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Free iphone 11 Pro! Apple Product Testing

How to Get a FREE iPhone 11 Pro in Return for a Review (April 2020)

How to Get a Free Apple iPhone and iPad

We all know the new iPhone 11 Pro is amazing. And we all want one. Problem is, it’s so expensive.

win a free iphone 11 pro

Did you know that 100’s of people are receiving FREE iPhones and iPads in return for a video review? 

It’s really easy. All you need to do is make a video reviewing the iPhone and in return, you can keep it for FREE!

This is called being a product tester. It’s free and easy. Anyone can do it. Even teens are getting free iPhones as product testers!

All you need to do is to talk about what you like or dislike about the iPhone. (Almost like unboxing on Youtube.)

Go here to get a free iPhone 11 Pro on America’s #1 product testing website.
You can apply to test other Apple products as well such as a free iPhone X, iPad Pro, a Macbook Pro, a smart watch, as well as more cool gadgets & electronics from other brands.

Get FREE iPhone 11!

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All About the New iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Free Sweepstake
iPhone 11 Pro Free

Here are the main reasons why the new iPhone is amazing (and you must have one!).

  • Make amazing pictures! The new iPhone has 3 amazing new cameras instead of just one! High quality, 12MP sensor, 13mm focal length, awesome night-vision (take pics in low light), filters, and great effects to make awesome images and selfies.
    With the new camera system you can capture up to 4x more of your scene and make awesome wide-angle shots.
    The new iPhone 11 Pro has 3 cameras including a wide angle-, ultra wide angle-, and telephoto camera.
  • Film awesome videos! You can now shoot 4K video on your iPhone at 60 frames per second! There’s even a super-easy video editor that lets you cut, crop, enhance, add filters, and edit your videos.
  • The iPhone 11 Pro also has amazing HDR filters and photo filters.
  • The display is amazing. Bright, sharp, and crystal clear. The best display any smartphone has ever had. Super Retina XDR.
  • Play all the games you want. The iPhone 11 Pro has the fastest chip ever in a smartphone history.
  • 5 more hours of battery life!
  • Water-proof, shatter-proof. The new iPhone has the toughest glass ever both on the front and on the back. It’s also dust resistant and water-resistant. You can dive with it 4 meteres deep for up to 30 minutes. Which means, you can now take selfies in the shower or pounding rain without any worries.
  • 38% faster Wifi downloads!
  • Super fast charging! In 30 minutes, your iPhone will be 50% charged.

You can read more detail and purchase it on Apple’s website.

Go here to find out more hacks how to get FREE products. Go here for a list of current free to enter sweepstakes with awesome prizes.


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  3. hello bro i am a poor child and i have no money to buy i phone 11 but apple i my fevirut brand my age is 16 years and my friend also buy brand new iphone 11 but i have no buy because my family cannot parchause it please give me free bro

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  8. Hello, I want an IPhone 11 because I’m 16 and people make fun of me for not having a cell phone. My family can’t buy me an Iphone because they are in bankruptcy. I only have an old donated tablet. I just want a phone.

  9. Vincent Wayne Cornelison

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  10. just looking for a present for my mum because she cant afford a new phone and her really old phone barely works. it would mean the world to me if my mum got a new phone because i love seeing the look in her eyes when i get her something great and she would greatly appreciate it.

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