Get Free Vacuum Cleaners
Get Free Vacuum Cleaners

How to Get a Free Vacuum Cleaner Online 2024

Vacuum cleaners are a life saver. They save so much time and clean your house far better than a broom does.

However, not everyone can afford a vacuum cleaner, especially one of those awesome new robotic vacuums like an iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum or the revolutionary Dyson DC58.

In this article, you’ll discover how to get an expensive vacuum cleaner for FREE!

How to get a Vacuum Cleaner for FREE?

If you’re willing to write a 500 word review, make a video review, and snap some pictures of a vacuum you receive, you can get a FREE vacuum cleaner worth $500!

Product Testing USA is America’s largest product testing community.
Top brands, companies, and new startups with cool inventions need real people to test and review their products.

test products for free and keep them

Product reviews are vital to companies and help them sell more products.
So in return for an honest review, the companies give people a free product (in this case, a free vacuum cleaner).

Almost every day, women and men of all ages are getting free products to test and keep. 

Product Test Free Dyson DC40 Vacuum Cleaner

Currently, there are 3 kinds of free vacuum cleaners you can get at PT USA.

You can get a free iRobot Roomba 770 vacuum (worth $500), a free Dyson DC58 Animal vacuum cleaner (worth $250), and a free Dyson DC40 Multi Floor vacuum (worth $500). You can even request to product test all 3 vacuums and gift or sell those you don’t need!

These are the requirements to product test a Dyson vacuum or iRobot Roomba vacuum:

  • You must speak English (even if you don’t speak it too well).
  • Be able to record a video (even a low-quality recording with your phone) and snap pictures of the product.
  • Be able to write a 500+ word written review without too many spelling or grammatical mistakes.

All chosen product testers/reviewers will be notified by phone, sent a confirmation letter, checklist of points to discuss in their product review, and an A4 poster for photos.

The best part of being a product tester at PT USA, is that you do not have to write fake, positive Amazon reviews. While the brands hope that you’ll find something good to say about their product, you are not required to praise it.

Product testing jobs

Test Products at Home

Is Product Testing USA legit or a scam?
Well, according to the video reviews from 1,000’s of people who have received free products, PT USA is for real.
Read this article to learn all about Product Testing USA and see reviews from their members.

Are there any other websites where you can test and keep free products?
Yes, asides from PT USA, there are several other legit product testing websites as well where you can get products for free.
However, currently PT USA is the only place where you can get a free Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Here’s one additional place we found where you can get a free iRobot vacuum as a product tester.


We hope this article helps you get the free vacuum cleaner you need!
If you know someone who needs a vacuum, make them happy by sharing this article with them.

If you’re interested to read about the history of vacuum cleaners, visit Wikipedia, they have a very long article on that subject.

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