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Win iPhones in Legit Free Sweepstakes Online

Win an iPhone 11 Pro – Legit Free-to-Enter Sweepstakes 2020

Free iPhone 11

If you can’t afford to buy an iPhone, asides from making money with easy side hustles, you can enter free giveaways and sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPhone.

Here is a selection of current, free-to-enter legit sweepstakes with iPhones as prizes.
We suggest you enter all of them for the most chances to win.

It is fast and easy to enter these free giveaways. If you win 2 iPhone smartphones, you could sell the 2nd one or give it away to a friend.

FREE iPhone Giveaways & Sweepstakes April 2020

Asides from entering these free giveaways, here are other creative ways how to get a free iPhone online.

Get a FREE iPhone X or iPhone 11 Pro in Return for a Video Review!

How to Get a Free Apple iPhone and iPad
How to Get a Free iPhone and iPad

Did you know that 100’s of people get FREE products from brands in return for a video review? Brands need reviews to promote their products. In return, they give you a free product.

As a product tester, all you need to do is talk about what you like or dislike about the iPhone after you get it for free. It’s easy! Anyone can do it.

Go here to apply to get a free iPhone by becoming a product tester on America’s #1 product testing community.
You can apply to test many products including a free iPhone X, iPhone 11 Pro, as well as other gadgets, electronics, and household products.

Go here to get a free iPhone X. Go here to get a free iPhone 11 Pro.

How to Get an iPhone for Free (no contract)?

Peter Paid Surveys Review
– Peter

No one gives something for nothing. However, if you’re okay with spending an hour or two answering product surveys, watching commercials, or rating movie trailers, you can get a free iPhone as a reward without needing to buy it.

Here’s how to get a free iPhone in return for sharing your opinion:

  • Go here to answer one survey, collect 100 points, and get an iPhone X as a reward.
  • Here’s another place where you can get an iPhone X by completing offers and answering a survey.
  • Peter got a free iPhone 6 here by answering fun polls in his extra time for a week. GoldOpinions is a great survey site. By joining, you can get free Netflix, free movie tickets, and free products to test and keep. They have many fun paid surveys and polls about entertainment, movies, food, brands. Join to start making extra money and get free Apple products!
  • Join Swagbucks for free. Watch commercials, movie trailers, and answer polls to get free gift cards. Use your Apple gift card to get a free iPhone.
  • Join Vindale Research free and get paid for answering surveys. Go here to join if you’re on mobile. Go here to join if you’re on a laptop or computer.
  • Join InboxPays free to get paid to read emails and give your opinion in polls.
  • Join ZenSurveys for free to make extra money answering surveys and watching videos. After a week or two, you could buy your iPhone!

Which Apple iPhone is the best?

win free iphone 11 pro sweepstakesEach generation keeps improving and getting new exciting features, however, even the iPhone 6 is pretty awesome.
To read all about the different iPhones, visit Apple’s website.

The best thing about the iPhone 11 is:
You can now calmly take selfies in the shower, at the beach, or underwater.
The iPhone 11 is water-resistant up to 2 meters. You can dive with it for up to 30 minutes. Rain and water splashes won’t hurt it. 
The new Apple iPhone 11 is also super resilient. The glass is pretty shatterproof.
And did we mention the new 12MP camera is simply AMAZING?

How to Make Money Taking Pictures with Your Free iPhone?

Did you know that simple, ugly pictures sometimes sell for $500?
This cat photo for instance, is a best-selling photo! Along with other pics, this cat makes the photographer $3,000 per month.

Steve's bestselling photo

The iPhone has a great camera. Well, maybe not the same quality as some of those super expensive Nikons, but good enough to make decent pictures for sale.

Here’s how to make money with your iPhone:

Take pictures of various items (clouds, cats, your kids, your dog, and even the kitchen floor!).
Sell these pictures on special websites and make extra money!

Some people (unprofessional photographers, stay-at-home moms, teens) make a few $100’s to $3,000 per month from selling everyday pictures online.

How to Make Money after Winning an iPhone

You could make anything from $400 to $999 by selling a brand-new iPhone you won a free sweepstake.

Here is a list of places where you can sell an iPhone you win:

  1. Ebay.
  2. Amazon.
  3. NewEgg (it’s a marketplace which specializes in selling tech gadgets and electronics).
  4. List the iPhone for sale in your local newspaper classifieds section.
  5. Post about your iPhone in local Facebook groups.
  6. List your iPhone for sale in local forums like CityData.

Free Instagram iPhone Giveaways 2020

Did you know some pages run giveaways on Instagram? While you do need to beware of scammers and click-bait, some pages do actually run free iPhone giveaways on Instagram. Sometimes they’ll ask you to like, comment, or follow them in order to enter. Other times, they might want you to click to their website and do some actions there in order to enter. Check out different hashtags to see current Instagram giveaways.


  1. I want to entra a 11pro iPhone giveaway for free

  2. I really want an iphone ive never had one before

    but i know i wont get it

  3. I would like to surprise my sister if I get lucky!

  4. I would really like one cause my cousin has cancer plz I need it

  5. Please give me the iPhone I have an iPhone 5 now I need to upgrade

  6. Janakamm Tirupathi

    Iphone 11,pro mobile free sample


  7. I hope i Win i hope i Win i never had a iPhone i want to win

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  13. I really need a new iphone for free,And if i get it i will ready be happy

  14. Oh I like iPhone but I don’t have

    • I have been far away from my mum and family members for about nearly 2yrs now. Iam planning a surprise visit to them early april 2020.Can that free iPhone giveaway be the best gift from me to my mum?

  15. Edomwonyi Imariaegbe

    I hope to win an iPhone giveaway

  16. all my friends have the iphone 11 pro or 11 but they all keep bragging about it and they wont let me hang out with them as i have a iphone 6

  17. My birthday was coming i hope that i cat get free iphone 11 pro max for my gift😍

  18. I will you wanna iPhone 11 cause I need it I’ve had an iPhone 6 for 4 years and I use it for four years now and I need it for the camera system always wanted to try on for a few months trying to win it and every time I lose the bet so please choose me 🙏🏻🙂

  19. i never had a phone before

  20. I would really appreciate one I seriously believe this is a real legit website and hopefully I pray that you help me I love this phone I love the content and everything about it I pray to God that I really get it I have never had one.

  21. Hey! Can I please get the iphone 11? I really need one because I don’t have a phone, and my mother said if I can win this bet I can keep the phone.

    Jalissa Robinson

  22. Hope i win dream of having an iphone 11 pro max

  23. Please my iPhone 7 doesn’t work well I need a phone with good quality and I just lost my father so a iPhone will cheer me up that would be so great✌🏿

  24. i really want this for my mom who is suffering from cancer right now but is hopefully going to make it she has wanted one for photography for a long time now it would mean so much to her

  25. I wish i had an iphone 11 but i will never win

  26. I need iphone becausr my birthday is coming please forgive me

  27. i have never had e chance to use an iphone before i will love to win an iphone 11 ,so i can also experience how it feels to have an iphone , i have heard amazing things about iphone from alot of iphone users and i love to use one pls.

  28. hey I would like to win an iPhone Xr

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  30. I hope to win 3 iPhone 11s for my family

  31. Mayrenne ashley Jecara

    I never had an iphone since i was born and when i was a 14 that was already my dream to have one.i hope i win and i will be the happiest person.i got insecure on my classmates because they had a phone but i always told my self that god has a plan so i really wish i win😢❤️

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