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how to make money from home
How to make money from home

10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online & from Home

If you need extra money fast to pay bills or if you’re sick of working full-time at a job you hate and want to make much more money online, pay close attention to what you’ll read.

In this article you’ll discover fun & easy ways to make money from home and ways to make a passive income online.

Get Paid to Play Video Games (Game Tester Jobs)

How to find game tester jobs
How to find game tester jobs

If you love playing video games, this job is perfect for you! It’s fun and easy.

Get paid up to $50/h to play & test new video games and share your experience and feedback.

You can also get paid up to $75 to watch and review a game trailer, vote on which music tracks should be used in a game, test a mobile game, or answer a game-related survey.
You’ll also get FREE products! Test & keep new video games of your choice, game consoles, controllers, gaming mouse, gaming led keyboards, headphones, VR headsets, and other cool new products.

How to find game tester jobs?
Join VGT (the top game testing job site) and find 1,000’s of high-paying game tester jobs from top game companies.

VGT was featured by MSNBC, Yahoo News, and Gamespot. They have the most (and best) game testing jobs online.

You don’t have to be an amazing, top-notch game player to join. Even hobbyist gamers, teens, and beginner game players are getting paid to play!

Other benefits you get as a VGT member:

  • Playstation plus points and vouchers for participating on online beta games.
  • iTunes/Spotify gift cards for participating in surveys about game soundtracks and music.
  • Xbox live points and vouchers for participating on online beta games.
  • Free mobile games, computer games, and video games.
  • A free copy of the released version of each game you tested.
  • Cash for testing exciting video games and fun mobile games.
  • Get Invited to game conferences, launches, exhibits and conventions such as E3, Japan Game Expo and many more!

Join now and become a video game tester! 

If you ever wanted a career in video games, working for these top game companies as a game tester is a great way to get into the industry.

Game Tester jobs online

Make Money from Old, Dead Batteries

Battery reconditioningWithout ANY technical knowledge, special skills, education, or engineering knowhow, there’s a simple and easy method you can use to bring old batteries back to life.

You can quickly revive car batteries, AAA batteries, cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, camera batteries, and many more types of batteries.

Anyone can do it! Regardless of age, education, or skills.

How to make money from reviving dead batteries?
You can offer a service to recondition batteries for clients or buy dead batteries, recondition them, and then sell them online.

If you want to make money in a reliable manner, starting your own home-based business is the best choice. 
Reconditioning batteries is an easy and profitable business because so many batteries keep dying all the time.

Go here to discover an easy step-by-step method how to purchase old batteries, easily recondition them, and sell them for a nice profit.

Make money how to recondition batteries

Get Paid to Give Your Opinion on Products, TV, Films, Commercials, and Music

Did you love or hate that Gillette commercial? What about that last Marvel movie you watched?

Get paid up to give your opinion on products, brands, commercials, movies, TV shows, and celebs. Earn up to $80 per short survey you answer!

You can also get FREE products from both big brands and new companies and get paid to give your opinion on them.

Like movies, music, and TV shows? You’re in luck! You can get paid to watch new movies, TV pilots, trailers, and commercials from home. Production companies need real viewer feedback before spending millions on advertising their new trailers or movies.

Some survey sites will even give you FREE movie tickets or a free Netflix subscription!

Jason White, a formerly broke single dad, is making $3,000 per month answering surveys from home. Here are some example paid surveys he gets invited to join:

Find BEST Make Money Surveys

Get FREE Products & Sell Them Online to Make Money

Product Test Free Dyson DC40 Vacuum Cleaner 2019
Product Test Free Dyson DC40 Vacuum Cleaner

Anyone can become a paid product tester regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or experience.

After becoming a product tester, you’ll get free products which you can sell online!

Some companies will even pay you to test and review new, free products they send you.

To become a product tester and get free products, join these top paid survey sites.

You can also enter free giveaways and sweepstakes to win expensive products.

Sell Other People’s Products on eBay for a BIG Profit

People both young and old (even teens!) are using this method to make money online.

Basically, here’s how it works:
You buy products for cheap from special discount sites and then sell the products for double, triple, or even 10x the original price on eBay or NewEgg. It’s easy and you can start with just $3.

Make Money on eBay
This broke mom became an eBay millionaire by buying apparel for cheap and selling it online.

Most people don’t know where to get products for dirt cheap.
Using the resources we’ll give you below, you can make a very nice online business with little work.

Because many products are cheap – costing only $3 – anyone can start selling online even with just a $3 investment!

