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Best Free Sweepstakes & Giveaways 2021

Want to win extra cash or a HUGE money prize and never work again? 
Here is our list of the best FREE to enter sweepstakes and giveaways which are ending soon.

Enter all of these sweepstakes and contests for the most chances to win.

Even if you don’t care for some of these expensive electronics prizes, enter the sweepstakes anyway, because if you win you can sell the prizes and make extra cash. 

Good luck! We hope you win big.

Win $500 DAILY in this FREE Giveaway!

Win Cash Giveaway Sweep
Win $500 Cash Giveaway

Enter this FREE cash giveaway for a chance to win money every day. 
There are daily winners!

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Win $150,000 – Free Instant Win Sweepstake!

Instant Win Cash Prize Sweepstake

Join this free instant win sweepstake and find out INSTANTLY if you won the WHOPPING cash prize! It’s free to enter. Maybe today is your lucky day.

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Enter this Free Cash Sweepstake to Win $5,000!

Win Cash Sweepstakes
Win Cash Sweepstakes

If you’re short on cash, why not enter another sweepstake for a chance to win some thousand bucks? It’s fast and easy to enter this sweep for a chance to win.

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Are You a Mom? Enter this Cash Giveaway to Win $5,000!

If you have kids (of any age), you qualify to enter this mommy shopping spree sweepstake. Win $5,000 and have fun shopping till you drop!

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Win $10,000 per Month for LIFE!

Free Sweepstake with Cash PrizePublisher Clearing House is the most famous and respected sweepstake in America.
You’ve probably heard of them, but if you haven’t entered this year’s sweep yet, you still have time to do so!

 It’s FREE to enter and you can win $2,500 per week for life!!! 
The total prize is one million dollars. Winners will be announced on NBC.

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Win $10,000 – Free Online Sweep!

Here’s another great sweep with a sweet cash prize of $10,000.

It’s free to enter. Enter now and don’t tell your friends about it!

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Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card – LIMITED Entrants!

Review Free Sweepstakes and Prizes
This is one really cool sweepstake. Unlike others, which have unlimited entrants, this one only accepts 1k entries!

Entries are LIMITED and the sweep is closing in a few days!
Enter now for a high chance to win.

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Win Amazon Gift Card Sweepstake
Win Amazon Gift Card

Win $1,000 Amazon Gift Card!

What will you buy on Amazon with $1,000? 
Enter this free sweep to win a gift card and go shopping on Amazon!

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Win an iPhone 8 worth $699!

Sweepstake Win iPhone 8
Win iPhone 8

If you don’t have the amazing iPhone 8, here’s your chance to win one!
(If you do have an iPhone 8, you can always sell it on eBay or gift it to a friend if you win.)

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Win an iPhone X Sweepstake

Win iPhone X Free Sweep
Win iPhone X Sweep

Here’s a free to enter giveaway with an awesome prize of an iPhone X.

The amazing iPhone X is worth $999. The iPhone X is stronger, faster, with an awesome camera and tons of great features.

Even if you already have an iPhone X, you can sell this one if you win it!

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Win an iPhone 11 Pro – Free Giveaway!

Win an iPhone 11 - Free GiveawayThere’s no doubt about it. The iPhone 11 is by far the coolest iPhone Apple has made.

Enter this iPhone giveaway for a chance to get a FREE iPhone 11!

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Get the New iPhone for FREE as a Product Tester

Free Apple iPhone Product Testing
Free Apple iPhones

Instead of just hoping to win an iPhone, apply to become a product tester (i’ts free and fast!) to get a FREE iPhone!

Everyone can become a product tester. All you have to do, is write a review about the product you received. It’s real easy!

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Win $500 Victoria Secret Gift Card!

Win Victoria Secret Gift CardDo you (or a relation) love Victoria Secret lingerie but can’t afford to buy all the VS lingerie you want?
Enter this free sweep to win a gift card and buy all the lingerie you need!

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Win an Elegant Michael Kors Handbag

Michael Kors Handbag Giveaway

Enter this free giveaway to win a luxurious Michael Kors handbag for free!

You can enter every month until you win.
Best of all, this sweep gives out multiple handbags to winners every month!

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Win a Vacation Cruise in Caribbean
Win a Vacation Cruise

Win a Dream Cruise worth $500!

When was the last time you had a lovely, relaxing vacation in the warm Caribbean?
Enter to win a fabulous cruise anywhere in the world. You deserve it!

This is one of the best cruise sweepstakes to enter.

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Win a Disney Family Cruise Sweepstake

Win a Vacation Sweepstake
Win a Vacation Sweepstake

You deserve a fun vacation with your kids!

Here’s a free vacation sweepstake with a prize of an exciting Disney family cruise.

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Win a Trip to New York

Win a Trip to NYC
Win a Trip to NYC

Want to visit NYC? Enter this travel sweepstake for a chance to win a paid trip to New York.

Stay at a nice hotel, explore the Big Apple, go to shows, theater shows, dine out at nice restaurant, and see all the fun things New York has to offer.

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Win 2 Years of Hulu Subscription

Win Hulu Membership Sweep
Win Hulu Membership Sweep

Love watching movies and TV shows on Hulu but can’t afford a subscription? 
Here’s a free sweepstake where you can win 2 years of Hulu!

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Win a Free Netflix Subscription!

Free Netflix Trial VOD Streaming
Win Netflix Membership

Here are 2 sweepstakes you can enter to win a free Netflix subscription. Enter both sweeps for more chances to win!

Netflix is one of the largest online VOD streaming sites. They have tens of thousands of movies including famous movies, blockbusters, Hollywood classics, indies, as well as famous TV shows.

Go here to win a 1-year Netflix membership:
Win Netflix for 1y!

