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How to Get FREE Enfamil Baby Formula Samples (worth $600)

Enfamil is one of the most famous brands selling baby formula and baby food. As you well know, baby formula is expensive.

How to save money? Get free Enfamil samples!

There are several places you can get free samples of Enfamil baby food. All you need to do is signup to get free baby stuff. It’s fast and easy.

Join all these websites to get the most free baby food!

Get FREE Enfamil Samples & Gifts Worth $400!

Enfamil Baby formula free samples
Free Enfamil Baby Formula Samples!
Free Baby Food Baby Box by Mail
Free Baby Formula Samples!

EDF is a popular free forum for moms.
When you become a member for free, you’ll get a box with free baby samples every month!
Plus, you’ll instantly get a huge amount of Enfamil freebies and coupons.

And, you can enter free daily sweepstakes to win free diapers, free baby strollers, and free baby food for a year!

Go here to join EDF and get FREE Enfamil items worth $400 and a chance to win FREE Baby Formula for a Year!

Free Enfamil baby food samples

Here’s what Enfamil freebies you’ll get:

  • Many free Enfamil formula samples for your baby.
  • Lots of free Enfagrow baby formula samples.
  • HUGE Enfamil coupons, savings, and exclusive discounts – often worth $5, $20, $35, and even $50!

Enfamil formula samples free stuff

Get a Box with FREE Enfamil Baby Formula from Amazon!

Free Baby Box Diapers Bottle Wipes
What’s in the Free Amazon Baby Box
Free Enfamil Baby Food samples
Free Enfamil Baby Food samples

Amazon will send you a big box of free baby stuff including baby food when you either create a free baby registry, get a free Prime trial, or get a free Amazon Family subscription.
(Or do all 3 to get more boxes of free stuff for your baby!)

Plus, when you get a free Amazon Family subscription you’ll get 20% off diapers you buy.
And, when you make a free baby registry, you’ll get 15% off products in your registry!

Free Enfagrow baby food samplesAsides from Enfamil gifts, Amazon also gives samples of organic baby food, free baby clothes, free baby bottles, and free baby pacifiers!

To get your free baby products in the mail, create your baby registry on Amazon here.

Tons of Free Baby Stuff! Baby Formula, Diapers, Toys, Creams, Bottles…

Free baby items and samples
Free baby items and samples

This great website gives out free samples of baby food, baby formula, free diapers, sample wipes, free baby bottles, baby toys, baby lotions & creams, and more.

You can get many samples of baby items by requesting samples from different brands. They work with many brands.

Go here to get your free baby stuff.

Free baby box with diapers
Free baby box with diapers

Free Boon Baby Bottle

Free stuff for babies by mail
Free baby stuff for expectant moms

Freebie Bonanza! Get Free Baby Products & Formula 

Signup for free on this popular samples website to get loads of free baby items and samples.

After joining, select free samples you want online and get them in the mail for free.
They’ll also let you know as soon as they have new exciting freebies from top brands.

Free sample baby stuff

Get a Box of Free Baby Stuff worth $200!

Free baby diaper samples box

Would you like to get free baby stuff in return for writing a quick review? Sounds fair to me (and a great way to save $200!).

Join this popular product testing website to get free baby stuff worth $200!

Depending on which brands are running a promotion, the baby box you’ll get will include free baby food, free baby samples, a free baby feeding bottle, free diapers and maybe even a free baby monitor.

Ask Shops Near You for Free Samples of Enfamil Formula 

Some shops give out free samples. Check out stores in your area which sell baby food and ask them for free samples. Some might give you Enfamil baby samples for free.

Ask Your Doctor for Enfamil Samples

Brands often give children’s hospitals and doctors small samples of their products to help promote their brand. While they usually just have diaper samples, sometimes they also have baby food samples. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Get 50+ Free Product Samples & Baby Items

This website has many free baby product samples as well as free samples of household products, beauty products, snack samples, and everyday items from top brands.
Save money by getting your favorite products for free!

Go here to join for free to get your free product samples.

Free makeup beauty samples by mail

Get Many Free Samples of Baby Food and Household Products

Join this site to be the first to hear of new free product samples including baby food, baby items, and everyday items.

Free Samples Freebies Free Stuff
Free Product Samples for Moms

Get 1 Free Enfamil Sample from Walmart

Create a free baby registry on Walmart to get a small bag with free baby items. It often includes an Enfamil sample (although there’s no guarantee).

You can create your baby registry online and then pick up the bag at the closest store to you. (Some moms get multiple bags by going to different stores in their area.)

Free Sample Enfamil Baby Food from Target

How to Get FREE Enfamil Baby Formula Samples (worth 0)When you make a free Target baby registry, you’ll get a welcome bag (with fewer items than Amazon but still nice) with free baby stuff and coupons. The coupons are usually worth $50 so that’s a nice thing.

The Target baby gift bag contains sample sized products including baby food, baby creams, baby diapers, baby bottles, and more.

And like on Amazon, you’ll also get 15% off products in your Target registry.

(Note: Products included in the box vary. There’s no guarantee you’ll get Enfamil samples.)

BTW here’s a TIP: Go to this page to save $10 when you buy baby stuff worth $50 at Target!

Win $2,500/month from Amazon! Buy All the Formula You Need.

Win Cash Free SweepstakeIf you haven’t created an Amazon baby registry yet, create one now for your chance to win $2,500 each month!

