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How to Make Money Tips for Moms
Make Money Tips for Moms

How Your Kid Can Earn $750/Day

Do you have a baby, kid, toddler or teen?

Top brands and production companies are seeking babies, kids, and teens with all sorts of looks for commercials, product demo videos, music videos, TV shows, major films, fashion shoots, and more!

Your kid could get paid $100-$750 per DAY just to play with toys for a toy commercial or pose in clothes for a fashion catalog. 

Maybe your kid will even land a part in a TV series and become a famous child actor!

There are 1,000’s of new, fun jobs for kids EVERY DAY nationwide.

Here are some examples of recent casting calls for babies, kids, and families:

Modeling Jobs for Babies Kids
Example Modeling Jobs for Babies Kids

Where to Find Modeling & Acting jobs for Kids & Babies?

The old fashion method:
Send your best pics of your kid to talent agents.
Start with all the top talent agencies and only approach smaller ones if the big ones reject you.
The big agencies have a chance to get you more jobs. The smaller talent agencies have fewer connections and will hardly get you any jobs at all.

However, contacting talent agents is a lot of work and can be dismaying if they turn you down.
Even if you land an agent, there’s no guarantee they’ll get you jobs (talent agencies sign tens of thousands of models and don’t actively promote all of them). Plus, the agents will tell you to drag your kids around to local casting events.
Talent agents also take a hefty % off your earnings.

The easy online method:
Apart from working with talent agents, there’s nowadays an easier way to get jobs – and keep all the money!

You can apply directly to casting calls & jobs posted by companies online without needing an agent.
Companies are happy to bypass agents by accepting submissions from un-agented models.

KidsCasting is the biggest online casting website for babies, kids, teens, and families.
They have 1,000+ casting calls posted DAILY!
Top brands and film/TV production companies post jobs there.

After joining, you can apply to as many jobs as you want each day.
It’s a game of numbers. If you apply to enough jobs, you might land a great job and make lots of money!

Go here to join KidsCasting.

Online Casting Babies and Kids Acting Jobs
Online Casting for Babies and Kids

TIPS for answering casting calls:

  1. Submit images of your baby/kid where their face is clearly visible.
  2. Keep hair out of your baby/kid’s face so their features are easy to see.
  3. Do NOT submit photos which are blurry, grainy or too dark. If your home is too dark, take photos of your kid in the sun outdoors.
  4. Do NOT submit pics with funny makeup or Snapchat gimmicks.
  5. Take around 10 photos where your kid has different expressions or hairdos to demonstrate how they can look differently.
  6. Make sure to first send pictures of your baby/kid smiling and looking cute.
  7. Be respectful. Even if you’re turned down, always remain polite and friendly. Maybe next time the same company will hire your baby. Attitude is key!
  8. Apply to relevant casting calls only. Save yourself time and don’t annoy the companies posting casting calls.
    Applying to everything including irrelevant casting calls won’t help you get any more work.

Good luck!


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