Go here to win a Netflix subscription for 2 years:
Win Netflix for 2y!

Answer a Short Netflix Poll to Get a Cool Reward

Netflix SurveyDo you like Netflix or dislike them? What do you think of their movies and TV shows? Which show are the worst?

Answer this short poll and get an exclusive reward!

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Win Amazon Prime for a Year

How to become a paid movie critic

Watch unlimited blockbuster movies, TV shows, get free 2-day shipping, listen to millions of popular songs, and get special deals.

Answer a short survey to see if you qualify to receive a 1-year Prime membership.

Get Prime!
Win 1000 Gas Gift Card
Win a Gas Gift Card

Win $1,000.00 Gas Gift Card!

Gas is a big expense which we all need.

Save money. Get FREE gas when you win the $1,000 gas gift card.

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Win a Cool SmartWatch

Win a Smartwatch Sweep
Win a Smartwatch

Choose your favorite smartwatch and enter for a chance to win it!
You can win an LG Sports Watch or an Apple Watch 2.

Don’t need a smartwatch? Sell it to make extra money or gift it to someone you love when you win!

Enter to Win!

Have a Baby? Win Pampers Diapers for a Year!

win free pampers diapers
Free Pampers diapers

Enter this free giveaway to win $1,000 of Pampers baby diapers.

On average, moms spend $960 per year on baby diapers. This free diaper stash prize should last you for a year!

Enter to Win!

Enter to Win Many Great Prizes

get freebies free stuff
Get freebies online

If you love sweeps you need to join this site!

This website has tons of luck games, and free sweepstakes with exciting prizes, cash prizes, and products.

You can enter as many sweepstakes as you want!

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Win $1,500 Monthly Sweep!

Make Money with Surveys

Shopper’s Voice is an online rewards and savings club. 
When you join the club for free, you can win $1,500 every month, get paid to answer surveys, get coupons and free product samples!

Join Sweeps!

Win $200 in a Free Photo Contest!

Free photo contest with cash prize
Example images which won the photo contest is a huge information website which provides companies with data about cities (number of residents, resident age, climate etc.). Most of their pages about US cities don’t have any pictures of the cities. So to get more pictures, they have a photo contest.

Just snap a picture of your city to win $200!
Any type of picture is accepted. Images of houses, neighborhoods, streets, nature.
You can submit as many pictures as you want!

Most cities have as little as 3 entrants! Some cities don’t even have any submissions.

City-Data will randomly draw a winner – so even if you don’t have good photography skills you have a chance to win the cash prize just by a submitting a photo!

Go here to join the free photo contest:

Win Pampers Diapers for a Year

Pampers Diapers Sweepstake
Pampers Diapers Sweepstake

If you’re a mom who buys Pampers diapers, here are two great sweepstakes to enter.

[1] Go here for a chance to win $1,000 worth of Pampers diapers! It’s easy and fast to enter for free.

[2] also has a sweepstake (but you can only enter it if you already have Pampers points from buying Pampers diapers).
Then, you can redeem your Pampers rewards points for a sweepstake entry to win a year’s supply of Pampers baby diapers and wipes.

Every 30 Pampers rewards points gives you one free sweepstake entry. If you’re not currently buying Pampers diapers and don’t have Pampers points, you can’t enter.

Go here to join the sweepstake.

Get a FREE iRobot Roomba Vacuum!

Free iRobot Roomba Vacuum
Free iRobot Roomba Vacuum

All you need to do is agree to write a review and make a video reviewing the iRobot Roomba to get it for FREE!

The iRobot Roomba is one of the most popular robotic vacuum cleaners on Amazon.
It will save you TONS of time by automatically cleaning the house for you.

I want this!

Read all about the Roomba on Wikipedia.

Win an iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Here’s another place where you can get an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Get a $500 Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card Survey
Amazon Gift Card Survey

If you need money to buy stuff, here’s another way to quickly get money without hoping you’ll win a sweepstake.

On this website, you can complete a short survey and receive a $500 prepaid Amazon gift card! 

Amazon is a huge store. You can use your Amazon gift card to buy clothes, fresh food, electronics, household items, toys, brand name products, makeup, and so much more!

I want this!

Answer the Trump Survey to Get a Visa Gift Card!

Donald Trump Survey Gift Card
Donald Trump Survey

What do you think of President Donald Trump? Is he a good president?

Answer this survey to get a prepaid Visa gift card.

Start Survey!

Get a $25 Gift Card

Eat for Free at Restaurants with a Free Gift Card
Free Restaurant Gift Card

Collect 100 points and get a $25 gift card to dine at a local restaurant near you!

Go here to get your Restaurant gift card:

Get Gift Card!

Get Huggies Diapers for a Year!

free baby diaper bank
Free baby diapers

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about how to buy diapers for an entire year?

On this website you can get $1,000 worth of Huggies diapers. Just collect points by answering surveys and completing offers.
Join Now!

Huggies Diapers Survey

Get Huggies!

Get the Amazing iPhone X!

Free Apple iPhone X

If you don’t have the awesome iPhone X yet, here’s your chance to get one.

Here are 2 places where you can get an iPhone X.
Just answer surveys, complete offers, and collect points to get an iPhone X!
If you don’t qualify on one website, try the other one!

Get a FREE iPhone X in return for a video review!

Here’s an easy way to get a FREE iPhone X.

Get a FREE iPhone X!
Get a FREE iPhone X!

Apply to test and review the iPhone X and get it for FREE!

All you have to do is write a review and make a video reviewing the iPhone X to get it to keep it for free.

Get FREE iPhone!

Want to Get More Stuff for FREE?

Go here to discover where to get FREE baby stuff and diapers.
Go here to find out how to easily make money from home.


Have fun entering the free sweepstakes and giveaways. We hope you win big!

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