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Make $$$ Money Taking Pictures of Your Family with Your Phone!

Make Money Taking Pictures of Your Kids Family

Isabel Sold This Baby Pic for $500!

Isabel sold this image for $500
Isabel sold this pic for $500!

The next time you take photos of your family, you could make real money!

Did you know that there are people out there making $1,000’s to $10,000’s of dollars – from selling a SINGLE image they snapped once?!

And no, these are not amazing fine art photos or professional photos made by famous photographers.

These are simple pics of everyday items including photos of babies (cute, crying, laughing, angry, sleeping), a kid eating ice cream, a happy family taking a picnic, a tubby ginger cat, friends at an outdoor party…

Anyone can do this. Even if you only have a mobile phone camera!

Snap a photo once – and make a passive recurring income by selling it again and again.

Here are some inspiring examples of family pictures which are making money

[1] On one popular website (with over 1.5 MILLION buyers) moms are selling EACH pic for $50-$500!
And the images are selling over and over again – making hundreds and thousands.

Here are examples of the best-selling pictures of kids and babies:

[1] Cathy Yeulet has a dream life. She makes money by traveling the world taking pictures. She sometimes earns $6,000-$10,000 from a single image she takes!
The same image sells over and over again – and makes money into the future.

This picture of a happy family made Cathy Yeulet over $10,000!


[2] Steve Collender makes an extra monthly income selling various images he takes.
He’s made $1000’s of dollars so far!

Here are 2 of his bestselling images:


[3] Katerina Elena Trninich makes $1000’s of dollars selling baby images online.
In fact, she’s just reached the $10,000 mark!

Here are examples of her bestselling images:


[4] This huge website paid out over $500,000,000 to people who sell their images there!
Some of these pictures below have made $10,000+ EACH!

Can you take a simple picture like that of your family?
Great, maybe you’ll be the next success story!

“How Can I Make Money from My Pictures?”

How to Make Money with Stock PhotographyIn our easy FREE guide, we’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to start making money selling your images online!

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 There are certain great websites & apps where you can sell your images.
Simply upload and list a picture for sale once and can make endless sales into the future!
Many people are making a recurring monthly income from simple pics they snapped.

The more images you snap and upload, the more money you can make!

“What kind of pictures can I make money from?”

Everything and anything! The opportunities are endless.

Here are some ideas of popular pictures which will probably sell well for you too:

  • Your baby or kids doing anything from eating, crying, playing, sleeping, cuddling with you.
  • Your family inside and outside of your home.
  • You, your husband and parents holding your baby.
  • Burping your baby or changing nappies. Potty training or washing your baby etc.
  • Your happy family smiling, laughing, playing together, or just sitting on the couch.
  • Playing with your kids (indoors and outdoors).
  • Teaching your kids early learning games.
  • Reading to your kids.
  • Taking your kids shopping at the mall.
  • Eating ice cream or fast food with your family.
  • Having a picnic with your family or playing with your kids at the park/playground.
  • Your family at a fun park, playground, or taking a picnic in the park.
  • Hugging your kids. (This is a typical happy family/happy single parent photo which many clients buy for various family related articles and advertisements.)
  • Watching TV with your kids.
  • Having a tickle fight with your kids.
  • Brushing teeth with your kids.
  • Your kids playing with their toys.
  • Running with your kids in the park looking really happy.
  • Cooking with your kids.
  • Your kid unwrapping gifts for Xmas or their birthday.
  • Shopping with your family.
  • If you have pets – your pet sitting, sleeping, eating, playing with your kids.
  • Yourself, your spouse, or friends cooking, typing on the computer, taking selfies, or even just texting!
  • Everyday items at home and outdoors. Nature. Sky. Fields. The Street. Your car. The airport. A storefront. Anything interesting you see.
  • And even silly things – like dropping your ice cream!

If you’re a single parent and want to take pictures with your kids, ask a friend or relation to help you and take pictures of each other with your kids.

You can even sell photos of nature and houses.
Wayne Hoover sold a collection of 10 images featuring this farmhouse for $2,000!

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We hope you make a TON of money from this info and would love to hear of your success stories! 
Comment below to share your achievements and any comments you may have on the tutorial…

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