Baby Modelling Jobs USA

Where to Find Top Baby Modelling Jobs in USA in 2020

Do you live in the USA and have a cute baby?

There are thousands of baby modelling jobs across America every month!

Companies are seeking babies of all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

What kind of Baby Modelling Jobs are there?

Baby and kids modeling jobs are real fun!

Your baby might get hired to:

  • Play with toys for a video commercial.
  • Act in a famous TV show or movie!
  • Wear clothes or lie in a crib/wagon for a baby product catalogue.
  • Eat baby food for a baby food commercial.
  • Wear diapers for a diaper commercial.

Sometimes, moms are also hired to appear in the commercials with their baby.

Photoshoots are fun. You’ll get paid, fed (often really well), and meet (sometimes famous) photographers and other models.

If your baby is hired for a TV series, you could meet famous actors and directors!

List of Baby Modeling Casting Calls in February 2020

Do You Need a Baby Modelling Agency to Get Jobs?

Baby modelling Jobs
Although a model agent can help by notifying you about auditions, nowadays, they are no longer a requirement.

You can apply to baby model jobs and auditions without an agent!

Many companies post auditions for baby model jobs online. Including brands like Huggies and top TV networks.

If your baby is chosen for a commercial, you can accept the job and money without needing agent (who will take a hefty % commission from your earnings).

Apply to Baby Modeling Jobs!

Where to Find Baby Modeling Casting Calls & Auditions in USA?

Baby acting jobs for TV shows
Baby acting jobs for TV shows

You can find tons of casting calls and modeling jobs for your baby online.

KidsCasting is the largest site for modeling and acting jobs for babies and kids.

All the top brands use KidsCasting to post casting calls online.

After joining KidsCasting, you can upload a bunch of pictures of your baby, enter info about it, and then submit online to all the casting calls you want.

You can submit your baby photos to unlimited modeling jobs!
The more baby model jobs you apply to, the more chances you have to get jobs.

The best part about applying to baby casting calls online is that you don’t have to drag your baby around town from one casting audition to another all day long.

Join KidsCasting!

You can also apply to baby modeling agencies through KidsCasting!

Baby Modeling Agencies

How does KidsCasting work?

After creating an account, upload your baby’s pictures and enter info about the baby. Then search their listings for baby modeling jobs in your city and apply to jobs which interest you.

Here are some reviews from KidsCasting members:

kid modeling agencies

How to get jobs Baby Modeling for Pampers and Huggies?

Brands don’t post casting calls for baby models on their websites. They post them on casting sites like KidsCasting.

Is Baby Modelling Worth it? 

Where to Find Top Baby Modelling Jobs in USA in [year]That depends on how much money you want.

Your baby won’t make tens of millions like adult or teen supermodels. Teen/adult supermodels make millions because they can model for many different types of catalogs and ads. They are sexy, have a celebrity status, millions of followers, and appear in the news. They are influencers. Your baby isn’t an influencer.

Baby modelling can bring you in some extra hundreds or thousands per month, depending on how many jobs your baby gets.

How Much Money Do Baby Models Make?

  • Usually, baby models are paid $25-$50 per hour for small, local advertisement campaigns.
  • Some jobs pay $35/h and only need to take pictures for a few hours so you’ll earn a little extra pocket money.
  • Other baby model jobs pay $250 for a few hours photoshoot for a product commercial or catalog.
  • And some companies pay $750 or even a few thousand for your baby to appear in a TV series as an extra or for a large advertising campaign!

It depends how big the brand is and what they’ll use the photos for. If they plan to use it for a big national advertising campaign or for their product packaging, they’ll pay you more (buyout rights).

Who Hires Baby Models and Why?

Brands and companies big and small need babies to model for them for their marketing campaigns.

This includes brands who need babies for commercials (video commercials, TV commercials, print ads, magazine ads, online ads), product catalogs, and for their social media accounts.

Brands post on average one picture per day on their social media accounts (Instagram stories, Snapchat, Facebook etc.). They must have rights to post that picture or they could be sued for millions.

Therefore, brands hire baby models.

Apply to Baby Model Jobs Now!

“How to Find an Agent for My Child?”

If you want to go the agent way, start by contacting the top, successful modeling agents. If you get an unknown baby model agent who has no connections and can’t even get you into an audition, you’re better off applying to auditions yourself online.

How to Start a Baby Modelling Career?

  1. Take nice, well-lit pictures of your baby. While professional pictures are best, you can also take pictures yourself on your smartphone.
  2. Apply to baby model jobs.
  3. Send your pictures to the companies looking for baby models.
  4. Contact baby model agents if you want an agent.
  5. Keep your fingers crossed.

How can my Baby become a Huggies Baby Model?

Keep on eye out on baby model casting calls and then apply to them. You can’t contact Huggies directly through their website or social media accounts and send them pictures of your baby.

What are the Top Baby Modelling Agencies?

MMG talent agency, Lil Angelz, Wilhelmina Kids & Teens agency, Daniel Hoff Agency, Osbrink Agency, and Paloma Model & Talent.

You can submit your baby portfolio to top modeling agencies through KidsCasting website.

Join KidsCasting!

Where to Apply for Baby Modeling Jobs?

Sometimes, companies post modeling jobs in their local newspaper. Companies also reach out to agents and to casting websites.

Check your local newspapers, try to get a top agent, and apply to baby acting and modeling jobs online on reputable, legit casting websites.

Does Baby Modeling pay well?

kid modeling catalog job
It’s definitely a great way to make some extra money, meet exciting people, and have fun.

For instance, if your baby is chosen to appear even for just a few seconds in a TV series as an extra, you’ll meet famous actors, directors, and producers on the set!

Is it worth entering Baby Modeling Contests online?

If the baby contest is free, then enter it.

Beware of scammers. There are many websites which charge an entry fee to a photo contest and never give out prizes. Websites often come and go really fast and reopen under a new name.

Some paid-entry baby model contests promise that your baby will be discovered if it wins. However, sometimes the “amazing agent” who will sign your baby is actually an unknown, useless wannabe agent without any connections or clout.

If you find a legit baby photo competition which doesn’t charge and which has a decent prize (and doesn’t require you to go through endless surveys in order to enter), then enter it.

TIP: Check the contest’s Terms of Service (on their website) before entering and giving them your personal information. Some scam contests even write in their Terms of Service that they’re allowed to sell your information to unlimited companies (who will spam you endlessly). You’ll also find info about how many people have to enter in order for the contest to be active and when the prizes will be given out.

Some scam contests, say that at least 1 million people have to enter otherwise the contest will be void.
1 million! Good luck winning such a contest.

How do I submit my baby photo to the Gerber contest 2020?

It’s easy to enter the Gerber baby contest in 2020.

  1. Take a great photo of your baby.
  2. Upload your baby photo to Instagram and tag it with the hashtag “#GerberPhotoSearch2020” in the caption.
  3. Your Instagram profile will have to be set to “public” so that Gerber can see your contest entry. Otherwise, if your picture is private, Gerber’s contest judges won’t be able to see it even if you add the right hashtags.

You can upload as many pictures as you want. The more you upload, the more chances you have to be seen!

How to take a nice picture of your baby for your baby portfolio or contest entries?

  1. Dress your baby in something cute.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of light so we can see the baby and its face. If your room is dark, take a picture of your baby outside.
  3. Hold your camera or smartphone steady and avoid shaking or moving too quickly. Take a nice, sharp, well-lit photo.


We hope this article helps your baby start a great baby modelling career!

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