How to get free baby bottles online
How to get free baby bottles online

How to Get FREE Baby Bottles & Samples Online 2021

Get Free Baby Bottles Samples OnlineDo you need a baby bottle for your baby? In this article, we’ll share the best places to get FREE baby bottles & samples online in 2021.

You’ll discover:

  • How to get 1 (or even 10!) free baby bottles from top brands on Amazon!
  • 2 ways to get a box full of free baby stuff from Amazon.
  • How to get TONS of free baby samples and baby products for free from various websites.
  • How to get $200 of free baby diapers, formula, clothes, and toys!
  • How to get a free baby bottle and free baby items from Target and Walmart.
  • How to get free bottles and baby samples as a reviewer.

Before we tell you how to get a free bottle for your baby, first an important warning.

Best Baby Bottles vs. Dangerous Cheap Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are expensive, they can cost up to $27.
Therefore, some moms buy cheap baby bottles or get them for free.

However, babies are very fragile and sensitive. You need to have a good baby bottle from a reputable company, not some cheap baby bottle made in China with toxic plastic which could poison your baby.

Dangers of BPA plastic bottle poisoningsOften, cheap plastic baby bottles sold on Amazon/eBay are made with a toxic chemical called bisphenol A (BPA).

This very dangerous chemical leaches out of cheap baby bottles into your baby’s mouth and can cause cancer, liver and kidney malfunctions, mental retardedness, sleep issues, rashes, fever, hormone imbalance which affects the baby’s physical development, as well as severe genetic damage and genetic mutations. Yikes!

FDA has banned BPA from baby bottles made in America, however, cheap baby bottles sold on Amazon are often made in China where they have no rules and the bottles can contain BPAs and unlimited dangerous chemicals.

Therefore, it’s best to get a safe baby bottle from a reputed company.

Make sure the company selling the baby bottle (or giving it away for free) says the bottle is BPA-free!

What are the Safest Best Baby Bottles?

Get free baby bottlesUsually, baby bottles sold by big brands are safe because they have to pass safety standards and regulations to be sold in America, EU etc.

Many moms love Philips Avent baby bottles. They’re one of the bestselling baby bottles on Amazon.
Philips sells both glass baby bottles and safe plastic baby bottles.

These baby bottles are safe, BPA free, and designed to reduce colic, gas, and reflux.

They are very easy to refill and easy for babies to drink from. The bottles don’t drip or spill liquid even when held upside down or sideways.

The Philips Avent baby bottles have an ultra soft natural bottle nipple which closely resembles a breast nipple. Both babies who are breastfed and bottle-fed or just bottle-fed love drinking from it.

The shape of this baby bottle’s nipple helps your baby swallow less air as it drinks which reduces belly pain, gas, and vomiting.

Other top brands selling baby bottles include Boon, Dr. Brown, NUK, Evenflow, and Medela.

How to Get the Best FREE Baby Bottles in January 2021?

Now let’s get to the good free stuff!

Philips Avent free baby bottle
FREE Philips Avent baby bottle from Amazon!

You can get FREE Avent baby bottles, a free NUK baby bottle, free Boon baby bottles, a free Dr. Brown baby bottle (and free bottles from other brands) on Amazon!

Here’s how.

1. Get Free Baby Bottles with an Amazon Baby Registry

Simply create a Free baby registry on Amazon to get a FREE baby box packed with free baby stuff! Even the shipping is free.

Amazon will give you free baby products from top brands including high-quality baby onesies made from organic cotton, and high-quality baby bottles and pacifiers.

Free Dr. Brown baby bottle
Free Dr. Brown baby bottle from Amazon

Included in the free Amazon baby box are:

  • Free baby bottles! Depending on the current promotion, you can get free bottles for your baby from different top companies. Recently, some moms got a Dr. Brown baby bottle, some got Philips Avent baby bottles, and some got a Boon baby bottle.
  • 3 free natural baby pacifiers.
  • Free baby diaper samples (usually from Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Honest Company, and Seventh Generation).
  • Free baby wipes.
  • A free baby blanket, bathing robe, bodysuit, or hoodie. Currently, you can get a 100% organic cotton baby bodysuit!
  • A free baby toy or plushie.
  • Free parenting books.
  • Free baby formula and baby food.
  • Baby creams and lotions.
  • Healthy and yummy snacks for moms.
  • TONS of BIG coupons worth $5-$20 each!
  • And more surprise free baby items!
Amazon Free baby box welcome gift
Amazon Baby Registry Free Baby Box

Plus, you’ll get 15% off eligible items in your baby registry which is a great way to save money on products you want to buy anyway.

2. Get a Box of Free Baby Stuff (including Free Baby Bottles)

Asides from the Amazon baby registry welcome box, Amazon also gives a free box of baby stuff to parents who get an Amazon Family subscription. You can get a FREE 30-day trial of Amazon Family here and easily cancel it at any time.

The Amazon Family welcome box includes free baby products similar to those in the baby registry box.
It’s another great way to get free baby bottles, baby diapers, baby food, and baby clothes!

As an Amazon Family member, you’ll get 20% off diapers as well as thousands of free movies & TV shows, and millions of songs.
(You can also save more money and get 15% off baby products by adding them to your Amazon baby registry!).

