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Get FREE Amazon Gift Cards Online 2018
Get FREE Amazon Gift Cards Online 2018

23 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Online in 2019

Need money for Christmas gifts, to buy groceries, or to pay your bills? 
Below are 23 easy ways to quickly get free Amazon gift cards online.

You can use your free gift cards to buy almost everything you need on Amazon.
Amazon is huge — they even sell fresh food nowadays!

If you need cash, you can also sell your Amazon gift card online on a site like CardPool.com

How to Get Amazon Gift Cards for Free:

[1] Enter free sweepstakes to win free gift cards and cash.

Here are the best current sweepstakes which we found:

  1. Enter to win a FREE Amazon gift card worth $500. Go shopping, take a relaxing vacation, and pay off bills. 
  2. Win $2,500 from Amazon every month! Just create a baby registry and add 3 Britax products to it to be eligible to win. Open to all pregnant moms and moms who recently gave birth.
  3. Win a $500 Amazon gift voucher. 
  4. Get a $1,000 Amazon gift card. Answer a quick survey.
  5. Go here to win $500 cash DAILY instant win sweep!
  6. Enter to win $5,000! Free sweepstake.
  7. Win $150,000 cash in an instant win sweepstake!


[2] Answer Paid Surveys to Earn FREE Amazon Gift Cards.

Watch Free TV Shows Online
Paid Surveys about TV Shows

Spend some minutes every day answering online surveys from big brands to earn extra $$$.

There are many companies who want feedback on their products and are willing to pay real money for it!

The more paid surveys you answer, the more money you’ll make. Some moms make $800 per week from home!

You can also get paid $50 to watch a movie or trailers, install an app, play a game, and answer celebrity quizzes.

Here is a list of the top paid survey sites. 
Join all of them because you can earn $30 right away in signup bonuses, and you’ll be able to pick and choose the best paying surveys.

  1. GoldOpinions. Get free movie ticket vouchers! Earn up to $50/survey!
    You’ll also receive FREE meals at restaurants in return for your review and feedback.
    Members earned over $8,000,000!
  2. Vindale Research. Get paid up to $75 per survey! And get a $2 Signup bonus. Vindale is America’s biggest survey panel with surveys from 1,000’s of companies.
    Signup on this page
    if you’re coming from mobile, or signup here if you’re on desktop right now.
  3. E-Poll. Make money answering fun surveys about popular TV shows, movies, music, celebrities, athletes, and singers. Monthly sweepstake with $1,000 prizes! 
    Join on this page if you’re 13–25. Go here to join if you’re over 25.
  4. Swagbucks. Earn up to $35 per survey! Get a $5 signup bonus. 
    Get paid to answer surveys, watch cooking TV shows, watch funny videos, rate movie trailers, and play fun games and apps. 
    Swagbucks pays out 7,000 free gift cards every single day to members! Members made over $297,000,000!
  5. MyPoints. Get paid to watch videos, play games, visit websites, and answer paid surveys on your PC or mobile phone. Earn up to $50/survey! Get a bonus $5 when you take 5 surveys. They’ve paid members over $230,000,000!
  6. InboxDollars. Get paid to watch videos, play games online, and answer surveys. $5 signup bonus! Members were given over $57 Million in rewards.
  7. American Consumer Opinion. Join America’s largest and oldest, trusted survey site to earn money from surveys. 100’s of awesome paid surveys from top companies. Members already earned over $30,000,000!
  8. CashCrate. Get paid money to play online games, watch videos, and answer surveys. Members can also enter to win sweepstakes with great prizes every month!
  9. Survey Junkie. Answer surveys to earn cash and great rewards.
  10. Survey Voices has some of the highest-paying surveys and offers. 
    Some moms make $800/week from home!
  11. PandaResearch. Get paid CASH to review products, read emails, and take surveys and offers. Earn up to $50 per survey/offer. 
    Get a $3 signup bonus!
  12. CashBack Research. Earn up to $75 per survey you answer!
    Get paid extra free cash to read emails and earn up to $150/h with clinical studies.
  13. PointClub. Get paid top $$ by brands to answer surveys. They were even seen on TV! Join and get a $5 signup bonus! 😀
  14. SurveyMonster. Answer surveys and get paid. Lots of surveys to choose from!
  15. iSurvey World — Earn up to $70 per survey! And get paid to review products. $5 signup bonus.
  16. Go2Crowd — Get paid to take surveys on a variety of topics on your phone and computer.
  17. PineCone Research — Get paid $3 per short survey. Members also get to test new products before they’re released!


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