The prize is cash money which you can spend anywhere you want including buying not on Amazon.
(You could even use it to pay for gas or your rent!)

Amazon Free Cash Sweepstake for Moms
Amazon’s Free Sweepstake for Moms

Get Free Product Samples & Win $1,500 Each Month!

Join Shopper’s Voice for free to get FREE product samples, savings, coupons.
You’ll also get paid to share your opinion in easy paid surveys. As well as a chance to win $1,500 every month!

It’s quick and free to join.

Free samples free by mail

Get FREE Gift Cards! Simply Watch Videos & Answer Surveys

How to Get FREE Enfamil Baby Formula Samples (worth 0)Many moms make an extra $200-$800/mo just by watching commercials, rating videos, watching movie trailers, testing ou free products, and answering paid surveys.

In fact, this top paid survey site gives out thousands of gift cards per day!
It’s free to join, and you’ll get a $5 signup bonus. 

Win Free Amazon Gift Cards to Buy Baby Stuff

Enter these free contests for moms to win a gift card and buy baby items.

More Enfamil Freebies worth $400!

Enfamil free samples
Enfamil free samples by mail

Want to get ANOTHER $400 worth of coupons and free samples of Enfamil?

Join the official Enfamil rewards club as well to get more free samples and coupons.

Get $25 and FREE Baby Formula in Return for Your Opinion!

Vindale Best Paid Surveys for Moms
Best Paid Surveys for Moms

There are certain legit paid survey sites which give free baby products and pay moms to answer surveys about baby products.

Brands want your opinion to improve their products and they’re willing to reward you for it!

When you answer paid surveys from brands, you get free Amazon gift cards, money, and free baby products.
There are thousands of paid surveys available for US moms.

Some moms make $25/h by answering paid surveys about baby products!

Spend a few minutes every day answering polls and surveys to make extra income from home and buy all the baby formula you need.

Go here for a list of top legit paid survey sites.

How to Pay Less for Baby Formula?

If you still need to buy baby formula, here’s how to save BIG.

  1. Coupons
  2. Daily Deals
  3. Cashback
  4. Discount gift cards.

Cashback is real money you get back each time you make a purchase online or offline at all the big stores.
To get cashback, you need to install some free apps or signup for free on cashback websites. (Below are our favorite cashback sites!)

Discount gift cards are cheap gift cards you buy (for up to 35% LESS) and use to shop online or offline.
So instead of spending $100 on shopping, you only spend $75 and save $35 (just by buying a cheap gift card!).

The best part is, these 35% savings can be used ON TOP of any coupons, cash back offers, and discounts! Cool, right?

By using multiple coupons and cash back offers at the same time, you can get baby formula for so cheap it’s almost free.

Here are the best resources to SAVE lots of money on baby stuff. Join them all!

    • Find TONS of big daily coupons here and save $200+ on everyday products.
    • Shop online? Join this cashback site to SAVE BIG on baby formula, diapers, and everyday products. After joining you’ll get automatic coupons, price comparison, and top cashback at 2,500 top online stores and brands.
    • Get a discount gift card and always pay up to 35% LESS for everything you buy at top brands!
    • If you buy diapers and baby stuff online, use this trick to get $10 free. Join TopCashBack and get $10 FREE cash back on your first online purchase!
      You’ll also get 10% cash back on every purchase you make at thousands of online stores and brands (including Amazon and eBay). This is a great way to save money when buying baby stuff online.
    • Install SavingStar Best Coupons & Cash Back App to get BIG fat coupons! You can often save $0.50 to $5 on each product you buy, and get automatic cash back at thousands of stores and brands. 
      Recommended by TIME magazine, Mashable, Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Parents, and the Boston Globe.
    • Get TONS of baby stuff for ONLY $1 from top brands! Baby diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, food, and more.
    • Pro Shopper – Get 10% cashback on online purchases you make at 1,000 stores & brands they work with, as well as FREE shipping, shipping rebates, and 10% off gift cards!

More Ways to Save Money and Get Free Baby Stuff

Here are more great places to get free stuff and samples online.

Get Samples of Aveeno Baby Lotion

Free Aveeno baby lotion samples

This sample takes a bit longer to get than the formulas from the other sites. You’ll need to fill in a form and answer some questions.

Go here to get your sample of Aveeno baby lotion.

Get Samples of Dove Soaps

Free Dove Shampoo Soap Samples
Get Dove Samples

Okay, this one has nothing to do with baby formula but we added it because it’s a good resource!

Go here to get samples of Dove soaps.

Trick to Get Baby Stuff from Amazon for 95% LESS!

Yep, you can brand new products from Amazon. For 95% less. 

Want to know how? Read this short article:

EXPOSED: How to Get $2,400 worth of baby stuff for only $110.

Enter Sweepstakes to Win Cash – Buy All the Baby Formula You Need! 

Go here for a list of legit free-to-enter sweepstakes with cash and great prizes.

Win Enfamil Coupons & Freebies

Here’s another idea how to win free Enfamil products.

Follow Enfamil on social to hear of Enfamil coupons and occasional Enfamil formula giveaways.

Asides from that, sometimes new Facebook pages (like new online stores or mom bloggers) run small free to enter giveaways with baby stuff.
Search Facebook for hashtags such as #babygiveaway or #babystuff #winEnfamil.

You can also search Instagram for those hashtags.

We hope this article helps you get all the Enfamil baby formula you need! Please leave a comment if you know of other ways to get free baby food samples.

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