Here’s an example of someone making money with this very method:

Creative ways to make money from home

Where to buy products for really, really cheap:

    • AliExpress – Get 1,000s of new, hot products from only $0.70 to $5! They also have millions of products up to 95% OFF retail price including brand-name clothes, electronics shoes, bags, makeup, toys, food, jewelry, hot inventions, cool gadgets, trendy accessories, and household products!
    • DailySale – HUGE daily deals on products up to 95% OFF retail price! While this is not a reliable source to buy products ongoing for your store, it is a great place to find cheap products each day. They sell cool gadgets, apparel, electronics, household items, sport accessories, and occasionally jewelry and toys. It’s a nice place to find something new to buy and flip each day.
    • DealDash – Bid on penny auctions to win brand new, hot electronics and expensive jewelry and clothes. if you win, you’ll only pay PEANUTS for the expensive product and make an INCREDIBLE profit!
    • OverStock – Get tons of products at wholesale prices and BIG reductions (up to 70% OFF retail price!). You can find a broad range of furniture, clothing, home & garden products, kitchenware etc.
    • LovelyWholeSale – Go here to get women’s clothes at dirt-cheap wholesale prices (up to 80% OFF!).
    • Pricefalls – BIG discounts on millions of products including rugs, bedding, electronics, clothing, and jewelry.
    • Keep an eye on warehouse closeout sales in your city and stores which go broke and have to sell everything for dirt cheap.
    • Would you like to pay 35% less for ANYTHING you buy from 100+ top brands? Buy online a greatly discounted gift card from a top brand and use it to buy things at the store or online for 35% less. You can use this in addition to any deals or savings on already reduced items you want to buy! Go here to get cheap gift cards.
      (This is the best, safest place to buy gift cards at a discount. Gift cards never expire. 1-Year Money Back Guarantee. Verified sellers only. Free Shipping. Over 18,300+ positive reviews from Happy Members. Recommended by CNN, ABC, NBC, NY Times, and Tech Crunch.)
    • DollarTree – Get products from top brands for only $1!
    • Win products for free by entering free sweepstakes.

How to choose which products to sell? Look at the bestselling products on the above sites. Find something that you like and sell it!

If you’re broke, start small. Buy some cheap products so you don’t have much risk.

You can even list products for sale on eBay and NewEgg before you bought them. When someone buys from you, rush along and buy the product at a big discount from one of the resources above and then ship it to the client. This way, you have ZERO financial risk! If there are no sales, you don’t have any costs.

Buy & Sell Movie Tickets or Theater Tickets at a BIG Profit

Save on "Be More Chill" Broadway TicketsWhen you buy tickets to hot shows at a HUGE discount you can sell them at a nice profit and make money!

Go here to get up to 85% OFF tickets to cinemas, movies, and hot theater shows, as well as fun park passes, and tickets to events.

After buying a ticket for cheap, sell it on TicketMaster, eBay, Craigslist, or other sites.

Buy Wine for CHEAP and Sell at a Nice Profit

Cabernet Sauvignon wine bottles discount
Cabernet Sauvignon wine bottles – 70% OFF!

Get premium wine up to 80% OFF retail price by joining wine clubs or buying wine on special discount wine sites we know of.

Then sell the wine for full price (or at a slight discount) on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist etc.

Go here to discover where to get award-winning, premium wine bottles at a HUGE discount.

Make $3,000 by Copying and Pasting Some Text

Discover how smart internet entrepreneur Ewan Chia made $3,052 in one weekend just copying and pasting some text.

Ewen Chia familyIt’s so simple it’s crazy! 
Anyone can do this and make money online, even without an education, without skills, and without money.

Ewan wasn’t born to a rich family. He spent years trying to figure out a way out of the rat race without working extremely hard like his father. 
“Eventually, I cracked the code to making as much money as I wanted from the internet.” Ewan said. 

After discovering this simple method to make money online, Ewan was featured by all major news & media outlets and became a famous trainer.)

If you want to NEVER worry about money again, learn from Ewan.

Copy Ewan and Make Money!

Discover How to Become an Internet Millionaire

ClickBank is a huge marketplace where some people sell howto products and software, and other people (called affiliates) promote products and earn a percentage of sales. 

Clickbank has so far paid over $3.5 billion to their members. 1,000 people became millionaires on Clickbank.
This is how some of the richest internet millionaires today made their money. Even teenagers are making money on Clickbank!

Click the video below to learn from the famous ClickBank Millionaires how you can also start making thousands of dollars online

How to make money from home on Clickbank

As seen on TechCrunch, NBC, Forbes, Wired, and more!

Easy Way to Make $500/day from Home

Best Cash Back Sites
Make Money Online

Can you move your mouse and click it? (Almost everyone can – but just making sure.)

If you can use a mouse, you could make a super easy, passive income online by doing this stupid-simple “work” just a few minutes each day. 
Newbies are making $500/day just by clicking their mouse! Visit the link to find out how.

Make Money Online by Taking Pictures of Your Family, Cat or Dog

how to make money easy with cloud pictures
This simple cloud photo made $500!

If you have a smartphone (or a camera) you can make money by taking pictures of your family, your pets, your city, clouds, the ground, and nature.

This simple photo of a cloud sells for $500!

Don’t worry! There’s absolutely NO need to be an amazing photographer.
In fact, the current style of photos companies want to buy are ugly, simple pictures that look like they were snapped by a 3 YO.

