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Win a Smartwatch Sweep
Win a Smartwatch

Win an Expensive Smartwatch – Free to Enter Sweepstake!

Would you like to have a cool smartwatch? Enter to win this free sweepstake for a chance to get a free smartwatch!
You can choose your desired prize; win either an Apple Watch 2 or an LG watch sport.

If you win this sweepstake, you can either keep the smartwatch, gift it to a loved one, or sell it online to make extra money.

Enter to win!


Which smart watch is best? 

The LG watch sport is a unique wearable smart watch with a special hybrid design. The battery lasts a long time. 
It tells the time, date, keeps track of how active you’ve been, is smart enough to make calls, it can use Google Assistant with or without your phone, and can send you reminder notifications. The LG smartwatch is also waterproof up to 1.5m (5ft) for 30 minutes.

The Apple Watch 2 has a sleek, luxurious design as well as extended battery life, GPS abilities, a heart-rate monitor, bright display, and water-resistance.

Good luck! We hope you win this free sweepstake.

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