Free baby stuff diapers samples food
Free baby stuff, samples, diapers

3. Free Baby Bottles + TONS of Free Baby Stuff & Samples Each Month!

EDF is a big mommy community which gives their members free baby products and samples every month.

You can get a free baby bottle from Avent, free baby creams, free baby diapers, free baby creams, free Aveeno baby lotions, free Huggies, and lots of free baby food.

Join for Free to get FREE baby stuff!

Free Baby Box Baby Stuff EveryDayFamily
Free Baby Box Baby Stuff from EDF

When you join this community you can also win free baby products such as strollers, carriers, and car seats every month!

4. Get Free Baby Items Online from Top Sample Sites

Free Baby Samples

Free baby items and samplesAs part of their marketing strategy, brands give free baby items and samples to hook moms on their products. In order to get their samples into moms’ hands, they distribute them through various big samples & savings sites.

You can find free stuff for expectant moms as well as free stuff for babies, toddlers, and kids online on some big, trustworthy sites.

Here is a list of places where you can get free baby samples in 2021:

  1. Get TONS of free baby samples from the Samples & Savings Club. It’s free and fast to join! After joining, you can request online all the baby stuff you want and get the free baby stuff by mail. You can also get free baby diaper samples.
  2. Here’s a great resource for free baby products and free product samples for moms.
  3. Go here to get more free baby products including diapers, bottles, creams, food, and clothes.
  4. Get samples of Aveeno baby lotion on this site.
  5. Go here to pick and choose from a big variety of free product samples from top brands.
  6. Go here for more free sample resources.

5. $200 of Free Baby Items – Bottles, Toys, Food, Baby Formula, Clothes!

Free baby samples and products
Box of free baby items

Join this site to get a BIG box of free baby stuff and surprise baby gifts from brands!

Depending on current promotions, you could get a free baby monitor, a free baby bottle, and tons of baby products like Gerber baby food, organic baby formula, and baby plates and spoons.

The exact items you get will vary depending on which brand is running a promotion. 

In return for the free baby products, all you need to do is write a review of the products you get.

6. Win Free Baby Stuff in Online Giveaways and Sweepstakes!

Win Cash Free SweepstakeYou can win expensive baby products worth hundreds as well as cash by entering free giveaways online. 

Go here for a list of the best free-to-enter sweepstakes and giveaways which are ending soon!

Win a Free Bare Air-free Baby Bottle

Win a free baby bottleBittyLab is a small company which makes air-free baby bottles.

To win a free Bare baby bottle from BittyLab, follow the company on Facebook. They sometimes run free giveaways for moms on Facebook with free bottles as prizes.

The Bare baby bottles are BPA-free and supposed to feel like a real breast and reduce air intake.

They also have a monthly contest for customers.
If you’re already a customer, you can enter to win an additional 2 baby bottles from BittyLab.

All you need to do is email them to [email protected] a picture or video of your baby using Bare baby bottle to enter to win an 8oz Bare Twin Pack. Their free contest ends the last day of the month and the winner will be contacted via email.

7. Free Baby Stuff & Bottles with a Target Baby Registry

Create a free baby registry on Target to get a free baby box with baby stuff and samples. Along with free diaper samples, you’ll get a free sample baby bottle and $100 worth of coupons for baby products. Target will also give you 15% off all the baby products in your registry!

If you’re going to buy baby toys on Target, use this link to get $10 free when you spend $50.

Why do Brands Give Moms Free Baby Bottles & Samples?

Free baby bottles Philips Avent
Free baby bottles Philips Avent

Usually, moms need several baby bottles for their babies. (You’ll need to clean the bottle often and have a spare you can use while one baby bottle is drying).

Brands hope that if they give you a free baby bottle, you’ll like it and your baby will get used to it, and you’ll buy more bottles or other products from them.

When you get a free baby product you’ll usually also get a slip of paper with a coupon (or sometimes a few) and promotions for other products from the same brand. Brands hope you’ll buy more from them which is why they give free bottles and baby stuff. It’s a great form of advertising for them.

Other Ways to Get Free Baby Samples & Items

Free Products Unboxing JobsBrands often give free products to people in return for a review. Go here to become a reviewer on the largest product testing community in America.

Other ways to get products to review include contacting brands and Amazon merchants and offering them a review in return for a free product. You can also join and get paid to review products.

Review of Philips Avent Free Baby Bottles

In this video, a Youtube mommy shares her review of Philips Avent baby bottles.

How to Get a Dr. Brown Free Bottle for Baby?

If you want a free Dr. Brown bottle sample, make a free baby registry on Amazon. If Dr. Brown is currently running a promotion, you can get a Dr. Brown free baby bottle in your free baby box.

How to Get a Free Boon Baby Bottle Sample?

Free Boon Baby BottleBoon is another top brand selling baby products. Their baby bottles are sturdy and easy for babies to hold. They claim their bottle is designed so that when your baby drinks from the bottle there is less chance for air intake and therefore fewer hiccups and gas.

How to get a free Boon bottle?
If Boon is still running a promotion now, you could get a free Boon sample bottle in the free baby registry baby box from Amazon.


We hope this article helps you get all the 2021 free baby bottles you need!
Comment below if you know other cool ways to get free baby bottles. What worked for you?


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Wikipedia article about the history of baby bottles.



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