Get a $3 signup bonus!
  9. Get Paid to Shop At Home! – This survey site pays to shop online and give your opinion.
  10. InboxDollarsGet a $5 signup bonus! InboxDollars is a survey/rewards site which works with many top brands. You’ll get paid to read emails, take surveys online, play online games, watch videos, and go shopping. A survey only pays around $0.50, yet still members have earned over $57 Million in rewards.
  11. Zen Surveys – Great paid surveys from top brands in every industry!
  12. PineCone Research – Earn $3 per quick survey you answer and be the first to test and review products before they hit the shelves!
  13. American Consumer Opinion – One of America’s largest survey panels, since 1986. They have 100s of great paying surveys from top brands. ACO paid out over $30,000,000 dollars to their members!
  14. InboxPays – Earn up to $50 per offer! Get paid to read emails and make money with fun, paid surveys.
  15. iSurvey World – Get paid up to $70 per survey! You’ll also get paid to review products. Get a $5 signup bonus.
  16. Join Surveys2Cash and make $100 from your first survey! They have many great paid surveys and polls you can make money answering.
  17. Easy Surveys for You – Get matched with the best surveys. Anyone over 13 can join! (Send your teens here to earn their own pocket money.)
  18. Netflix Survey – Share your opinion about Netflix to get an instant reward!
  19. Go2Crowd – Take various paid surveys on your phone or computer.
  20. Join Opinion Bureau to get paid for sharing your opinion on entertainment, brands, and products.
  21. PanelPlace tells you about new paid survey opportunities from many different online survey companies. Join to get personalized surveys.
  22. Surveys for Moms – Are you a mom? Join this website to get access to the best, paid surveys for moms.
  23. Fun, Paid Surveys for Teens and Adults! At E-Poll you’ll get paid to answer fun surveys about TV shows, celebrities, music, athletes, and entertainment. Plus there’s a monthly sweep for members with a prize of $1,000 and 50 winners! If you have a teen kid (age 13+) they can also join to make money answering celeb quizzes. 
    Join on this page if you’re age 13-25. Go here to join if you’re over 25.
  24. Earn up to $75/Survey! Earn free, bonus cash reading paid emails. Get paid up to $150/hr participating in clinical studies.
  25. PointClub – Many great paying surveys from brands. They were even seen on TV! Get a $5 signup bonus! 😀

Here are more places where you can get rewarded for answering surveys and completing offers:

How to Make BIG Bucks from Surveys?

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How to Make Money from Surveys
Checks Jason Receives from Paid Surveys

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Find BEST Make Money Surveys
How to Find the BEST Paying Surveys Online

Go here to learn his secret:

Discover the Secret!

How to Supplement Your Income in 2019 with Free Online Surveys

Want to make extra money in your spare time? 
Get PAID to watch movie trailers, play fun games and answer easy paid surveys.

Join our top 2019 survey sites without delay.
Sign up to them all to make sure you get the free signup bonus before they take it away.

Do surveys as often as you can in your free time.
Tip: Save your reward points without wasting them gambling on tempting looking sweeps and auctions,. This way you are more likely to accumulate them into a significant sum you can then convert into a gift card or cash.

While we are not aware of survey sites just for moms, or of specific mommy surveys, many of the legit paid consumer opinion survey sites we mention above also might have some surveys targeted for moms, or pregnant women.

It just really depends on what brand they work with and on the kind of information they seek to help them with their product development, marketing messages, or any other objective.

Make Money Doing Surveys to Relieve Financial Stress

Why do so many other people also look for the best legit paid survey sites online that do pay?
Perhaps, just like most of us, you need some extra money to help pay off your bills and debts, or more cash to cover the costs of your family’s needs.

Or maybe you simply want to finally enjoy a stress-free life. And relax.
Get the weight of the world’s troubles off your shoulders.

Because the lack of money and the hardship meeting payments on your ever-growing mountains of debt causes stress.
And stress is so dangerous for our health, as it sooner or later brings on stress-related diseases like high blood pressure, obesity and heart attacks, even cancer.

Not to mention premature aging and ruining your face with a sad drooping mouth, haggard look, and with those old-persons engraved angry-looking, bitter worry lines.

Additionally, stressed people sooner or later suffer of insomnia.
Which helps in becoming short-tempered (or even nasty) with our loved ones.
And that just ends with us losing them.

Every day is a new chance to change your life and your future.
So smile again and feel hopeful.
Life is great when there’s some extra money from surveys to help you.

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To you!

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