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How to become a model
How to become a model

Best Top Modeling Agencies for Teenagers 2019

If you want to become a model as a teenager, you probably heard that you need to get signed with a top modeling agency.

Although it is true that a top model agency can help you get jobs and launch your career, nowadays, there are also other ways to get top modeling jobs for magazines, TV modeling jobs, and modeling jobs for both print and digital commercials.

Nowadays, a modeling agent is not the only option.

There are many top brands and magazines which post casting calls for modeling jobs online and accept online application. You can apply to model jobs and become a famous teen model even with a modeling agent. 

Go here to learn how to apply to top modeling jobs online without an agent.

How to Become a Teenage Model in 2019?

Either get signed by an agency and wait for them to send you to casting events, or answer casting calls on your own online and get hired directly by brands!

There are over 1,000 modeling jobs posted daily on this website. 
You can apply to unlimited jobs.
All you need are a few pictures of yourself.

Top companies post casting calls there for TV & print commercials, magazines, catalogs, and photoshoots.

Many girls have been hired after answering online casting calls on this website and modeled in top advertisements.

How to Get more Modeling Jobs?

Even if you get a modeling agency to represent you, there is no guarantee you’ll get any work or a lot of work. Model agencies represent tens of thousands of pretty girls and only a few get the great modeling jobs.

If you want to become a famous and rich model in 2019, you have to take matters into your own hands. Apply to modeling jobs online to have more opportunities.

Become a Model Requirements

How to become a teenage modelIn the past, to become a model one had to be super skinny. Nowadays, there are plenty of plus-sized models who work modeling for catalogs and fashion companies.
However, if you wish to be a top Victoria Secret model or a swimwear model, most of the time you’ll need to be thin. 

Models need to be attractive. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet. Take care of your looks. Wear clothes which complement your figure and bring out your best attributes.

Do I have to live in NY or LA to get modeling jobs?

There are modeling jobs in every big city in the world.

If you want to have the most opportunities, it’s best to live in a big city. Usually, you’ll find the most modeling jobs in the biggest cities.

Although it definitely helps to be located in a big city with many modeling jobs and job opportunities, you can also apply to model jobs online from anywhere in the world. If you’re beautiful and a company wants you to be their model for a commercial, they’ll fly you over even if you live far, far away.

Here is a list of the top modeling agencies which accept teenagers.

All the top model agencies have locations and offices all over the world especially in the biggest cities like New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, London, Paris, etc. Some model agencies don’t accept unsolicited submissions. In those cases, your best bet is to walk into their office and introduce yourself. If they like you, they’ll sign you.

Best Modeling Agencies for Teen Girls in 2019

Most 2019 modeling agencies accept submissions through their website or by email.
Visit their websites to discover more about their requirements, terms and conditions and to get in touch with them.
Here’s a list of the top modeling agencies that accept teen girls:

IMG Modeling Agency

IMG is one of the biggest model agencies in the world. They represent some of the most famous supermodels today.
IMG works with beautiful girls from every country. Some of their most famous models were discovered in Ukraine and Russia.

Famous models they represent include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr.

Elite Model Agency

Elite is one of the biggest model agencies in the world with offices all over the world.
Some famous models they represent include Nina Adgal, Cara Delevingne, Behati Prinsloo, Monica Bellucci, Adriana Lima, and Lizzy Jagger.

Elite has offices in NY, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto.

Ford Model Agency

Ford is one of the biggest modeling agencies out there. They represent both women and men including top supermodels and celebrities.

If you want to be scouted, you can submit your photos online through their website form or attend their open calls in Chicago from 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday, or in Los Angeles on Tuesdays from 3pm to 4pm. 

DNA Model Management

DNA is a small boutique model agency which represents some very famous models including Doutzen Kroes, Linda Evangelista, Amber Valletta, Shalom Harlow, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Women Management Model Agency

This model agency only represents women (including teen girls). They work with many famous models.

Wilhelmina Models

This is the model agency which represents supermodel Kendall Jenner.

Marilyn Agency

Marilyn model agency represents both celebrities, famous models, and emerging models.
Supermodels represented by Marilyn Agency include the legendary Kate Moss.

What are the benefits of a modeling agency?

Big modeling agencies have connections in the fashion industry. If you get a good agent who likes you, sends you to casting events, and promotes you to clients, you could get a lot of modeling jobs and maybe even become a supermodel. 

Read all about what are modeling agencies on Wikipedia.

Can I get modeling jobs without working with an agency?

Yes, you can. Modeling agents send you to casting events or send your photo to clients. You can do the same thing without an agent if you use an online casting platform. When you get modeling jobs without working with a model agency, you get to keep all the money. However, you must know what you’re doing and have the right contracts to avoid getting scammed.

How to Become a Teenage Model without an agent?

Anyone can become a model and get modeling jobs even without a modeling agent nowadays.

Join this top casting website and apply to modeling jobs online. Top brands post jobs on this website. There are thousands of teen modeling jobs daily!

If you apply to enough jobs you might get lucky and land a great job! Some jobs pay $750/day to $3,000.
It’s a great way to get into the industry and get started as a teen model.

Other ways to become a top model is to first become an influencer. If you grow a following on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc. brands will approach you to promote their products or model for them.

Another way you might be discovered by a model scout from a top agency, is if you post images on Instagram with relevant hashtags. Some agencies even have specific hashtags for girls who want to be discovered by their agency.

Is a Talent Agency the same thing as a modeling agency? 

Usually, talent agencies represent artists, singers, actors, while model agencies represent models. If you’re both beautiful and a talented actress or singer, apply to both model agencies and talent agencies.

What is the difference between a modelling agency and a modeling agency? Which is the correct way to write it?
They’re both correct spellings, one is British English grammar and one is the American English version.

How old do I need to be to become a model?

There are no model age requirements. Anyone can become a model regardless of their age. However, some model agencies only work with child models and some only work with teenage models. Pay attention to the model agency’s requirements before submitting your application to them.

Become a model today!

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