Anyone who has a smartphone and can snap a photo can make money using this method.

Read this article for more info.

How to Make Money Online as a Parent?

Play Luck Games to Win Money

Free Sweepstake with Cash PrizeIf you want a chance to win a HUGE jackpot (or even just a small one), enter these top FREE to enter legit sweepstakes and giveaways for a chance to win BIG.

It’s a game of luck, but if you don’t enter it, you’ll never win it!

Make Money While You Sleep – Turn Your Car into a 2nd Wage

Make Money from Your Car

Did you know your car can generate money for you – WITHOUT you needing to drive it? 
You can make money by renting out your car whenever you don’t need it (like at night when you’re sleeping). 
This way, you can earn a second wage without any work! 

Let your car make money for you while you’re asleep.

Where to Find a Freelance Job, Part-time Job, or Full-time Job

While you’re waiting to make money from your online endeavors, it’s good to have some sort of a stable, reliable income even if it’s from a part-time job.

One good place to find full-time and part-time jobs is LinkedIn.

If you want to work online as a freelancer, join the following freelance job sites:

  • Upwork.com
  • PeoplePerHour.com
  • Freelancer.com

If you are a sporty type, a freelance delivery job might be the right thing for you. Work whenever you want in your spare time delivering food for DoorDash in your area and earn $15/h + 100% of tips
You can deliver on a bicycle, scooter, or with a car. 

To find a good full-time or part-time job near you, check out this new job search site. They list tons of easy jobs from big brands which pay $16-$35 per hour.

Make $5,000/mo by Recommending Lyft Online

Lyft driver sign-on bonus promo codes 2019
Make money with Lyft

Lyft is one of the biggest rideshare car services out there. They recently got $1 billion in funding from General Motors (GM) which they’re using to get new Lyft drivers.

You’ll get paid by Lyft up to $500 for each new Lyft driver you refer!

Even if you hate driving and never drive for Lyft, you can make easy money from home by giving others your special Lyft driver referral code. 

How it works: Simply join Lyft as a driver, get a unique Lyft referral code, and then post your Lyft driver referral code online.
(You need to be a Lyft driver in order to get a referral code – however, you don’t need to drive for Lyft.)

Then when someone uses your code to become a new Lyft driver, you’ll get paid up to $500! 
All you need is 10 people joining Lyft per month to make an awesome $5,000.

And the best part is, after posting your Lyft promo codes online once, you can keep making an easy, passive income month in, month out.

Lyft referral code bonus
Lyft driver referral code bonus

Join Lyft to claim your share of the $1 Billion in funding.

Read this article for more info on how Lyft driver referrals work.

Get Paid to Give People $20 Promo Codes

Ideas to make money from home
Ideas to make money from home

Get paid $10 from Lyft each time you gift someone a $20 Lyft promo code for free Lyft rides!

After becoming a Lyft driver you’ll also get a Lyft passenger referral code. When someone uses your referral code, they’ll get free rides worth $20 and you’ll get free money!

The easiest way to get started is to ask your friends and family to share your referral code with everyone they know.

If you’re a sociable type, hand out a card with your Lyft passenger referral code to everyone you meet at bars, pubs, concerts, events etc.
You can also post your codes online in forums, Facebook groups, Reddit discussions, in Facebook events, and on FB pages of events/singers/celebs.

Go here to join Lyft and make money from home!

Get Paid $30 Each Time You Plug a USB into a Computer

10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online & from HomeWould you like to earn $80/h without ANY skills, knowledge, experience – and best of all, WITHOUT any work?

Here’s how: Simply plug a special new USB device into an old, slow, or dead computer. This amazing device will automatically bring the computer back to life and speed it up within 10 minutes.
And the shocked client will happily pay you $30. It’s that simple!

make a laptop faster for gamingPeople are more than willing to pay a small fee to speed up their old computers instead of having to waste hundreds on a new computer.
And when a computer dies (a hard drive fails) people pay hundreds of dollars to recover their data. 

With this smart USB device you can speed up even very slow computers and make them BLAZING fast again – just like new.
AND you can bring back to life dead computers and help people recover all their lost data.

When you consider how many hundreds of dollars you’re saving people, charging $30 or even $80 isn’t a big deal at all.
To get clients, post ads in local classified sections offering your service to speed up old computers and laptops or recover data.

This USB works with every type of computer or laptop (Mac and Windows) made after 2004. It’s like magic. 

This incredible device was developed by two former executives at HP and was featured by ABC, USA Today, LifeHacker, etc.

Don’t worry, you can use it even if you know NOTHING about computers! Even old grannies can use it. It’s really easy.

Go here for more info.Xtra-PC How to Make a Laptop Fast Again

Have fun making money online!

We hope the tips in this article help you to make easy money from home in a fun and fulfilling way. If you have tips or would like to share your experience making money online, comment below.


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